Wholesale 3k Plain matte hexacopter Octocopters carbon pipe Carbon fiber tube

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Wholesale 3k Plain matte hexacopter Octocopters carbon pipe Carbon fiber tube



 1.Applications for Carbon Fiber Tube


Carbon pipe Carbon fiber tube are widely used as the basic material for Light Aircraft Tubing, aerospace, defence, leisure, automotive products, industry and the medical sector as well as other applications includes building construction repair and strengthening. We also are able to CNC machine customized Carbon Fiber Parts for RC Helicopter,RC cars ,UAV Drone frame ,mutilrrotor frame , camea gimbal frame  or others to your specifications.

Our company carbon pipe Carbon fiber tube     use Janpan famouse brand TORAY and Taiwan brand TAIRYFIL Material to make the carbon fiber Sheets /carbon fiber plates.



2. Specifications for Carbon Fiber Tube


* Surface:High Grossy or Scratch resistant matte finish for carbon fiber sheets

*Appearance: We normly use 3k . Plain or Twill weave.

* Thinckness: 4-100mm our custome make

* Process: Molding, Vacuum, handcraft, RTM and rolle Wraped etc.

* Dimension: 500mm 1000mm 1200mm or cut per your request .

* Shape.: Roun,square or per your request

* Surface : Plan glossy ,plain matte ,twll glossy ,Twill matte or UD per your requirement


Wholesale 3k Plain matte hexacopter Octocopters carbon pipe Carbon fiber tube 


3. Photo for Carbon Fiber Tube 




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