HDPE Water Supply Pipe

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Product Description:

Product Description of HDPE Water Supply Pipe


Material: PE80/ PE100 (mainly PE 100 now).

Sizes: 20mm--630mm

SDR: SDR11,SDR13.6,SDR17,SDR21,SDR26,SDR33

Pressure: 0.4Mpa(PN4), 0.6Mpa(PN6), 0.8Mpa(PN8), 1.0Mpa(PN10), 1.25Mpa(PN12.5), 1.6Mpa(PN16) 

Color: Black or others on request 

Connection: Socket-fusion jointed,  butt-fusion jointed , electron-fusion jointed,  flange jointed

Standard:  ISO4427, ISO4437, GB/T 13663-2000 

Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001

Application: Water supply, Industries liquids transportation , sewage conduit

Identifies: black water pipe identifies the color at least three blue stripes, and evenly distributed along the pipe circumference


Advantage of HDPE Water Supply Pipe


1.Non-toxic, no heavy metal additives, no fouling,  not breed bacterium,

2.Corrosion resistant: PE is inert material and it can resist the corrosion of many chemical mediums,

   or electron chemical corrosion. except for few strong oxidants

3.High strength, good performance to resist the environmental stress cracking, good creep


4.Good flexibility: small diameters  PE pipe for water supply can be coiled and supplied for longer

   length, which saves a large number of fittings , PE pipe can be easily shifted according to

   requirement of the projects.

5.Light weight ,simple safe and reliable welding technique,convenient construction and lower cost

  of the whole engineering,

6.Smooth interior wall, small water resistance, high flow capacity,

7.Long service life :up to 50 years under normal conditions.

8.Recyclable, benefit to the environment



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Q:What are the advantages of PSP steel plastic composite pipe?
The industrial field can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining and other fields
Q:Installation process of lining plastic composite pipe
The installation of a curved and elastic aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe system adopts a special curved elastic vector pipe (curved shell, double melting pipe fittings) and a hot melt socket connection,According to the need of special hot melt pipe socket depth identification before construction, pipe length of the tube outside the corresponding metal strip, the heating tool for heating, cooling backup, connection, connection pipe cooling time don't move.
Q:What are the water supply plastic pipes and composite pipes?
PP-R also called type three polypropylene pipe and is also called the PP-R pipe or PPR pipe, with energy saving, environmental protection, high strength, corrosion resistance, with smooth inner wall has the advantages of scale, construction and easy maintenance, long service life, widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage, city gas electric and optical cable sheath, industrial fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields. The PP-R pipe is made of random copolymerized polypropylene and is extruded into tubes to be molded into tubes.
Q:Is the wire mesh plastic water supply pipe a plastic steel pipe? Is that plastic steel pipe lined with plastic steel pipe?
C plastic lining steel pipe is a plastic pipe, steel plastic pipe comprises a plastic pipe and plastic lined steel pipe
Q:Composition of composite tube in analog circuit
It can be complex, because FET is a voltage controlled current device, the output current can not be directly under the input of a FET input; but the triode is current controlled device, can FET output current control triode output current, the amplification coefficient is higher.
Q:What is the connection between the steel plastic composite pipe, plastic pipe?
There are many kinds of steel plastic composite pipe, plastic lined steel pipe, plastic pipe, steel skeleton pipe and so on, that is the combination of plastic and steel are called steel plastic composite pipe.
Q:Who knows the characteristic of stainless steel PP-R pipe (PPR stainless steel composite pipe)? Thank you
It should be said that is lined with stainless steel PP-R composite pipe, which is the same as stainless steel lined composite steel pipe pipes model, with 304 GB stainless steel liner (also according to the purpose and requirement of customers by 316 and 316L stainless steel liner), compounded by a special process. Considering and overcoming the advantages and disadvantages of the two materials, the utility model has the advantages of corrosion resistance, long service life, high cost performance and the like.
Q:PSP plastic steel composite pipe and lining plastic composite pipe can be used instead?
PSP steel plastic composite pressure pipe is a new type of pipe developed in recent years in our country.
Q:GB aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe wall thickness
Aluminum Alloy Kaiser tube ASAK-Pipe space lining plastic pipe diameter is DN:20-280, the thickness of each DN is different wall thickness, diameter of steel pipe with the same construction as in water supply pipes, each ASAK is also suitable for indoor water supply pipe end.
Q:What water pipes are of the best quality?
Copper tube, stainless steel tube:In addition to the poor insulation performance of these pipes, other indicators such as strength, life, resistance to the fluid are very good, and should be used as cold water pipeline. Such as hot water transmission, should be added insulation jacket. The connection is mainly made of card sleeve, and the copper tube can be welded as well.Inner lining galvanized iron pipe:That is, in the ordinary galvanized pipe lining a layer of plastic, so that it has corrosion resistance, resistance to small, good insulation performance, but also with galvanized pipe itself high strength characteristics. Most of the pipes are ribbed.
Freesia is a manufacturer specializing in PPR water supply systems - for PIPES and FITTINGS. Our Pipe products has greatly extended from Pure PPR Pipe to Pipes in PE-RT, PE-X, PEX-AL-PEX, Composite Pipes in PPR-AL-PE, PPR-AL-PPR, PPR-AL-PERT, PPR-Copper-PPR, Stainless Steel PPR Composite Pipe. FB-PPR composite pipes and PP-RC Stabi Pipes

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Wuxi,China
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value US$1.5 Million - US$2 Million
Main Markets South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Company Certifications NONE

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered;Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average
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