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Feature: The ZDB model axial-flow submersible electric pump and HDB model mixed-flow submersible electric pump are the upgraded and updated product of electrical motor set of conventional axial-flow pump and mixed-flow pump, the electric motor of hydraulic pump is an asynchronous motor of dry totally-enclosed submersible which can be operated in water for long term with the advantages the conventional motor series can't match.
1. Because the electric motor is combined with the hydraulic pump, the assembly procedure is no longer necessary for lining up axis of electric motor, transmission mechanism and hydraulic pump on site, which costs labor and time. Now the installation on-the-spot becomes easy and fast.
2. Because of its operation submerged into water, the electric pump can greatly simplify geotechnical engineering and building structure engineering of pump station, reduce erection space and save 30%~40% construction cost.
3. Low noise, no high temperature in pump station, improving the operational environment and underground pump station can be built according to the requirement, as a result, the environmental scene on the ground can be maintained.
4. Submersible electric pump has double and triple mechanical seal and F grade insulation(155oC thermostable) with protection grade IP68(IEC). The pump has hydraulic model of nationwide unified design, which has high reliability and has the same performance of the conventional hydraulic pump so that the customer can select the model easily.
5. Convenient operation, and easy to realize remote control and automatic control.
6. Adopting this type of submersible electric pump is the most thorough approach for building pump station along the river and lake area where the water level fluctuate greatly, as well as for resolving the problem of flood prevention of pump; moreover, the major shaft and intermediate shaft are not required any more, and the machine set can operate more steady and liable.
7. The two models ZDB and HDB submersible electric pump can be used in irrigation and drainage of agricultural field, and can also be used in supply and sewerage water of factory, mine, dock, urban construction, water supply works and power station. The Axial flow submersible electric pump applies to the condition of low lift head, high flow-rate; while the mixed-flow submersible electric pump is very efficient with high performance of cavitation erosion. It is applicable for the occasion where the water level changes greatly and the requirement to the lift head is high. The conveyance medium is untreated water or lightly polluted water. The highest temperature of the conveyed resolution is 50oC.

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Q:i need to change the water pump in my car?
The V-6, has timing chains, not a belt. The labor guide shows 3.6 hours to replace the water pump. The retail price on an aftermarket water pump (not genuine Infiniti) is about $60. So the shop's quote of $500 is about right. The only way to save money on this repair is to find a shop with a lower hourly rate. If you've been taking care of the car and changing the oil, you should not need to replace the timing chains. However, it the shop finds that the chains need to be replaced along with the pump, the total bill should be $1,000, not $1,000 plus $500. If they replace the chains, the labor for the pump replacement is already done. Don't pay twice for it.
Q:Where is the water pump located on a 1998 dodge dakota sport?
It is right behind the fan and the serpentine driven pulley but it is not round. It will look like the new one you buy at the parts store. Pay the core charge and then take the old one back for a refund when you are finished.
Q:Under what circumstances should we set up fire pool and fire pump room? Is it necessary to have a building?
Public construction property
Q:furnace water pump spraying water?
Furnace Water Pump
Q:Well water pump kicking on?
How long does it pump when it turns on? This sounds like short cycling; you might have a leak somewhere in the system.
Q:how does a water feature pump work?
Hi. Most pumps work by squeezing the water through a nozzle. A water feature pump is usually hidden from view but still works the same way as any other pump. A motor turns the device that pushed the water.
Q:Why does the pump decay when connected in parallel?
Pump parallel mainly solves the problem of insufficient flow. After parallel, the flow is two and the sum of the pumps. When the flow rate increases, the pressure loss of the pipeline will increase, so the water pump flow in parallel will not be the sum of the two pump flow, but less than the sum of the flow rate. The solution is to increase the diameter of the water supply pipe, reduce the angle bend and shorten the distance.........
Q:Yang Chengtai big, the pump power is too small, the water pump will be bad?
No, only when the operation of the low lift point is super power (burning motor), high lift point operation, low efficiency, small amount of water, or even no water. For example, a nominal 10 meters pump, flow rate of 10 square / hour. The actual lift 15 meters, the water pump is small or no water. The actual head is 5 meters, traffic may 20 square / hour, this time may exceed current, the motor may burn.
Q:Variable flow variable frequency water pump how to adjust the flow?
Variable frequency pump is mainly depending on the frequency converter to adjust the speed of the pump motor, thereby regulating the flow and lift pump, the following Q1/Q2=n1/n2; H1/H2= (n1/n2) -, the frequency range of the frequency converter in 30HZ~50HZ
Q::::::::::::Bad Water Pump Maybe..help please:::::::?
It relies upon lots on the engine interior the vehicle, and understanding the 365 days could extremely help. $600 is outrageously costly for the two.2L engine and outrageously much less costly for the two.4L engine. you could replace your very own on the two.2, with a sprint help from somebody experienced. I certainly do no longer advise attempting water pump replace on the two.4L engine! No timing belt on the two. If the leak is sluggish adequate you could carry known antifreeze and purified water (no faucet water!) and fill up each morning and each afternoon. once you're including greater advantageous than a quart of the mixed beverages (the two premix or manually use a million/2 of each) you will could want again up with yet another plan. As thebax says, stop leak won't artwork on a water pump.

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