ZHSMC-08P Swivel Office Chair With Colored Painted Legs and Mesh Backrest

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Produced strictly according to ergonomics
360 degree swivelling
Seat height adjustable


Model number



Fashion and Simple






molded foam





Connecting component







1.       Different colors for mesh, as well as can be customized

2.       Soft Foam Washer.

3.       High strength PP plastic Structure

4.       Smooth Swiveling and Rolling

5.       High Permeability

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Q:How do you convert a rocking chair into a gliding rocking chair?
RE: How do you convert a rocking chair into a gliding rocking chair? I have a rocking chair that i'd like to convert to a gliding rocking chair.
Q:Would a foldable chair be okay to use as an amp stand?
As long as it's a good strong chair sitting level on a solid floor then it should be okay. Just check it from time to time to be sure it stays stable. Years ago , before I got my extension cabinet , I used a chair with no problems. And my amp was a little pig , it was a 70's Fender Twin with 2 heavy duty JBL speakers so it was heavy as all get out but the chairs handled it with no problem. It really helps to have the cabinet up where you can hear it. I used to carry around a couple of those plastic milk crates for the places that didn't have folding chairs available.They worked really good too. I would cover the crates with a black cloth before I put the amp up on them so it didn't look too cheesy.Actually you could't even tell what the amp was sitting on.
Q:centrifugal force chair-o-planes?
I assume the top of the chain is anchored to a point which is at radius 3m Let the force in the chain when in the 30º position be F then vertically downward force on rider chair = Fv = 981 N = F.cos30º so that F = 981/0.866 = 1133 N The horizontal component of force on the rider = Fh = F.sin30º = 566.4 N Radius or rider at the 30º position = 3 + 2.5sin30º = 4.25 m Fh is the force produced by rotation and = m.ω².r giving ω = √[F/(m.r)] = 1.1544 where ω is the rotational angular frequency. So rotational frequency = ω/(2.π) = 0.18373 revs/sec = 11.024 r.p.m.. The rider experiences total force F = 1133N. If he were standing still he would experience 981 N, so g force is 1133/981 = 1.155g. This is the total force on the rider, including his own weight. The extra force he experiences due to rotation is 566.4/981 = 0.577 g – the answer you are given.
Q:Help! Found an antique wooden chair from the 1900s?
The style of chair is called Windsor, and this is a more rare style because of the 2 tiered back, typically its just one. The top is called a yoke back. It definately could be worth something, the letters signify a factory or workshop. It really depends, if it was a factory made chair it could have been mass produced, workshop it would have been hand made and valuable. I'd try to find a local antique dealer/appraiser and have them look at it.
Q:How to make hello kitty chair?
hard issue do a search from yahoo or google that could help
Q:How much should I plan to spend on an office chair?
Sometimes it is best to get the $50 chair with the thickest cushion. Then give that to a friend if it doesn't work out. Then move up the ladder. The $800 chairs can be wonderful but if it doesn't exactly fit your body, you wasted your money. You can never sit in the chair long-enuf in the store to know if it will work.
Q:Do you use your rocking chair? ?
I have a tan and black glider that is so, so nice. I use it pretty often whether I am just sitting around in the baby's room, doing a feeding session, or rocking him back to sleep. I absolutely love my glider. It actually helps me calm down to if I am stressing a bit. =)
Q:What artists use chairs/furniture in their work?
Hi! okorder.com/
Q:When it is Tables, Ladders, Chairs 2010 what matches do you think will happen?
me favte star if the onde dand onhl TFDV GRSEWT KDGHALI
Q:What are some good office/computer chairs?
Go to several office supply stores and you have to physically try out various chairs so you find one that is comfortable to your bodies physical measurements......... You can't find comfort in a store catalog book, you have to physically give the chair a try out as everyone's comfort zone is different depending on your size and mechanics of using a computer..

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