Wash Down Sanitary Squating Pan - 5010

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2000 set/month

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Wash Down Sanitary Squat Pan MY-6111B
-With S tube or Rear Water-in
-Front Drainage System
-Self cleaning glaze


Self cleaning glaze


Standard seaworthy 5-ply export carton

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As customer’s requested

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Within 30 days after receiving 30%T/T in advance

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T/T or L/C



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1.  Years experience in manufacturing sanitary ware, service will be more and more professional.

2.  Competitive price, top quality due to we are the manufacturer.

3.  Easy-to-clean surface when coordinated with vanity tops.

4.  Large-scale product line, more rapid delivery.

5.  Heat and chemical resistant, non-porous surface, durability.

6.  Designed and used for residential or commercial applications.

7.  Can be easily installed with solid surface countertops, kitch countertops, bathroom vanity tops.

8.  Size can be cusotmize if the quantity is big . OEM service provided.


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Q:how do you clean an acrylic bathroom sink basin?
Micro fiber cloths. You can get them in the kitchen supplies department at Wal-Mart or Target. What I do is spray my cleaner on the surface to be cleaned, wipe excess off with a paper towel, and then wipe it again with my micro fiber cloth.
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first start by figuring out which side the water is coming from.(Hot or cold) by turning the shut offs under the sink off one at a time. Shut off the hot first then wait a few minutes watching it to see if the drip stops. Then turn the hot back and and shut off the cold. once you have that narrowed down, I gguaranteeits a problem with the cartridge. Whether its a gasket or a worn down seal it's easy and cheap to fix. Take apart the handle that's leaking and remove the cartridge by googling how for step by step instructions. (should take about 3-6 minutes.) Then run over to home depot and get a replacement. They usually have a book with all the different kinds so take the broken one with you. Don't let them sell you a repair kit. It's worth the extra few bucks to get a new one. Then take it home and put it back together.
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All new bathroom outlet receptacles must be GFCI protected, and 20 ampere rated (assuming, they are installed on #12 wire). Each bathroom sink must have a GFCI receptacle located within 3’ from its outside edge.
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Bathroom Sink Connections

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