Wash Down Sanitary Squating Pan - 5014

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Wash Down Sanitary Squating Pan  -  5014


Quick Information

Wash Down Sanitary Squat Pan MY-6111B
-With S tube or Rear Water-in
-Front Drainage System
-Self cleaning glaze




Self cleaning glaze


Standard seaworthy 5-ply export carton

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As customer’s requested

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Within 30 days after receiving 30%T/T in advance

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T/T or L/C



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1.  Years experience in manufacturing sanitary ware, service will be more and more professional.

2.  Competitive price, top quality due to we are the manufacturer.

3.  Easy-to-clean surface when coordinated with vanity tops.

4.  Large-scale product line, more rapid delivery.

5.  Heat and chemical resistant, non-porous surface, durability.

6.  Designed and used for residential or commercial applications.

7.  Can be easily installed with solid surface countertops, kitch countertops, bathroom vanity tops.

8.  Size can be cusotmize if the quantity is big . OEM service provided.




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Q:My bathroom bathroom counter pots every time the switch when the ceiling will be issued bang sound is how is it?
The water pressure is too high
Q:Stinky bathroom sink?
the first thing to do is pour a good deal of boiling water down the drain say 5 kettles full . see if that fixes it . if that does not work you will see a u shaped pipe under the sink once the sink is empty remove this large nut from the bottom of the u shaped pipe . have a buckey read to catch water as there will be some in there and wear either nothing when you do it or really old clothes . in your own home i suggest wearing notthing its easier once you have the nut off then stick your finger in there and pull out any hair or gunk that is in there. then put the bolt back in . you may want to go to the hardware store and get some tape for the bolt before hand its plastic tape or wrap used just for plumbing ask them at the store they will know what you need. you wrap that around the threads of the bolt or nut like thing before you put it back in . the threads are the ridges on the bolt. one time around is enough. this is all easy to do if there is space to work under the sink . it is do able by any able bodied person. if this does not fix the problem then you may have a gas trap problem that requires a plumber. but do all this first unless you find the smell comes out of more then one drain . then go for the trap solution sooner. good luck have fun. oh dont pour chemicals in there as at some point someone may need to open the pipe as i told you how to do and the chemicals can get on the person bad thing to have happen . oh the tool you need to open the plug is called a pipe wrench . they cost different amounts but you should just buy the cheapest one that will work . they adjust to the size of the bolt. the hardware store carries them and ask them how to work it as it is abit different then other wrenches. but its simple to once you know how to work it . so just ask for a 1 minute demo from the hardware store man.
Q:Ideas for a bathroom sink?
You can use modern basins and taps for making an awesome look. Like spring system long taps. Use beautiful and top setting showers. If it's a big place bathroom then set a bath tub with a warming system. This will be I hope an awesome bathroom and use the off white color on the wall.
Q:How to choose a good basin ah? How about the musicians of the family?
Good table to see glazed, and the level of wear resistance. Like the musicians of the pot is made of glazed very good. Very smooth texture is better, that glaze is very thick.
Q:Is it useful to use glass gluing
Zero plugging can be
Q:Bathroom with two meters of the table, do a single basin suitable?
You can put a small double basin to try to see.
Q:Bathroom sink peeling?
I'm not sure what it was resurfaced with, but I will bet on some type of spray on enamel. I would try paint stripper. My disclaimer here is that this might make things worse and not loosen the coating.
Q:How do you refinish a bathroom sink?
ok, i dont recomend it, but they sale an epoxy paint kit that works well on tile pocelin etc. there are several problems though. first of all, on an area like a sink that gets heavy use, i have very little confidence that the stuff will hold up. i do feel it works like on wall tile or whatever. but a tub or a sink...i dunno. i have used it before on old bathrooms on the tile and been very happy with results. the other problem is, it takes two to three days to do it right. you have to sand the area, apply a pre thing-a-ma-jig, let that set up, sand, paint, let that set up, sand, and re apply. if you want to give it a try, they sell epoxy paint for tile at any good hardware store. give it a try and let me know! i think the kit is about 20 bux or so. GL with it. i have had great results with this stuff on wall tile and it may be a good temp fix for you too. they sale it saying you can do tubs and sinks...but i have doubts due to usage, but check it out. epoxy paint refinishing kit.
Q:What good house cleaning liquid could i use to unclog a bathroom sink?
Elhigh has it right. Cleaning a sink is not that hard depending on the type of drain you have. Clean out underneath the sink, remove everything, put down a bucket and some towels, unscrew the device that holds the plug, the thing that keeps the water from going down the drain. Once the drain plug is out, use a flashlight to see where the obstruction is. Usually hair. I use a eight to twelve inch piece of metal coat hanger with a little hook on the end to pull the gunk out. Then I wipe the gunk off with paper towels. Just make sure the sink is not full of backed up water when you take it apart
Q:Big leak under kitchen & bathroom sink! Help!?
its most likely the sink basket. it takes some work the plumbers puttee between the sink and the basket is gone ,or try tithing the nut on the basket not easy ether .there is special tools of course it would be easier to call a plumber or a friend that is handy with repairs, there is so much that maybe wrong under the sinks , but inexpensive to replace the plumber on the other hand..... same for bathroom but the drain is call a pop-up check all the drain fitting nut only use your hands to tithin them

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