• HDPE100 plastic pe pipe for water supply System 1
  • HDPE100 plastic pe pipe for water supply System 2
  • HDPE100 plastic pe pipe for water supply System 3
HDPE100 plastic pe pipe for water supply

HDPE100 plastic pe pipe for water supply

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Polyethylene (PE) pipes shall be manufactured from polyethylene containing only those antioxidants, UV stabilizers and pigments necessary for the manufacture of pipes. PE Pipe is intended to be used for water supply intended for human consumption, including the conveyance of raw water prior to treatment and that of water for general purposes. Our company manufactured water supply PE pipe materials are PE100 resins.






We have advanced Germany Battenfeld PE pipe extruders and fittings injected machines. We can manufacture a complete series pipe and fittings according to GB/T 13663-2000,GB/T 13663.2-2005,ISO 4427:2007 standards. We have 75,000 tons/year production capacity.



1.The goods will be sent out within 15 to 20 days when we receive your down-payment.

2.We'll fit each model more than 5 times before selling.

3.Any problems for fitment or quality,you may refund or change for the better one.

Q:Are plastic tubes resistant to UV radiation?
Yes, plastic tubes can be made to be resistant to UV radiation by incorporating UV stabilizers into their composition.
Q:Can plastic tubes be used for solar panel installations?
Yes, plastic tubes can be used for solar panel installations. They are commonly used as conduits to protect and route electrical wires from the solar panels to the electrical system. Plastic tubes are lightweight, durable, and resistant to weather elements, making them a suitable choice for outdoor solar panel installations.
Q:My model rocket's (currently being built) body tube has a slight issue.First, this is how im making it.Taking a plastic tube, I wrap a piece of construction paper around it, and glue it. (not to the tube, but to itself so I can slide out the tube, and have a cylindrical paper mold.) Next, I take a special type of paper with water-activated adhesive on one side, and wrap it around the construction paper.However, now that everythings dry, I find that upon gluing the construction paper, I also glued it to the tube. Now the plastic tube is stuck within.How can I get it out without tearing my outer shell?Im guessing with heat/cold, but Im not sure.
I appreciate your effort - it's cool that your're making your material from scratch. I don't know if your tube can be salvaged, but next time, wrap the plastic cylinder with one wrap of waxed paper (like Cut-Rite, available in most grocery stores) before wrapping your adhesive paper around. Then it should slip off the plastic mold and you can pull the waxed paper out of the center of the newly-formed paper tube.
Q:How do plastic tubes compare to metal tubes in terms of durability?
Plastic tubes typically have lower durability compared to metal tubes. While plastic tubes are lightweight and resistant to corrosion, they are more prone to cracking, breaking, or deforming under pressure or extreme temperatures. On the other hand, metal tubes are generally stronger, more rigid, and capable of withstanding higher pressures and temperatures, making them more durable in various applications.
Q:How to install the wires, plastic pipes, pipes, hard, all set not go in,
There are two ways to make the cable head: heat shrinkable and cold shrink. The box contains instructions.
Q:There is a plastic tube under the motorcycle
It's for oil drain. You got it down there?. It's over there, that's all.
Q:How many kinds of plastic pipe material are there?
Metal composite plastic pipe: steady pipe (polyethylene, polypropylene and aluminum belt), aluminum plastic pipe (polyethylene aluminum belt or aluminum pipe), steel plastic composite (steel pipe or steel wire or steel band composite polyethylene).
Q:the tube is a 24 inch tube how do i use it onit?
Read the directions that came with it.
Q:Is it possible to use extension tubes with modern nikon camera for macro photography?
Yes absolutely - it's one way of doing macro without investing in a macro lens. There are two types - basic plastic tubes or the type with electrical connections which will allow you to continue to use focus/metering with your lens.
Q:theres a pvc pipe thats completely sealed in space like 10 meters long and its filled with air. Theres a tank inside the pipe filled with super compressed air. What would happen if the tank released all its compressed air in one direction and flew forward crashing into the front of the pvc pipe? Would the compressed air shooting out of a nozzle suddenly dissipate into the less dense air inside the tube or would it continue to the back of the tube and crash into it. Also when the air tank flew forward, and crashed into the front of the pvc pipe would it carry the pipe along with it, since it has so much more mass than the plastic piping?
There is a general principle about internal forces that applies to situations like this and what it amounts is that the center of mass can never move. It's like that movie Gravity; in space, a stationary closed system can't make any net motion. If the cylinder shoots off in one direction the pipe will go in the other with equal momentum, and when it crashes into the end, both parts will reverse direction. And the two parts will bounce back and forth off each end until heat from the collisions dissipates all the energy.

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