corrugated steel band reinforced pe pipe with competitive price

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Product Description:

 corrugated steel band reinforced pe pipe with competitive price

1)Distinguished comprehensive performances

2)Safe and reliable ring stiffness

3)Strong load capacity to resist improper burst

4)good sealing and low cost of construction

Others features same with PE pipes

Anticorrosion, anti-ultraviolet, smooth internal surface, impact resistance, toughness, Nonpoissonous, abrasion resistance, long operating lifeas long as 50 years.

The application of corrugated steel band reinforced pe pipe

1) Agricultural irrigation and water conservancy project.

2) Industrial zone construction.

3) Park and Golf course construction.

4) Residential construction.

5) Road,plot construction

6) Power supply, the street light installment .

7) Many situations instead of steel pipe and other pipes.

corrugated steel band reinforced pe pipe physical characters:




Testing Method

Ring stiffness.









Impact resistance



Peel strength,(20°C±5°C),N/cm


Refer to appendix A of CJ/T225-2006

Ring flexibility

No fracture and delaminating


Oven test

No and drying crack

Refer to 8.4.5 of CJ/T225-2006

Tensile strength(N) of joints



Creep rate,%



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Q:Is the electric pipe used with steel pipe and PVC pipe?
Non explosion area can be KBG pipe or PVC tube, the former is higher cost, but the installation is firm, the latter is low cost, easy to construction, and in the rain where it will not rust, but compared to the KBG pipe may be damaged.
Q:Please tell me the pipe diameter: plastic pipe Phi 25, is it equal to DN20?
DN for nominal diameter, the so-called nominal diameter is people's accustomed to the name, such as the outer diameter of 106 of the tube is DN100.
Q:My hamster is chewing on his plastic tube! Will something happen to him?
hamsters chew on everything. tell her not to worry, i used to work at a pet store and iv'e never herd of a hamster dieing from chewing on plastic. although it wouldn't be bad to put a little piece of wood in there that is clean for it to chew.
Q:Alternatives to a stuffing tube?
Another method that works when the plastic bag idea doesn't is a cookie dough press. Just fit one of the tips on the end, load it up with your product, and press the product into what you're stuffing. I find this works extremely well when making stuffed, thick cut pork chops.
Q:How can the plastic pipe fall into the throttle valve?
The valve on the throttle is basically a vacuum tube, one is EGR (waste gas recirculation), the two is the brake vacuum drum vacuum, and the three is the cold car speed
Q:Remove brass connecter from plastic water tubing?
if the plastic pipe is grey, you are not going to find replacement (polybutylene pipe) poly pipe fittings are not made anymore. What you can do is get a sharkbite tee and 3 sharkbite couplings and a short piece of pex, copper, or cpvc pipe and make up what you cut out. Poly/pex cutters are sold at home depot or you can cut w/hacksaw
Q:do I need the plastic tube to bleed my clutch acura integra?
Yes get a one man bleeder kit ,there very cheap ,it will have a syringe that will get bleeding started then it will just gravity bleed, I have Never needed a second person with Integra ,very easy job , I have done over 100 clutch masters ill bet all with a perfect pedal when i was done,,if you replaced slave cylinder you wasted your money ,,20 years on acura cars I never seen one leak ,good luck...O Also don't go nuts worrying about old fluid soaked rags and such . just don't get on paint,..and its water soluble so if you do just hose it off ..i never seal old rags in plastic bags and crap like that like the other dude said ,i respect he does but its overkill
Q:anyone got any old tubes they dont want anymore??
Try becoming a member of freecycle in your area something may come up, if you don't know what freecycle is when you go to the site and you type in your area it will explain it all.
Q:What flange plate is used to connect the plastic pipe to the flange valve?
Flange flange and pipe connection requirements are the same, only the welding materials for plastic welding, welding material should be the same as the parent material.
Q:why does water bend when put in a plastic tube?
Two reasons: 1. Water flow following the path of least resistance and hence it has to move within the tube. 2. When there is a difference in height of the tube it has to maintain the equal level at either end. VR

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