wall hung male ceramic men's corner urinal -2013

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2000 set/month
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Product Description:


1.Nano ceramic patent cartridge waterless urinal
2.no flush no residue no odor
3.water saving
4.easy install
5.elegent desig


•Description of Goods :

Item No: U1201-D, U1201-Q
Type: Urinal
Color: White
Size: 620X360X360mm
Material: Ceramics
Roughing-in: S-trap, P-trap
MOQ: 50 Sets
Flushing Method: Waterless
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China




•Product Feature



•Bacteria repellent:


•Unique Design:






•Four patents 


•Widely used in sports fields, stadiums and gymnasiums ,hotels, hospitals, universities and colleges, bus/railway stations, armed forces, mobile toilets, public toilets, expressway & subway service areas , household washroom


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Q:How did the cupboard out of the cupboard?
Glass glue can not use marble rubber glue can not use the angle of steel to play stent
Q:how to caulk around bathroom sink?
Yeah, I am with you, poster. Caulking and mudding walls just seems beyond me. I have had some success by wetting my finger and running it along the seam after caulking, taking plenty of breaks to wipe of the excess and re-wet the finger. Good luck.
Q:how to attach a bathroom sink?
what type of bathroom sink? pedestal - mount the basin on the wall at the appropriate height with lag screws, attach plumbing, and slide pedestal in place to hide plumbing marble/composite one piece - latex adhesive caulking on the top edge of cabinet, caulk to wall, attach plumbing in the proper location, it will also help hold it in place cast cowl type (ceramic) set in existing countertop with hole - adhesive tub and tile caulk, let dry before attaching plumbing porcelain bowl - use swing-style sink clamps provided (just like your kitchen stainless sink)
Q:Okay how do you unplug the bathroom sink!?
I have that problem once in a while and it always end up that there's so much hair balls entangled inside the drain. What i did is get a longish, thin and pliable but strong wire, create a small hook at the tip and try to wrangle what is suppose to be hairs inside then lift out slowly. It always work.
Q:The foam in the washing machine comes out of the basin
You said the semi-automatic washing machine is not a double barrel washing machine? If you are a double-barrel washing machine, of course, do not wash your clothes in the basin, you can put the clothes in the washing bucket, add water into the rinse after 5 minutes, drain, and then get the clothes dehydration dehydration, repeat twice Yes.
Q:How to make my bathroom sink not smell?
take the trap off and remove all the black gunk that I'm sure is in there
Q:Is it difficult to install a bathroom sink? If not what should I know?
Turn off the water valve first. Debbie O
Q:What should I do if I smell a chemical/gas when I go to rinse my mouth out after brushing in my bathroom sink?
The first answer's suggestion was exactally what I would have said. It is just the gunk in your p-trap!
Q:low hot water pressure in bathroom sink only??
Remove the aerator first, and clean the screen. Install a new faucet, or at least trace the line back to a place where you can remove it, or open it, and test the water pressure there. If it's good until then, you have a faucet problem. Once in a while, I find a glass bead from the water heater thermal loss preventer that has blown through to the supply valve. It seats just inside of the supply valve, which you can't seem to find!
Q:How do I remove cigarette stains from bathroom sink?
The stained linoleum is from a latex backed rug, not cigarette smoking. There is nothing to be done with this stain. You haven't said what the material your cabinets are made from, but it is unlikely that anything would resist comet. If it is the smell of tobacco smoke, it probably comes from the crevices and not the cabinets themselves. Dump an absorbent bath power in the crevices. Let it sit for a while, you don't have to dump it all over. Then you can vacuum and apply again. Or, you can spray cleaning solution in there, just select one that you can tolerate, the scent of the cleaning solution will be there for a while. The other place is if the handles on the cabinets have a large metal backing under which trapped residues are present. Also, if your cabinets have a back wall, then there is another wall behind that which remains uncleaned. I find it odd though that you complain of the bathroom, and not the rest of the house. Smoke does not discriminate. If the rest of the apartment is okay, I don't think you have successfully identified the source of your problem.

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