steel mesh reinforced plastic pipe

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The Steel Reinforced PE Pipe is a new kind of high density polyethylene pipe which is reinforced by a steel wire skeleton. Crossing steel wire are spots welded as a net-cylinder structure during the manufacturing process. HDPE , the stuffing material of the structure ,is continuously extruded on producing line. The structure is similar to reinforced concrete structure.

This combination makes the pipe far stronger than standard HDPE pipe and more flexible and corrosion-resistant than steel pipe. Many of its inherent characteristics are far superior to those of HDPE or steel pipe.


The stuffing material of the steel mesh reinforced HDPE pipe and fittings is PE 80 (piping class), and the high quality low-carbon steel wire is used as the reinforced part of the pipes and Q235 steel sheet is used for the fittings.

Characteristics of PE 80(piping class) material

Characteristics Test Standard  Unit Result

Melt Flow Index(5Kg,190)

ASTM D 1238




ASTM D 792



Tensile Yield Strength

ASTM D 638



Tensile Fracture Strength

ASTM D 638



Tensile&Elongation  Ratio

ASTM D 638



Brittleness Tempreature

ASTM D 746


Linear Expansion  Coefficient

DIN 53752



ESCR (F50)

ASTM D 1689



Thermal Stability

ISO 10837




ASTM D 4131(B)

PE 80

Long-term Hydro Static  Strength

ISO 9080



Short-term Hydro Static  Strength

ASTM D 4131



The characteristic of steel wire and sheet


Test Standard



Steel wire

Tensile strength

GB/T 343-1994



Tensile&Elongation  Ratio

GB/T 343-1994



Steel sheet

Tensile strength

GB/T 709-1988



Tensile&Elongation  Ratio

GB/T 709-1988




a. Excellent corrosion resistance

Generally acknowledged as the anti-corrosion material, PE has an excellent property that can resist nearly 275 kinds of corrosive medium, such as non-oxidizing acid, alkali and saline solutions.

b.Super hydraulic performance

The absolute roughness of the steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is 0.01mm only while that of the steel pipe is 0.2mm. So the flow resistance is smaller and the conveying capacity is obviously higher than the normal steel pipe under the same condition.

c.Good flexibility and anti-seismic property

The steel mesh reinforced PE pipe has moderate elastic modulus. So it has excellent adaptability to the nonuniform settlement foundation and ground displacement. The good anti-seismic performance will reduce the cost of losses maximally when earthquake occurs.

d.Lighter weight and easier installation

The density of steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is only 40% of that of steel pipe, we don't need the lifting equipment on site when  installing pipes of small caliber. Using this kind of pipe can also save bend fittings benefit from the pipe laying according to the topography to the general undulating land. And the requirement of trench digging is less than steel pipe.

e.Super abrasion resistance

Generally, the abrasion property of polyethylene is superior to normal metal material .lt dedicates the abrasion resistance feature of steel framed reinforced PE composite pipe is exactly better than that of the normal steel pipes.

Solid Content




Wearing Capacity   (μm/h)









f.Excellent heat preservation property

The basic stuffing material of steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is polyethylene. The Thermal conductivity coefficient of PE is 0.43W/m℃,and that of the steel pipe is 2.5 W/m. So the heat preservation property is very good. Also we don't need any heat-insulation treatment even installing overhead.

g.Outstanding hygienic character

PE material is nontoxic and is widely used in food industry . The steel mesh reinforced PE pipe use PE as basic stuff ,and it has passed each test of the National Preventive Medical Association and gotten the Healthy Permit for portable water conveying. So our pipe can meet the requirements of Food Hygiene Law and Healthy Evaluation. At the same time, the inner surface of our pipe is bacteria free ,electrochemistry corrosion free and won’t introduce secondary pollution.

h.Working lifetime is longer and comprehensive cost is lower

The features of PE material ensure the working lifeof steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is much longer and comprehensive cost much lower than those of the normal steel pipe in the fields of conveying corrosive medium.

Benefit from the property of anti-corrosion, flexibility and heat preservation, etc., this pipe can be used on the industry of Mining, Oil, Gas, Chemical, the transportation of Ore Pulp and Tailings.

