XBD-BPO Fire Fighting Pump

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1. Summary

 XBD-BPO series fire fighting pump group is double suction split spiral casing centrifugal pump. This series product
is made by means of a good modern hydraulic model, via the computerized optimized design and strictly following the
national standard: GB6245 Fire Fighting Pumps , features a compact and reasonable structure, a nice outlook design,
greatly enhanced indexes of reliability and efficiency and is applicable for transporting the liquid below 104℃ , without
containing solid grains or with the physical nature similar to that of pure water, mainly for the water supply for the fire
fighting system in industrial and civil buildings.

2.Operating Condition
Pump outlet diameter: 80~250 mm
Capacity                        : up to 345 L/s
Pressure                       : up to 3MPa
Temperature                : normal temperature
Medium: pure water and similar to that of pure water

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Q:install recirculating hot water pump?
there okorder.com
Q:will a electric generator work in a water pump?
if it is powerful enough to power the pump then yes.
Q:replaced water pump on lower unit .?
sorry but warming the engine will not affect the water flow. i had this problem i did not have the impeller installed properly.....took it to service center 3 hrs and $185 all new water pump kit fixed my problem . would have saved me alot of time and trouble if i had taken it in earlier
Q:What size water pump do i need?
It all depends on the size hose you will be using. Anything under a 1 inch will not work well. The pumps you listed are not going to do the job. I can pee more than 5 gals in a minute...lol You need to look into pool pumps and a 3/4hp might do. You will have to reduse from 1 1/2 in to the one inch. Just don't use under one inch. Good luck!
Q:why is my water pump keep going on and off only when i use it?
Sounds like the thermal is cycling. Check it and clean out debris. (overheating)
Q:Stand up jet ski have a water pump? Not working?
Jet Ski Pump
Q:can i use aquarium Water Pump for sump?
you do no longer use siphons to flow water to the sump, you employ an overflow and pipes. the point of having the overflow in a tank with a sump is that the pass between the two tanks would be even. while the water is pumped returned to the tank and reaches a definite point that water will then pass returned to the sump. If the capability will fail then the pump will end working, so no water would be moved returned into the tank, no water will overflow returned. the priority with 2 pumps would be that no 2 pumps are comparable. One pump is 2 hundred gallons consistent with hour, the different is 199, next one is 195 regardless of being from an identical authentic line and type. So in case you have a 2 hundred and 199 GPH you will finally end up with the two the tank or the sump spilling after some hours.
Q:Standard water pump vs heavy duty?
Mistake #1. Auto Zone doesn't stock anything close to the quality as an OEM part. If you want a better than average OEM water-pump get an aluminum Stewart Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4. The impeller builds more engine and cylinder head coolant pressure which prevets steam pockets in the heads. Little does Jason know that not all water-pumps created equal.
Q:What kind of water pump to use?
Yes you can pump the water from the pond and all you need to do is goto a store like tractor supply and they have everything that you would need there. The pump will have a data sheet that will say what it is capable of doing. The main things are how far to pump it and how high you will need to pump the water. Don't forget that a pump will require electricity. Before you do this you need to get the water tested to make sure that it is ok for the horses to drink. Knowing all this might make getting the meter installed a better option if available. Another option that may be acceptable would be to dig a well on the property. This would be beneficial because it would all you to have good clean water that humans would be able to use. One other option would be to get a water tank on a trailer and carry them drinking water from your house. You could then set up a rain water collection system to get water for bathing and other non drinking purposes.
Q:is this dirtbike water pump bad?
The water pump is turned by the primary gear on the crankshaft. When you were turning the water pump - the crankshaft was moving the piston up down in the cylinder. The couple of centimeters of movement is just the play between the gears - that's normal.

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