ZHSMC-07 Swivel Office Chair With High Elastic Foam and Mesh Covered

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ZHSMC-07 Swivel Office Chair With High Elastic Foam and Mesh Covered


We are professional manufacturer of Office Chair and Public Waiting chair with more than 10 years experience, we can supply mesh and PU leather office char, mesh and swivel office chair, steel public waiting chair, aluminum alloy public waiting chair and stainless steel public waiting chair.


Following with the rapid development of market, we are updating our types of different chairs continuously in order to catch requirement of customers. Until now ZH chair has been exported to different areas of the world. We strictly insist on “quality and customer is the first”. With the great honor, we sincerely wish to have opportunity to build mutual benefit cooperation with you.



1) Mid back design with nylon support, fire-resistant, eco friendly and recycle

2) Imported high elastic mesh, breathable, easy to clean and fire-resistant

3) PU casters, durable and move without noise

4) Aluminum alloy connections

5) Headrest height & angle adjustment

6) Backrest height adjustment

7) Arm pad height &angle adjustment

8) Tilt tension & tilt lock

9) Seat height adjustment 


Model number



Fashion and Simple






molded foam





Connecting component






Similar types:

ZHSMC-07 Swivel Office Chair With High Elastic Foam and Mesh Covered

ZHSMC-07 Swivel Office Chair With High Elastic Foam and Mesh Covered

ZHSMC-07 Swivel Office Chair With High Elastic Foam and Mesh Covered


1.       Are you free for samples?

I am sorry, we could not provide you a free sample, but what you need pay is just cost of product. And we can help you to arrange delivery by TNT or DHL with discounted delivery charge.

2.       What is your MOQ?

MOQ is 30pcs for stocked chair and 50pcs for customized order.

3.       How long will it take to be ready for shipment of my order?

Generally, delivery time is around 15 days, but it also depends on your order quantity.

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Q:Fix my computer chair....?
:) You can go to an office supply shop and they'll sell chair gas cylinders. I've not had to ever do this but if you take them your chair and buy the gas from them they'll be able to refill it for you. They can also just give you the instructions on how to do it and you can give it a go if you don't feel like lugging your chair in there.
Q:How to Reupholster a Chair?
Step1 Turn your chair over and take the staples out of the seat to separate it from the frame. Measure and cut your fabric to fit your seat cushion, leaving a few extra inches--you don't want the fit to be too tight! If you need to use extra cushioning, now is the time to place it inside. Step 2 Iron your fabric to get rid of wrinkles, if you need to do so. Use a staple gun to secure your fabric to the seat. Try to space the staples evenly (remember that you may want to alter your chair again!) Step 3 Lay the good side of your fabric down, putting the seat on top. Tightly pull your fabric and staple it to the corner of the seat. Fold the corners, cutting or trimming excess fabric. Good luck
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You would think it would be good for you AND the baby. Massages are good for you because it relieves the stress on your back and good for both becvause it can increase blood flow. Ask your doc. Maybe you pinched a nerve?
Q:Tear in vinyl chair help?
Buy a leather and vinyl repair kit. Match the color of the leather to your chair then wipe the area you want to repair with a damp cloth. Dry it and put the vinyl repair glue. Next, apply grain paper to the rip area and press and hold. Then, you can decorate your chair with what exactly you want it to be.
Q:Where was the Queen Anne (English) chair first manufactured?
The chairs were designed for Her Majesty's comfort and would have been designed and erected by the Master Carver of the Royal household. It incorporates cabriole legs which comes from ancient China. During the reign of Queen Anne the master carver and joiner of the Royal Household was a Charles Hopson, although the chair may not be primarily designed by him. Hopson, who was later knighted to become Sir Charles Hopson, is also responsible for much of the woodwork in St. Paul's Cathedral. I'm afraid, this is all the information I am aware of.
Q:stack able chair collapse?
It is unlikely that the chair collapsed solely based on your weight. Chairs are designed to take compressive forces. They are not designed to be tilted where compressive forces would favour a single leg of the chair. My suspicion is that this chair was subjected to this improper usage either while you were using it or before you were using it. In any case, the chair would have to have been damaged or improperly used in order for it to collapse. The other possibility is that your weight exceeded the maximum allowable load rating of the chair.
Q:Good Office Chairs for back pain?
you want the back somewhere between 110 and 120 degrees. A full back chair (Manager Chair/Executive Chair) will help. The biggest thing you could do is fit the chair to you, dont try and fit yourself to the chair. That is how you end up with pain in your neck, back, shoulders, hips, etc.
Q:How much work does a wheel chair assistant do?
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Nobody knows what the rules are, except the it has something to do with chairs. Until WWE reveals what a chair match is, we won't know.

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