wall hung male ceramic men's corner urinal -2017

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2000 set/month
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Product Description:


1.Nano ceramic patent cartridge waterless urinal
2.no flush no residue no odor
3.water saving
4.easy install
5.elegent desig


•Description of Goods :

Item No: U1201-D, U1201-Q
Type: Urinal
Color: White
Size: 620X360X360mm
Material: Ceramics
Roughing-in: S-trap, P-trap
MOQ: 50 Sets
Flushing Method: Waterless
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China




•Product Feature



•Bacteria repellent:


•Unique Design:






•Four patents 


•Widely used in sports fields, stadiums and gymnasiums ,hotels, hospitals, universities and colleges, bus/railway stations, armed forces, mobile toilets, public toilets, expressway & subway service areas , household washroom

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Q:Artificial stone basin where to do some
Generally larger artificial stone processing plants or production plants can provide, but need to have a certain amount, whether this high cost and time-consuming, trouble;
Q:My bathroom sink won't drain!!!?
Hi there, You can go to a hardware store and (in the plumbing department) look for something called a sink auger also may be called a sink cleanout. This device is about two feet long and looks like a spring with a hook on the end. There will be instructions on the package but basically you just insert it into the drain and rotate. The hook on the end should loosen the clog or allow you to pull the clog out. If in doubt find a clerk and tell him/her what your problem is and ask for a recommendation. I would not try any of the liquid products that claim to dissolve clogs. Usually they do not work for me. If the sink auger does not work you can remove the p-trap under the sink and usually find something is stopping it up. It will be easy to unclog the trap once it has been removed. Hope this helps, Al
Q:unplugging a bathroom sink?
don't call a plumber. use drano or a toilet plunger. it works
Q:How to choose a good basin ah? How about the musicians of the family?
Good table to see glazed, and the level of wear resistance. Like the musicians of the pot is made of glazed very good. Very smooth texture is better, that glaze is very thick.
Q:How do you refinish a bathroom sink?
The people who re glaze baths may be able to help you, if you contact one in your area.
Q:Where do you brush your teeth?
I start in the bathroom sink and walk around the first floor and end in the bathroom sink. I have a 16 yr old and a 3 yr old so getting the time to stay in one spot doesn't usually happen during the week.
Q:Do you want to send a faucet to the bathroom?
When buying, please ask whether the faucet,
Q:What is the hole pitch of the toilet, toilet, basin, and gibbari water tank in Duravit?
General Duravit and Gebo force water tank flushing center point and screw center point 3.5 cm, screw center point and outlet mouth center point 10 cm, flushing center point and outlet mouth center point 13.5 cm.
Q:How to choose the cupboard cabinet?
At present, the market on the Taiwan pot counter selection of the mainstream substrate is waterproof MDF, which is selected wood raw materials crushed into powder, the special process from the processing of a "rigid" plate. Its waterproof performance is better than ordinary fiberboard, is the first choice for high-grade countertop cabinet.
Q:How do I remove cigarette stains from bathroom sink?
The stained linoleum is from a latex backed rug, not cigarette smoking. There is nothing to be done with this stain. You haven't said what the material your cabinets are made from, but it is unlikely that anything would resist comet. If it is the smell of tobacco smoke, it probably comes from the crevices and not the cabinets themselves. Dump an absorbent bath power in the crevices. Let it sit for a while, you don't have to dump it all over. Then you can vacuum and apply again. Or, you can spray cleaning solution in there, just select one that you can tolerate, the scent of the cleaning solution will be there for a while. The other place is if the handles on the cabinets have a large metal backing under which trapped residues are present. Also, if your cabinets have a back wall, then there is another wall behind that which remains uncleaned. I find it odd though that you complain of the bathroom, and not the rest of the house. Smoke does not discriminate. If the rest of the apartment is okay, I don't think you have successfully identified the source of your problem.

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