straight pipe for concrete

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straight pipe for the concrete pump, kins of sizes.

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Q:My house has smoke detectors hard wired into the electric so there are no batteries.?
Pipe strength may be specified by schedule number, determined as: Schedule number 1000 P/S where P service pressure (psi) S allowable stress (psi) PVC has a lower allowable stress than steel; therefore, a PVC pipe would have a thicker wall than steel for the same schedule number. PVC, steel, and other pressure pipe may be specified and manufactured to cast iron outside dimensions (CIOD), so that such pipe may be used with cast iron valves and other fittings. CIOD PVC pipe and CIOD steel pipe of the same nominal size and schedule number will have the same outside diameter, but different wall thickness due to allowable material stress.
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a shower and piping and fittings.. If you can get access to the back of the wall from a closet its a simple job. You can put an plastic access panel to cover your hole. If you have to rip off tiles or cut a hole in the middle of your bedroom wall it can turn into a project.
Q:Stainless steel pipe, wire joint leakage how to make up?
You this kind of circumstance belongs to leak, general silk can be screwed down to replace. This situation should be installed when the seal is not handled properly. Do not want to move pipes, only with special glue to stop the leak. Many local hardware market, directly tell him what material, you know what glue to you.
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I would go with disposable ones. I think if you get reusable ones they're much harder to clean. As for the coupler, you don't have to but if you decide to change the decorating tip on a certain bag of icing, you really cant because the coupler holds the decorating tip so if you want to change it, you just twist it off and apply a new one. I don't have couplers, but i guess its Okay. Just make sure you have the right bag of frosting with the right tip that way you don't make a mistake. Hope i helped :] Good Luck with your cake! :)
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This usually occurs when the water chemistry is on the acidic side (low pH). It eats out the softer areas of the steel pipe and eventually makes a pinhole leak that will grow bigger in time. The hole is actually larger inside the pipe than the outside. kind of like a volcano shape. If it is one or two holes they can be patched by covering the hole with a piece of rubbery material held in place with a hose clamp. When the holes get to be too many or too large, then it is time to replace the pipe. This is odd that it is doing it to galvanized pipe. Either the pipe was poor quality to begin with or your water is really bad. If the situation is caused by bad water chemistry, then it will occur again if you use copper pipes as a replacement. The best way to go is to either use PVC if allowed by code in your area, or get out the check book and get 316 stainless steel pipes and fittings.
Q:what is fire hydrant in industries and how it works?
This is an abstract answer that i actually think is pretty good. I was told that Roger Penrose said this: 1. Eventually everything in the universe will be inside a lot of black holes 2. Black holes evaporate by hawking radiation 3. When all the black holes evaporate the universe will be filled with randomly distributed radiation NO matter! 4. There are NO observers. 5. These conditions are the same as the big bang singularity. So, while the universe never actually collapses, there is some sort of cycle. Obviously this is an abstract theory, though i think it is the most complete one so far.
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depends, but you should have your house grounded when you get it built so lightning doesnt strike it
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The tubing can be bent if you are careful not to try to bend it too short. It will bend easier if you heat it first. You can bend it once and it will start to harden. Just heat it a bit and it will bend easy.

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