Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug Black Color Rectangle Shape Hot Sale

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Product Description:

  1. Structure of  Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug Description 


  2. Viscose carpet and rug are made of 100% viscose yarn , it's luxury design and good feelings are suitable for home , hotel and office room . Welcome customed design , size and shape .


  3.  Main Features of the Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

    Feature: Soft, comfortable, decorative. 


  4. Viscose Wilton  Carpet and Rug Images

    Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

    Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

    Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

    Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

  5. Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug Specification


    Material: 100% viscose yarn, Wilton machine made with available 8colors.
    Pile height: 6mm, etc

    Density: 400 x 1000 , 500 x 1000

    Design: Persian design and modern design. Can make according to customer’s artwork.

    Colors: blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown; 
    Maximum width is 400cm, sizes much meet 4m machine width, otherwise it will cause waste.

  6. FAQ of Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

1) Which size could you make for viscose carpet and rug ?

    Our Maximum width is 400cm, length has no limitation. Our popular size is 1.4m x 2m , 1.6m x 2.3m , 2m x 2.8m , 2m x 2.9m .Welcome other customed size also.


2) Which color could you make for viscose carpet and rug  ?

    We have 8 available colors for choice (blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown).


3) What is the difference of Wilton Carpet and Axminster carpet

     Wilton carpet, like Axminster carpet, is woven. However the difference between the two methods is the way in which the carpet is woven. Whereas the Axminster yarn is woven into each weft and then cut to the required pile height and then reinserted when that colour is needed again –the Wilton carpet yarn is a continuous strand woven all the way through.

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Q:vapor barrier under carpeting?
Carpet Pad Moisture Barrier
Q:how much does it cost to get a rug reweaved or tied....?? who or where can I go to get it fixed?
Q:What color of the carpet looks good to match with white tiles?
Which is white grey, with a small amount of impurity spots, or black and white color
Q:how do I clean pet urine stains from my rug?
Hi First thing if it is still wet dab area with towels to absorb as much as possible. If the urine stain is brown then it is a sticky residue problem. I would recommend using a wet vac and slowly pouring water on the spot and vacuum it up at the same time, to remove the sticky residue. If the stain comes back in a few days you may have to do this a few times. If the stain is still visible than use a little carpet spotter on it. If it has gone yellow then it is a PH problem. You can try using vinegar (one part vinegar to five parts water) to see if you can remove the stain. You can also try “Nature's Miracle” this is a liquid containing enzymes that feed on the organisms that give urine its odours. Sometime urine stains cannot be removed. The main reason for stain to resurface is the soap that you leave behind. The most important thing to do is rinse the stain with a wet vac and water to remove all the reside. In my experience, Nature's Miracle is your best bet. Good luck! From a carpet cleaner of 14 years
Q:knitting/crochet patterns for a rug?
One of the problems with substituting other yarn for rug yarn is that rug yarn is generally more resilient because you need to be able to walk on it, however, I have done some latch-hook work and have found that chunky 16 ply yarns are similar in thickness to 6 ply rug yarn and are therefore a reasonable substitute. 3 or 4 strands of knitting yarn may also give you a similar thickness and may work for you purposes but won't have the same resilience as proper rug yarn.
Q:smallest to largest carpet python?
irian jaya carpet 4-5, jungle carpet 6-8, queensland carpet 6-9, centralian python 8-12, coastel carpet 8-14 I hope this helps there are also allot of mixes that really vary in size. I keep and breed carpets I don't know any good caresheet. temperature 77-80 degrees humidity 65-70% feed every 7-10 days no daytime light is required I really recommend a vision cage for them if you can't get that tall cages are best the size depends on the species they all need a decent amount of climbing space substrate I use forest floor mixed with moss to keep the high humidity up.
Q:Bear Skin Rug?
just buy a faux fur rug from walmart and cut it into the shape of a bear... that's my suggestion lol not like the audience will see it that well
Q:where can I buy islamic prayer rug?
There's They ship from USA, too, so that's really convenient
Q:Update a room with a brown shag rug?
Shag rugs are back! Believe it or not, silly people all over the world think they are way cool again. Bamboo blinds with a brown accent wall and window trims sound great. Couple that with a warm wheat color on the other walls and modern mixed with photographic art on the walls and you're in business. Just remember that if your furniture isn't really modern or simple the theme will crash. This will not be a room for Victorian or mahogany furniture. Think clean lines and simple strong colors. Good luck!
Q:how do I finish the carpet up against tile?
Your looking for a metal strip called a Z bar. The carpet tucks into it and then you hammer it down. Will give you a good edge without the chance of frayed carpet edges.

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