straight pipe for concrete

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straight pipe for the concrete pump, kins of sizes.

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Q:type of drill for jewelry and drilling into small stones ,glass and resin?
You'll have to cut out the elbow and replace with new PVC. Give yourself plenty of room to add a union (pipe to pipe) then another elbow (pipe-elbow-pipe) then another union, (pipe to pipe) Make sure to clean the PVC with the purple stuff and use the cement as directed.
Q:Generally how long will studs last on a studded winter tire?
Grounding electrical circuits on the far end of a water pipe will cause this. The current will travel along the pipe to the ground by the water meter, causing that problem. The pin holes are usually on the bottom of a horizontal running pipe. You need to run a ground wire to a ground rod and not use the water pipe. Using a plastic water pipe does don't give you the best ground. Check the water softener to see if it's grounded properly as well.
Q:How should thread thread be broken in the joint?
Either change or repair!Maintenance depends on the circumstances, processing capacity is convenient, if not, then some programs are sometimes out of the question! Here are a few options for you to choose from:1, in the middle of the broken wire hole, the wire breaking out with broken wire puller or other fixtures.2, in the broken wire head to open a groove or welding nut go up, screw out the broken wire.3, the broken wire will be drilled directly.4, the electric spark will break the wire destroyed.
Q:What is the difference between the PVC joint and the PVC pipe joint?
What are the specifications of PVC threading tubes?:A metal tube 1, ordinary carbon steel wire (wire casing pipe) 2, metal flexible pipe (galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe, plastic coated metal snakeskin snakeskin tube)
Q:what does it mean when. They say your engine has locked up.?
There are not a lot of tube fittings used in the USA with metric dimensions. Tube fittings are usually designed to MATCH the the tubing pressure rating class. My suggestion is to check out Parker Hannifin's websites as they are a major manufacturer for a full line of Brass and Hydraulic fittings and one of the largest manufactures of compression tube fittings and instrumentation fittings.
Q:Will that be all right? Then there's the PPR pipe joint on the right. Is that ok?
You don't see this picture very clearly. You mean there's a lot of right side connections, right?
Q:How does fire happen?
Are you familiar with any type of soldering? There is low temp, and high temp, depending on the application, and the type of solder that you use. The most important thing to remember, is to thoroughly clean the inside of the fittings, and the end of the pipe. If you cut a pipe, make sure that you ream the inside, to restore the inner diameter of the pipe to its full bore dimension, otherwise, water will eat the pipes, from the inside, and you will have a premature breakdown in your piping system. A non acid, water soluble flux is required, again, so your pipes won't deteriorate from the inside. Low temp soldering can use a propane torch, but high temp, requires a hotter flame, to melt the solder. Practice on some pipes, before soldering for real. Never leave your flame in one spot too long. Doing so will cause the flux to be burned at that spot, and no solder will take at that spot, thus, ensuring a leak. Move your flame around the whole joint, heating it up uniformly, and concentrate your flame towards the center of the fitting, as solder will travel towards the heat. Good luck!
Q:If a combo CO 2 smoke detector unit goes off without notice, what is generally the cause?
Your parents will more than likely respect you more for coming to them rather than hearing it from his parents, and it shows your mature enough to handle this.
Q:Problem with fire alarm help ASAP?
Yes. The fittings have to be copper, and you need a powered crimping tool.
Q:The pipe joint model is 1/2 "-14 teeth / inch"
The pipe joint model is 1/2, -14 teeth / inch: This is the English 55 degree taper pipe thread, the specific parameters are: big diameter 20.955mm, pitch 1.814mm, other parameters can be listed under the table:

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