Composite Pipe For Gas

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Product Description:



For cold water, gas supplying


MAX.temperature: 95 degree

Working presure: 10 bar


Pex-al-pex pipes are designed with special polythene both inside and outside, being clean and smooth. The aluminum layer in the middle is of 100% insulation. 


Features of Composite Pipe:


1) Specification: Φ16 – 32mm


2) Non-toxic, anti-corrosive


3) Light weight, strong mechanical properties and thermal-resistant ability


4) Low fragile humidity and long using life


5) Low flowing resistance inside the pipe, scaling can rarely happen


6) The fluids cannot be contaminated. Effective diameters are big


7) Oxygen is 100% isolated and infiltration is thoroughly prevented. In case they are used as shielding materials for telecommunication circuit, magnetic interference can be prevented 


8) Anti-static, and suitable for gas and fuel transportation


9) Can be bended or straightened without restriction

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Q:Steel plastic composite pipe for temperature is how much?
And supporting the use of plastic lined steel composite pipe for conveying fluid and corrosive gas, to replace the stainless steel pipe, rubber lining lining pipe, glass pipe and other precious metal pipe.
Q:What kind of anticorrosive paint does the water pipe steel plastic composite pipe brush outside?
Do not need, after plastic pipe itself is a preservative treatment only heat treatment
Q:What is the difference between stainless steel pipe and stainless steel composite pipe?
Composite stainless steel pipe for pipe, stainless steel outside plating layer is relatively heavy, but a long time is easy to rust, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe for the lighter, the bearing capacity of composite pipe is not good, but not easy to rust, stainless steel and several points 200201300301304, the market is generally 301 material. The best effect of 304, followed by 301.
Q:Can the pE composite pipe be cooled by electric fusion?
Non removable tread. This is a very important point, because the electric melting pipe with pipe welding, the contact surface has melted, must pass through the cooling process make it solidified into a whole, in this process, if the mobile pipeline or stampede will cause the weld, weld gap and so on, easy to cause the pipeline to Water Leakage.
Q:How to water supply aluminum plastic composite pipe installation should pay attention to what matters?
Pipeline installation prior to the performance and use of pipe, and pipe joints with tolerances are carefully examined, at the same time must remove dirt, grease and pipe fittings.
Q:Is plastic steel composite pipe lined with plastic pipe?
It's the same. Everyone's name is not the same. It can also be called lined PE composite steel pipe
Q:Who knows how the double IGBT of the electromagnetic oven forms a composite tube?
IGBT overload capacity, larger power. A damping diode is normally connected between the B pole and the E pole of the IGBT. IGBT at work when adding a control signal on the G pole, the gate drive is relatively large, generally greater than the ordinary SHM and V-MOS
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel pipe and stainless steel composite pipe?
Stainless steel tube, the whole pipe is stainless steel lighter, bearing capacity, there is no composite pipe, but it is not easy to embroider
Q:What's the difference between lining plastic PE composite pipe and lining plastic PE composite pipe?
First, the production process is different, and the two is lining plastic thickness is not the same. Lined with plastic PE composite pipe is PE pipe in the steel pipe lining, PE pipe wall thickness is generally not less than 4mm. The inner coating of plastic PE composite pipe, is in the steel pipe for PE spraying, the thickness is very thin, generally less than 1mm.
Q:What connection mode is used for XPAP crosslinked aluminum plastic composite pipe?
Plastic water supply pipe can adopt the rubber ring interface, bonding interface, flange connection form, rubber ring interface suitable for diameter D63-D315mm pipe connection; bonding interface for connecting pipe diameter is less than 160mm;
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