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  PVC pipe is the health grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, adding proper amount ofstabilizer, lubricant, bulking agent, hyperchromic agent by plastic extrusion molding and injection molding machine,cooling, curing, shaped by process, inspection, packaging, in order to complete the pipes, pipe fittings production.

1 pipe surface hardness and tensile strength and high safety coefficient, pipeline.

2 good ageing resistance, the normal service life of up to 50 years.

3 pipeline of inorganic acid, alkali, salt, excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for industrial wastewater discharge and transport.

The 5 material has high oxygen index, selfextinguishing.

6 pipe line expansion coefficient is small, is affected by the temperature 0.07mm/ ℃, small deformation.

Thermal conductivity and low modulus of elasticity, anti frozen performance compared with cast iron drainage pipe.Thermal conductivity and low modulus of elasticity, anti frozen performance compared with cast iron drainage pipe.

The 7 pipes, pipe fittings are connected by adhesive, the construction method is simple, convenient operation, high installation efficiency.

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Q:Types of ceramic composite pipes
Centrifugal casting of composite ceramic pipesThe centrifugal casting composite pipe is a composite pipe made of self combustion, high temperature synthesis and high speed centrifugal technology. A uniform, dense and smooth ceramic layer and transition layer are formed at high temperature and high speed. In addition, the work temperature is 850~900 degrees, ceramic will not fall, lighter weight, composite ceramics to hardness, anti - grinding, to solve the past to the thickness of anti - grinding. Straight pipes, elbows, elbows, three links, etc., in the wear and tear industry, the use of very good results.
Q:What are the main applications of bimetal composite pipes?
The civil building water supply and drainage scope: cold and hot water pipe, water pipe straight, heating, solar energy, ground source heat pump; civil building water supply pipe, water distribution pipe; air conditioning circulation pipe, refined decoration of high-grade commercial housing supply pipe etc..
Q:Is the PSP plastic steel composite pipe high in pressure?
Shenzhen Hainiu steel plastic composite pipe is a new type of metal and plastic composite pipe, welded steel pipe for the middle layer, the inner layer and the outer layer of polyethylene plastic, using special hot melt extrusion molding method, through the integrated pipe.
Q:When will the PSP steel plastic composite pipe be of type G connection?
PSP you say is the steel plastic composite pipe and plastic coated steel plastic pipe, G type connection is clamp connection, in all PSP pipe products, only inside and outside coated pipe is G type connection!
Q:What are the connecting methods of steel plastic composite pipe and pipe fittings?
The C type lock onto the nozzle position, with the spanner nut screwed on the threaded pipe fittings in vitro.The installation tools: tube shear, adjustable wrench, reamer etc..And if not round, by rounding the tube in special reamer round hole.
Q:What kind of material is special for natural gas pipe?
Aluminium plastic composite pipe for gas. Natural gas pipeline special aluminum pipe is made of plastic composite pipe by welding aluminum pipe for the middle layer, inner layer and the outer layer is polyethylene plastic, aluminum layer and the hot melt adhesive, through the special machining method of composite material into one of the natural gas pipeline.
Q:DN65 what is the outer diameter of the steel plastic composite pipe?
Nominal diameter (nominal, diameter), also known as the average diameter (mean, outside, diameter). The standard diameter after standardization, expressed in DN, unit mm. DN65 steel skeleton plastic composite pipe outer diameter is 87mm, steel skeleton plastic composite pipe specification refers to the inside diameter, and the general pipe is not the same.
Q:PE pipe and steel plastic composite pipe how connected together
Different diameter, connection way is different, need specific analysis
Q:Hot galvanized steel (PE Village plastic) composite pipe and PE100 water supply pipe (sdr11) what is different, we usually talk about steel pipe refers to that?
Hot galvanized steel (PE Village plastic) composite pipe and PE100 water supply pipe is not the same, we usually talk about steel pipe, refers to hot galvanized steel (inner Village plastic) composite pipe or plastic pipe outsourcing. PE100 water supply pipe is a single layer of plastic pipe, but the material grade is different.
Q:Is the plastic lined steel pipe the same as the PSP composite pipe?
Lined with plastic steel composite pipe is the plastic through the paste on the steel, and personally feel a little better PSP it, lining the diameter of the impact of relatively large.

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