• Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipe Plastic Pipe for Water Supply System 1
  • Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipe Plastic Pipe for Water Supply System 2
  • Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipe Plastic Pipe for Water Supply System 3
Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipe Plastic Pipe for Water Supply

Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipe Plastic Pipe for Water Supply

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Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
100 m
Supply Capability:
10000 m/month

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Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipe Plastic Pipe‍




We own three industry bases for manufacturing pipes, fittings and new materials, including the biggest production line of steel wire reinforced PE composite pipe in the world, and top advanced PE pipe production line.

We get long term cooperation with leading material suppliers in the world and professionally provide the pipeline system solutions of matched products and technical cases by the whole industry chain from materials R&D to pipeline engineering installation.

Q:Can plastic tubes be used for 3D printing filament?
Yes, plastic tubes can be used for 3D printing filament. These tubes are commonly used to store and transport filament spools, ensuring they remain free from moisture and dust. However, it is important to note that the plastic tube itself cannot be directly used as filament for 3D printing. The filament material needs to be extruded and formed into the desired shape before it can be used in a 3D printer.
Q:I am hoping someone has designed a new, innovative style or shape of a bread box that is more functional as well. Is this a possibility or am I fantasizing about a bread box of the future? Anyone know where to buy one?
How about working with a nationally renowned woodworking artist to incorporate your thoughts with their ability at an affordable price?
Q:How do plastic tubes compare to PVC pipes?
Plastic tubes and PVC pipes are essentially the same thing. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a type of plastic commonly used in pipes and tubes. So, there is no significant difference between plastic tubes and PVC pipes as they both serve the same purpose and are made of the same material.
Q:if i giv food or swith off the lights, the female would eat the eggs.HELP
the problem with angels they learn as they go along it is normal for them to eat the eggs at first but after a few more tries they will realise not to do that. it does take a lot of time but you will get there
Q:i saw that history of middle ear surgery is a disqualifying factor. will they check records from when i was a toddler?
I had the same thing done and I got in with no problem. Then again, my recruiter said not to mention it since it is no longer an issue.
Q:I am doing a human heart model and need to see where I can buy transparent tubes. No more than half an inch wide? Please help!
Try okorder /
Q:We're adopting a six-month-old kitten soon, and she's a good fit in with our family except she's a chewer. My grandma is on oxygen and her tube snakes through our upstairs hallway. Although the cat won't be upstairs much, is there any way to make her NOT want to chew it? Wrapping it in something isn't a good idea, as my grandma is still sort of mobile and has to make it to the bathroom and such, but is there any kind of spray or powder you can put on a plastic tube that cats hate?Thanks!
well dogs chase cats so put the smell of dog on it that might work
Q:What's the size of the PVC pipe?
Semi hard flame retardant tube: also known as PVC flame retardant plastic pipe, PVC resin by adding plasticizers, stabilizers and flame retardants, etc., by extrusion and obtained for wire protection, the general color is yellow, red, self and so on. The pipe joint is made of a special joint and is coated with plastic adhesive. The pipe is bent freely without heating. It is supplied in bundles. Each bundle is 1000m. The above mentioned "PVC tubes" should be used in accordance with the specific material and construction methods. But the use of general residential use quota items rigid flame tube.
Q:My two young female gerbils are chewing on the CritterTrail plastic tubes I have connected to the cages. They have tons of chew toys, food, and space. I've placed two toilet paper holders in their large nest area. It's helped a little, but they still chew on the plastic tubes. Which is VERY noisy, and I don't think chewing on plastic is good for them compared to natural wood.
Unfortunately rodents will most always chew plastic. You were smart in trying to give them chew toys, but with a majority of your cage being plastic (I assume) it's inevitable The best I can recommend is to buy a new cage without so much plastic.
Q:does anyone have any ideas on how i can hide my plugs
put a plant in front of it....or you can get a low table. almost like a coffee table that you can put things like picture frames, or DVD player etc. on and that should hide it too

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