Overlap Welding Aluminum Plastic Composite Pipe

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overlap welding aluminum plastic composite pipe  

1.Mat.pex ,alumi.

2.Size:16 -32mm

3.For cold & hot water and gas

4.3 layer


Technicial of overlap welding aluminum plastic composite pipe:

1,working temperature:-45°c to 95°c.


2,working pressure: 10 bar.


3,working medium:Water,Gas.


4,Colour:any colour we can produce.




Features of overlap welding aluminum plastic composite pipe:


1) Specification: Φ16 – 32mm


2) Non-toxic, anti-corrosive


3) Light weight, strong mechanical properties and thermal-resistant ability


4) Low fragile humidity and long using life


5) Low flowing resistance inside the pipe, scaling can rarely happen


6) The fluids cannot be contaminated. Effective diameters are big


7) Oxygen is 100% isolated and infiltration is thoroughly prevented. In case they are used as shielding materials for telecommunication circuit, magnetic interference can be prevented 


8) Anti-static, and suitable for gas and fuel transportation


9) Can be bended or straightened without restriction.




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Inner Diameter























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Q:What is PPS steel plastic composite pipe?
PPS plastic steel composite pipe, the product is seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe as the base pipe, painted on the inner wall of high adhesion, corrosion protection, food grade hygiene type polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating.
Q:Is the PPR tube and the PPR composite pipe the same thing?
The PPR water supply pipe is pure plastic, using type three tortoise copolymerized polypropylene as raw material.PPR composite pipe is based on pure plastic pipe, and the middle layer is covered with an aluminum layer.
Q:Natural gas aluminum pipe, what fittings are best used?
Special pipe fittings for copper plastic aluminium tube.The aluminum plastic pipe is a composite pipe which is welded longitudinally by an intermediate aluminum pipe and is lined with polyethylene plastic inside and outside, and is bonded with hot melt adhesive between the layer and the layer. According to the use of classification, there are ordinary drinking water pipes, high temperature pipes, gas pipes. Gas aluminum composite pipe has yellow Q mark, mainly used to transport natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas pipeline system. Because the middle layer of aluminum plastic pipe is made of aluminum, the permeation of gas on plastic can be avoided, so the utility model is more suitable for gas pipelines.
Q:Steel plastic composite pipe, hot galvanized steel pipe, the mechanism of cast iron pipe, plastic pipe, which need to brush oil rust?
Galvanized pipe, steel plastic composite pipe, cast iron pipe are unnecessary, galvanized pipe and steel plastic composite pipe surface is galvanized
Q:PSP plastic steel composite pipe and lining plastic pipe are not the same kind of pipe?
PSP steel plastic composite pipe: P is PE or PPR and PERT S is referred to as material, steel pipe is referred to as PSP, inside and outside the plastic intermediate steel composite, PSP steel plastic composite pressure pipe, steel wire mesh, and PE coated steel mesh steel plastic pipe, steel plastic pipe,
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel pipe or stainless steels composite pipe?
Stainless steel composite pipe is made of stainless steel and carbon steel two kinds of metal materials with new materials nondestructive pressure synchronization into the compound, both stainless steel corrosion and excellent wear and beautiful appearance, good bending strength and impact resistance of carbon steel. Conforms to the national energy conservation and the universal principle.
Q:What does "aluminum plastic composite pipe" 1216-l mean?
If the lateral force is too large, it will affect the strength, so it should be used for the construction of the pipe or buried in the wall, and even buried. (aluminum-plastic composite pipe can also buried underground, such as floor heating pipe is used in plastic composite pipe) aluminum-plastic composite pipe connection is card sleeve (also card type), so the construction is to pass a stringent test pressure, test connection is solid. Two is to prevent frequent vibration, so that the sleeve loose. The three is the length of the installation should be sufficient volume so as not to pull off.
Q:Plastic steel composite pipe buried pipe how to connect?
Plastic steel composite pipe connection method: thread connection, groove connection and flange welding, steel plastic composite pipe is generally threaded connection.
Q:Can aluminum plastic PPR composite pipe hold bending?
So if PPR basically can not nest, then aluminum plastic PPR can not nest bending. Generally speaking, the hot melt connection can be bent, PE-RT, not aluminum plastic PPR.
Q:Construction technology of PE steel plastic composite pipe
1. before installation, check the groove to meet the installation requirements, and then check the appearance of the pipe there is no obvious sag, cracks, scratches, scratches, found quality problems, timely replacement.In 2., three links, elbow, reducer etc. fire hydrant with C20 concrete concrete pier, brick pier reinforcement flange valve.3. PE water supply pipe and metal pipe, valve, fire hydrant connection, must use plastic steel transition joint or special flange connection.4. the exhaust valve shall be installed at the uplift part of the pipeline or on the uphill side to reduce the impact of the water pressure on the pipe. The ratio of the pipe and exhaust valve is designed to be 1:8.5. because the PE pipe itself has good flexibility and flexibility, all pipe installation has not considered the installation of expansion joint.
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