Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipe Plastic Pipe for Water Supply

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Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipe Plastic Pipe‍




We own three industry bases for manufacturing pipes, fittings and new materials, including the biggest production line of steel wire reinforced PE composite pipe in the world, and top advanced PE pipe production line.

We get long term cooperation with leading material suppliers in the world and professionally provide the pipeline system solutions of matched products and technical cases by the whole industry chain from materials R&D to pipeline engineering installation.

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Q:i am designing something that has a frame of tubing that its relaxed when there is no air pressure in it, but becomes straight and reletivley rigid when when you put air presure in it.
The 2 foot diameter nylon sleeves filled with low pressure air that you see for advertising displays. If you try to use small diameter tubing, with flexible plastic tubing, it won't work. The closest tubing that does work is specially made for pressure gauges, and it just slightly uncoils under pressure.
Q:What are X-ray specs and Wonder tubes?
X-Ray Specs are an American novelty item, purported to allow the user to see through or into solid objects. In reality the glasses merely create an optical illusion; no X-rays are involved. The current version is sold under the name X-Ray Spex; an essentially identical product is sold under the name X-Ray Gogs. X-Ray Specs consist of an outsized pair of glasses with plastic frames and white cardboard lenses printed with concentric red circles, and emblazoned with the legend X-RAY VISION. The lenses consist of two layers of cardboard with a small hole about 6 mm (.25 inch) in diameter punched through both layers. The user views objects through the holes. A feather is embedded between the layers of each lens. The vanes of the feathers are so close together that light is diffracted, causing the user to receive two slightly offset images. For instance, one would see two offset images of the pencil. Where the images overlap, a darker image is obtained, supposedly giving the illusion that one is seeing the graphite embedded within the body of the pencil. As may be imagined, the illusion is not particularly sustainable. What's a Wonder Tube? you wonder? It's a plastic tube with a screw-on cap... but that isn't important. A Wonder Tube? is full of wonder! It's the most wonderous Wonder Tube? known to mankind! The more you look at it, the more creative, wonderful uses you will find for it. We even include an Idea Sheet with a gazillion (okay, maybe a few dozen) ideas to help get you wondering... Product Size: 1 diameter x 5-3/4 long These giant plastic test tubes are virtually indestructible test tubes! Grow plants, observe critters, capture a crystal-like rainbow, or make a wave bottle. Use your imagination, and you will discover dozens of uses for these giant test tubes! These plastic test tubes can be used again and again and will last for years. Children find the most interesting ways to play with these bottles - they are a great open-ended toy for experimentation.
Q:Can anybody tell me what the plastic tubes/lines are that run along the under body of my 2003 GLI? I was driving down the highway the other day, and a Semi truck dropped a big chunk of ice off of it and I took a shot to my under body. When I got home I checked under neath and notice it dented my fuel filter pretty back and pinched a white plastic hose that was next to the fuel filter. I followed the line and it goes into my rear pass. wheel well. I looked in the owners manual but I can't find anything on these lines that are under there. Some are blue and some are white. Anybody know what it is? I unkinked the hose and everything seems to be running fine, I'm assuming it's some type of vent, maybe for the gas tank, but I've never seen anything like this before, and I'm kind of confused why they would run something like that under the body of a car that sits so low to begin with. I would really like to know what these lines are. Thanks!
Ok, There are three lines one black white and green! Two are fuel lines one is fuel feed line and the other is return line to the tank! The other is a vent line or evap line! So I would check them out very closely for damage! If you look under your hood to the right of the coolant bottle are said lines you can follow each one ond see where it goes and what it goes to! Hope this helps.
Q:What's the difference between the water supply U-PVC plastic pipe and the UPVC plastic pipe?
U-PVC plastic pipe and UPVC pipe without distinction, just writing methods are not the same, it refers to the rigid PVC pipe, UPVC water supply pipe is a sanitary PVC (PVC) resin as the main raw material, adding non-toxic stabilizers, lubricants, fillers, coloring agent by plastic extruder pipes and fittings molding and injection molding machine injection molding production etc.. The regular UPVC plastic tube formula has no hygienic requirement, and some additives are harmful to human body.
Q:What are the commonly used indoor plastic drainage pipes in the market, as well as the advantages and disadvantages?
(1) the coefficient of thermal expansion is large, and the telescopic compensator is needed to solve it.(2) small stiffness, straight poor, need to encrypt the control card stand hanger to solve.(3) poor heat resistance, softening temperature is low, the need to limit drainage temperature, limiting the use of the place and control the distance from the heat source to solve.(4) flame retardance is poor, and the fire ring and fireproof sleeve need to be set up to cross the floor, the roof of the roof, the firewall and the lining of the pipe well.(5) resistance to mechanical impact is bad, so it is necessary to strengthen construction technology and solve it by careful construction.(6) the sound insulation is bad, the noise of the plastic pipe is larger than that of the cast iron pipe, the pipe is bright and the pipe position is close to the bedroom, the problem is particularly prominent. Noise reduction methods to improve the sound insulation effect of pipe material, core hollow wall pipe is developed based on this idea of the foaming tube; another way is to change the noise flow condition, spiral pipe is developed based on this idea. The idea of combining the two methods is the development of core layer foamed spiral tube and hollow wall spiral tube.
Q:What does "DN" and "Dn" mean in plastic pipes? And de?
DN, Dn said the method is wrong, the correct representation should be DN, on behalf of the nominal diameter; de represents the outer diameter of the pipe (PVC pipe, PE pipe is generally PPR or other non - metal pipe).
Q:How do I connect the cast iron sewer line with the PVC pipe?
With expansion joint, or quick joint, the expansion joint is cheaper and faster. In any plumbing shop there is a retractable knot.When connecting, use the gauze to polish the outer surface of the original cast iron pipe to prevent leakage.
Q:the drinking water to taste like plastic of vinyl? Or could it be the new inline filter that I placed behind the fridge? I ran 3 gallons of water after I fixed the broken water line (split in half near the bottom where it 180s) and change the filter. When you first drink the water, it tastes ok. After the glass sits for a while, it takes on a plastic taste. Could it be that 4 inch piece of clear plastis hose I used to splice the water line?
This will not taste like the plastic of vinyl.
Q:There was no needle inside the tube... do you think my dad was using drugs??
Hard to say. He could have been using it for something else too. /could have the liquid inside analyzed, but I agree talk to him, tell him what you found and voice your concern. What is the worse that could happen?
Q:I'm thinking about making a homemade UV clarifier for my pond
It probably would go through the clear stuff. I have a Vortec that houses the UV bulb in a glass tube that the water flows past and it works very well. I don't know if I'd try the homemade route, but if you're handy enough, more power to you.

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