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PPR pipe is officially known as the random copolymerized polypropylene pipe, is currently Jiezhuang works by a water supply pipe at.

The hot melt technology of PPR pipe interface, between the pipe completely fused together, so once the installation of pressure test, will never Water Leakage, high reliability. But this is not to say that PPR pipe is not defective hose,high temperature resistance, pressure resistance is little worse, long-term working temperature should not exceed 70 ℃; each segment length is limited, and must not be bent construction, if the pipeline laying long distance or the corner, in the construction will be used a lot of joint; pipe cheap but accessories relatively high prices. From theperformance of speaking, PPR is the higher price of pipe, so become the first choice for home improvement materialswater reform.

The market sales of PPR pipe mainly has two kind of colors, white and grey, why there is this difference, the dealer's answer is the raw material of PPR particles caused by different.

In general, water and electricity transformation, the original water can replace, Jiezhuang companies and businessesto install the PPR tube with hot water pipe in the proposed fitting, even the cold water flowing through the place withhot water pipe. They say is due to the technical parameters of the hot water pipe is higher than that of the cold water pipe, and the price difference, so the water transformation with the hot water pipe. Another is the fact that even if youwant to market is also very difficult to buy buy cold water, because cold water pipe supply only tooling market, notsupply Jiezhuang market.

Diameter PPR pipe diameter can be from 16mm to 160mm, Jia Zhuang, mainly use the 20mm, 25mm two(respectively, commonly known as 4 in, 6 in, 4 of which work) to more.

PPR pipe with plastic pipe features of light weight, corrosion resistance, no scale formation, long service life, but alsohas the following main features:

1, non-toxic, health. Raw material molecular PP-R only carbon, hydrogen, no toxic harmful elements exist, health can be *, not only for the cold and hot water pipes, but also can be used for pure drinking water system.

2, energy-saving insulation. Thermal conductivity of tube is 0.21w/mk PP-R, only for the steel 1/200.

3, good heat resistance. PP-R VEKA softening point 131.5. The maximum operating temperature up to 95, canmeet the building to use the hot water system, drainage standard.

4, long service life. PP-R tube in the working temperature is 70 ℃, working pressure (P.N) under 1.OMPa conditions,the service life of up to 50 years; room temperature (20 ℃) with a life span of 100 years.

5, convenient installation, reliable connection. PP-R has good welding performance, pipe, pipe heating and welding connection, convenient installation, the joint can be *, the joint strength is greater than the strength of the pipe itself.

6, the material Recyclable utilization. PP-R scrap through cleaning, crushing recycling in pipes, pipe fittings. No more than 10% of the total amount of recycled material, does not affect the quality of the products.

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Q:Is the water pipe in the house made of PPR pipe or stainless steel pipe? What brand is better?
To the building materials City, you will find, water pipes are dazzling, PP-R pipe, PVC-U pipe, lining plastic pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe and so on.The water pipe should be stable, watertight, and free from burstingWhat we call safety and durability is the occurrence of accidents that endanger life and family safety in the service life of the water pipe, which can not be used for a long time.
Q:What kind of pipe material does the building PPR pipe belong to? Is it a plastic tube or a composite pipe?
The utility model has the advantages of high strength, good shock resistance, long term creep resistance, excellent chemical property corrosion resistance (not soluble at any known solvent at ordinary temperature), etc..
Q:Is that steel skeleton composite pipe better?
From the process, can produce steel skeleton composite pipe enterprise rarely, this kind of pipe withstand pressure up to dozens of MPa. Qualification certificates for ASME and API are required. Recommend Changchun Gao Xiang bar, the specific circumstances do not advertise, I also only have some business in this area, enterprise performance and manufacturing capabilities need your own inspection.
Q:How can a transistor be made into a composite tube?
For example, the characteristic frequency needs to be consistent, otherwise the compound can only work according to the pipe with low characteristic frequency. For example, pressure levels need to be consistent, or only in accordance with the low voltage pipe work. There are other features that need to be the same, or at least close to compound, will produce good results. In addition, the NPN polarity can be changed to PNP polarity by meeting the effect of changing the polarity of the material.
Q:What's the quota for plastic lined steel pipes?
Plastic lined steel pipe section is steel plastic composite pipe. If you do not have the quota of the item can be calculated by sub galvanized steel pipe, the cost of materials according to the actual input.
Q:Service life of stainless steel composite pipe lined with stainless steel
Why use composite pipes, the most important thing is cheaper. However, the composite tube 1. if the diameter is large, the composite pipe made of composite plate has a risk of delamination after crimping. 2. if it is lined with stainless steel pipe, the pressure is less. 3. if the composite pipe joint, welding. The safety factor of compound pipe welding machine is not pure stainless steel.
Q:Consult the joint of gas aluminum plastic composite pipe. There is copper joint and plastic joint in the market. Which kind is good?
Now, copper parts can be used in Japan, the quality of quality assurance, and the rest of the enterprises suggest less.The plastic joint, we use the meifeng. Plastic alloy pipe fittings..
Q:What are the water supply plastic pipes and composite pipes?
PE is the most basic plastic of polyethylene plastics, plastic bags, plastic film and so on are PE, HDPE is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The appearance of the native HDPE is milky white and is somewhat translucent in the narrow cross section. PE has excellent properties that are resistant to most life and industrial chemicals.
Q:Plastic steel composite pipe buried pipe how to connect?
Plastic steel composite pipe connection method: thread connection, groove connection and flange welding, steel plastic composite pipe is generally threaded connection.
Q:How to install the steel plastic composite pipe correctly?
Reliable measures for corrosion protection of buried steel plastic composite pipes. In the pool (box) is not part of the water pipe should be used inside and outside coated steel pipe and pipe fittings. Lance drain pipe, outlet pipe should be used inside and outside the pipe end and coated pipe. 7, the composite pipe welding connection to take a blue installation method and two installation method for the installation of a method according to the construction personnel's technical proficiency: site is drawing pipe into the single processing map, send professional processing mill pipe, fittings coating (lining) prefabrication, and then to the site for installation.

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