Wash Down Sanitary Squating Pan - 5009

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Wash Down Sanitary Squat Pan MY-6111B
-With S tube or Rear Water-in
-Front Drainage System
-Self cleaning glaze


Self cleaning glaze


Standard seaworthy 5-ply export carton

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As customer’s requested

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Within 30 days after receiving 30%T/T in advance

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1.  Years experience in manufacturing sanitary ware, service will be more and more professional.

2.  Competitive price, top quality due to we are the manufacturer.

3.  Easy-to-clean surface when coordinated with vanity tops.

4.  Large-scale product line, more rapid delivery.

5.  Heat and chemical resistant, non-porous surface, durability.

6.  Designed and used for residential or commercial applications.

7.  Can be easily installed with solid surface countertops, kitch countertops, bathroom vanity tops.

8.  Size can be cusotmize if the quantity is big . OEM service provided.


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Q:Because my house is small, the bathroom is small, the balcony trapezoidal, really can not think of the place where the washing machine, so I want the washing machine under the basin, 8 know feasible, txm talk about it.
I checked it, drum washing machine height generally above 850mm
Q:Basin basin drainage height is generally how much
The problem is not clear, refers to the water pipe out of the ground from the wash basin outlet height or refers to the water pipe into the wall on the wall out of the height of the wash basin outlet? The former, then the height should not be too high, with a hose to connect the wall can be connected down, so there can put some things, too high can not put things, inside the other pipeline is not easy to repair when the failure, if after Of course, naturally high is better, from the wash basin outlet 10 cm or so is not higher than the outlet just fine
Q:bathroom sink?
Many moons ago, this was called an S trap; today, it's called a P trap, not because it traps pee, but, presumably, because it's P-shaped. Anywho, if plumbing went straight to the sewer with nothing in between, you would be forced to endure the entrance of sewer gases from the sewer--smelly and dangerous. So there is the trap under the sink, where a small amount of water stays trapped in the bend of the pipe, and acts as a barrier between the sewer gases and the air from the trapped water to the pipe going toward the sink. Though it can be a nuisance, it is also nice to be able to retrieve a fallen ring by just removing the trap. So you absolutely need this piece of plumbing.
Q:Help! The cleaning lady somehow disconnected the stopper in my bathroom sink from the lever that moves the stopper up and down. Now its in the down position, a sink full of water and I cant get the stopper out!!
Use a knife tip in the small ring around the stopper, to lift the stopper drain out the water without flooding your cabinet. Then you can crawl underneath the sink. Loosen the big nut at the back of the drain on the vertical pipe and re set the stopper inside the pipe as the other person has already mentioned. Or you can leave the stopper out until a plumber can help you.
Q:Hangzhou artificial stone basin basin environmental assessment approval
3, the Environmental Protection Agency commissioned the assessment. Report to the EPA, if the need to review, then the review is over, will make some comments, EIA staff should be based on the review of comments to modify.
Q:The bathroom sink has a single spout, so we would only connect the cold water hose. The unit we are moving to does not have laundry taps, hence this question. If need be we can drain the washing machine into buckets. Does anyone know if it is safe to connect the washing machine to bathroom taps?
First off, I cannot even fathom what these other 2 people are saying to you..... IT IS NOT viable to use a bathroom faucet. The fittings are not correct in any respect. Your best bet would be to either (a.) have someone hook up a hot & cold line in the room that your washer is in, or(b.) if possible, you could use a garden hose through a window from outside, that could connect directly to your washer. Now as for your drainage--- the bathtub could be used, however to prevent a flood, you need to have the drain hose in an upright position during the wash & rinse cycles. This keeps the water from syphoning out. Is there anyway possible that you could house this washer outside, say on a porch or patio? That would make hookups and draining alot easier for you in the long run, that is if you cannot get regular hookups inside the house. . . Hope this answer gives you some insight!
Q:Kitchen basin basin water pipe greasy how to deal with
You can buy oil products in your local market and supermarkets, or: wherever you can buy some of the treatment agents that deal with this water pipe oil
Q:Can the living room wash basins?
I have seen a design is the living room behind the bedroom wall just a concave wall, the use of concave wall to do the wash basin, very close from the living room. But generally do not put the sink in the living room range. Living room on the edge of the toilet area of the basin will also use a compartment lattice. The wash basin can be placed in the living room balcony, close to the living room in the living room.
Q:Hello,I recently graduated from college and lack much of a interior design experience. However, recently I am assisting on a new project that involves remodeling surroundings of a day club pool.The goal is to setup bathroom sinks in an open area which both men and women can use. Ideally we are looking for luxury vessel sinks that has a beach theme or outdoor themeI did quite a lot of research online, however could not find a close match.I am really looking for brilliant ideas on how to potentially convert a typical sink to a luxury vessel sink.Thanks a lot in advance for your time.
Take okorder /mur-cal-blb.html okorder / I found them on MaestroBath , which has a wide variety of luxury and modern bathroom travertine, crystal, and glass vessel sinks, which can be setup in an outdoor environment. Good Luck
Q:They are pretty much tiny people..
lol. do you bathe in the TImes Square fountain? because you're pretty much an idiot

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