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Q:What are the metal and composite pipes?
In nature, most metals exist in a compound state, and a few metals, such as gold, platinum, silver and bismuth, exist in free form. Most of the metal minerals are oxides and sulfides. Other forms of existence are chlorides, sulfates, carbonates, and silicates. The bonds between the metals are metal keys, so they can be renewed at any change of position, which is why the metal is well stretched. A metallic element usually only shows a positive valence in a compound. It's also a musical style, or it's called heavy metal. There are different kinds of rock music, metal classification.
Q:Is there a steel plastic composite pipe in the PPR pipe now?
PPR composite pipe has: aluminum plastic PPR pipe: inner and outer layer is PPR, the middle layer is aluminum skin
Q:What's the difference between steel wire mesh plastic composite pipe and steel skeleton composite pipe?
Comparison of water breakthrough in end face of pipe cut:The steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe, connecting factor of the existence of a high performance between the substrate PE and high strength steel wire, the substance of PE modified materials, and PE can be fused into one, under the condition of heating, has strong adhesive properties of the polar bond with steel, make the pipe inside and outside layer and high the strength of steel as a whole, in the process of manufacture, storage and use, between high strength steel wire and PE will not appear gap, even if the two ends of pipe sealing, interlayer channeling water will not appear.The steel skeleton plastic composite pipe, because the clearance must exist between pipe and PE steel plate material, cut pipe, the end is sealed, but the use of electric melting pipe heat sealing is easy to fall off. After installation, the medium will break into the gap between the steel plate and the plastic, which will lead to the decrease of the pressure bearing capacity of the whole pipeline system. Cause the tubing to be damaged at low pressure and cause pipe failure.
Q:What is multilayer high-temperature wear-resistant composite pipe?
Profitherm AL can be compressed using ALPEX compression fittings, or threaded compression cards, bushings, or 16mm adapters. The tube is made of high quality PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) plastic or anti - stripping brass.
Q:What is the difference between the PPR aluminium plastic composite pipe and the steady pipe?
PPR plastic composite pipe plastic pipe (referred to as PAP), based on polyethylene (PE) or (PEX) for crosslinked polyethylene inner layer, a middle core layer with a welded aluminum pipe, and the outer surface of the adhesive coating and adhesive layer of plastic tubes, by forming a two molding process or composite pipe. From the beginning of 92 years, the average annual growth rate of aluminum plastic tubes in Europe is more than 20%. The growth rate is the highest relative to other pipes used in the water system.
Q:What is the actual current direction of the composite tube?
The direction of the positive charge is the direction of the current. Now the continuation of the statement. In fact, in metal conductors, it is free to move negatively charged, that is, electrons.
Q:What is the difference between HDPE pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe?
HDPE pipe is high density polyethylene pipe, mainly used for water supply system of municipal engineering, building water supply system, water supply system and outdoor underground residential area, the buried water supply system, pipeline rehabilitation, water treatment engineering pipeline system, landscaping, irrigation and other fields of industrial pipe etc.. But it should be noted that the HDPE pipe cannot be used for hot water lines.
Q:Can aluminum plastic pipe be connected by hot melt?
Can be connected with an external wire, aluminum pipe straight pipe section, and then take on the hot melt pipe inner straight section pipe, then you can take a hot melt pipe.
Q:Is there any difference between steel wire mesh and polyethylene composite pipe for water supply and fire protection?
The winding wire mesh as the skeleton of polyethylene plastic pipe reinforced by high density polyethylene (HDPE) matrix, using high performance HDPE modified resin bonded steel skeleton and the inner and outer layer of high density polyethylene closely connected together, so that it has excellent composite effect.
Q:What is a polyester fiber composite pipe?
Polyester fiber composite pipe for coal mine (hereinafter referred to as the composite pipe) series, intermediate structure and high strength polyester plastic axial fiber pultrued and circumferential winding layer, under the condition of high temperature, the hot melt adhesive polyester plastic composite pipe for coal mine and the outer layer bonded together and prepared.

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