pipe fittings for steel mesh reinforced PE pipe

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There is steel platereinforced structure inside the pipe fitting, and the steel plate is surroundedby the HDPE the structure is very solid and also obtains excellent anti-corrosionand abrasion resistant feature, it can guaranty the steady and life span of thewhole piping system.

The Steel Reinforced PE fittings is a combination of  a steel sheet which works as the reinforcing part and HDPE which works as the stuffing material injected on both surfaces of the steel sheet.

The end of Steel Reinforced PE pipe will be constructed differently for different connections.

1) At a flange connection end, there is a flange head for the connection. You need flange connection kits, which is ordered separately.

2) In an electro-fusion end, the outside surface is pre-treated for a proper electro-fusion. You need a electro-fusion Coupler, which is ordered separately. Electro-fusion connection can only be done by using the Huachuang brand Electro-fusion Bar-code Scanning Welding Machine.

So, there are three kinds of fitting connection options for each pipeline:

•DD Option: Both ends are Electro-fusion connection ends

•FF Option: Both ends are Flange connection ends

•DF Option: One end is an Electro-fusion connection end and another end is a Flange connection end.

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Q:Installation process of lining plastic composite pipe
This kind of special pipe has interference protection, which guarantees the core component of the maintenance free application of this kind of pipe for more than fifty years.
Q:What is the function of the composite pipe?
When the composite triode is formed, the emitter of the first tube is the collector at different polarities, and the current direction must be the same as the base current of the second tubes. The polarity of the composite triode depends on the first tube. The current amplification of a composite triode is approximately equal to the product of the amplification of two tubes. When designing a circuit, it is better to choose a well integrated tube, and some have a protective circuit inside, so that the circuit is simple and reliable.
Q:How long is the gas aluminum pipe life in general?
The service life of the gas aluminum pipe is generally 50 years, and the temperature resistance and pressure resistance should meet the requirements of the national compulsory standard, at the working temperature of 60 DEG C and the working pressure 0.4MPa.
Q:Natural gas aluminum pipe, what fittings are best used?
Special pipe fittings for copper plastic aluminium tube.The aluminum plastic pipe is a composite pipe which is welded longitudinally by an intermediate aluminum pipe and is lined with polyethylene plastic inside and outside, and is bonded with hot melt adhesive between the layer and the layer. According to the use of classification, there are ordinary drinking water pipes, high temperature pipes, gas pipes. Gas aluminum composite pipe has yellow Q mark, mainly used to transport natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas pipeline system. Because the middle layer of aluminum plastic pipe is made of aluminum, the permeation of gas on plastic can be avoided, so the utility model is more suitable for gas pipelines.
Q:How to water supply aluminum plastic composite pipe installation should pay attention to what matters?
Pipeline installation prior to the performance and use of pipe, and pipe joints with tolerances are carefully examined, at the same time must remove dirt, grease and pipe fittings.
Q:With what pipe steel plastic composite pipe thermal insulation pipes
Lining plastic galvanized steel pipe generally refers to the steel in the outside, plastic material in the pipe profiles, mainly focused on the high strength requirements, the internal bearing of the occasion (such as high strength water pipe).
Q:Compound tube of triode
The tube has a high current amplification factor, and a larger collector current can be obtained with a smaller base current. The basic circuit or those three, that is, the magnification becomes larger..
Q:What's the difference between inner ribbed plastic lined steel pipe and ordinary lining plastic pipe? What are the production processes of plastic lined steel pipes?
Ordinary steel pipe with high strength galvanized steel pipe is the inner plastic tube wall and the outer layer with hot melt adhesive bonded together, this process objectively determine the combined strength of the two outer layers of materials is not high, with the aging glue layer, two layers of inner and outer materials are prone to peeling phenomenon. In the reinforcement bars embedded in plastic lined steel pipe is galvanized steel pipe into the inner layer of polypropylene plastic outer layer, by reducing treatment on galvanized steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe and plastic pipe between the formation of interference fit, steel tube reinforced plastic pipe embedded in this process leads to high bonding strength of composite pipe and two layers of material.
Q:Gas aluminum plastic composite pipe accidentally broken, what should I do?
There is a dedicated direct, preferably with liquid raw materials, with a good joint painted again
Q:PSP plastic steel composite pipe and lining plastic composite pipe can be used instead?
PSP steel plastic composite pressure pipe is a new type of pipe developed in recent years in our country.

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