pipe fittings for steel mesh reinforced PE pipe

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There is steel platereinforced structure inside the pipe fitting, and the steel plate is surroundedby the HDPE the structure is very solid and also obtains excellent anti-corrosionand abrasion resistant feature, it can guaranty the steady and life span of thewhole piping system.

The Steel Reinforced PE fittings is a combination of  a steel sheet which works as the reinforcing part and HDPE which works as the stuffing material injected on both surfaces of the steel sheet.

The end of Steel Reinforced PE pipe will be constructed differently for different connections.

1) At a flange connection end, there is a flange head for the connection. You need flange connection kits, which is ordered separately.

2) In an electro-fusion end, the outside surface is pre-treated for a proper electro-fusion. You need a electro-fusion Coupler, which is ordered separately. Electro-fusion connection can only be done by using the Huachuang brand Electro-fusion Bar-code Scanning Welding Machine.

So, there are three kinds of fitting connection options for each pipeline:

•DD Option: Both ends are Electro-fusion connection ends

•FF Option: Both ends are Flange connection ends

•DF Option: One end is an Electro-fusion connection end and another end is a Flange connection end.

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Q:What is the difference between PE composite pipe and steel plastic composite pipe?
Plastic steel composite pipe on plastic raw materials there is no requirement, the middle is the steel layer, plastic layer with PPR composite can also, PERT can also.
Q:In the plastic pipe and steel plastic composite pipe has what difference
There are a lot of steel plastic composite pipe can be classified according to the classification, structure of pipe: steel reinforced plastic composite pipe, seamless steel pipe reinforced plastic composite tube, mesh steel plastic composite pipe and steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe. At present, the market is the most popular steel reinforced steel plastic composite pipe, that is we often say that the steel plastic composite pressure pipe, the pipe layer and the middle layer is the steel strip of high carbon steel by curling forming butt welding, the inner and the outer layers are high density polyethylene (HDPE).
Q:Can aluminum plastic pipes be used for drinking water?
Cold and hot water piping systemAll round aluminum plastic composite pipe is smooth, non corrosive and non furring. It is 30% larger than metal pipe flow.
Q:What are the types of aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipes?
According to the structure is divided into ordinary aluminum alloy lining plastic composite pipe and curved elastic vector aluminum alloy lining plastic composite pipe system, the two functions and materials can not be mentioned in the same breath.
Q:What is the difference between the PPR aluminium plastic composite pipe and the steady pipe?,
Aluminum plastic composite pipe has good insulation properties, both inside and outside the wall is not easy to corrosion, because the inner wall smooth, fluid resistance is small; and because can be bent, so to facilitate the installation of construction. As the water supply pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe has sufficient strength, but if too much lateral force, will affect the strength, so appropriate for tube or buried in the wall construction, but should not be buried underground. (aluminum-plastic composite pipe can also be buried in the ground, such as a pipe for one, aluminum-plastic composite pipe) aluminum-plastic composite pipe connection is card sleeve (also card type), so the construction is going through a stringent test pressure, test connection is solid. The two is to prevent the regular vibration, the card sets loose. The three is the length of the installation should be sufficient, so as not to pull off.
Q:Is the PPR tube and the PPR composite pipe the same thing?
Composite pipe second advantages to the ordinary pure plastic PPR tube with the hot water to go for a long time will be bending (creep), affect the appearance, but after adding a layer of aluminum layer is not bent, with the more beautiful.
Q:What are the advantages of stainless steel lined pipes?
Because of its good chemical properties such as rust resistance and oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance and intergranular corrosion resistance, the stainless steel is superior to other materials in its corrosion prevention and corrosion resistance. UTS stainless steel lined composite steel pipe and stainless steel lined composite steel pipe supporting connection, its scope is more extensive, mainly used for water supply, heating, air conditioning, fire control, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, food, electricity, metallurgy and other industries with high anti-corrosion requirements.
Q:What are the pipes made of steel wire mesh and plastic composite pipes?
The connecting water pipes of the general family are all of this kind, and both ends have screw thread, and the tenacity and the compressive strength are better than the common plastic pipes, and they are more durable.
Q:What kind of anticorrosive paint does the water pipe steel plastic composite pipe brush outside?
The steel plastic composite pipe has advantages:Corrosion resistance is strong - plastic steel composite sheath inside and outside the layer of polyethylene, is a non-polar material, chemical stability, capable of all kinds of acid, alkali, salt solution corrosion.Good shielding performance - good shielding for electromagnetic wave and anti-interference.Impact resistance, anti - external pressure - high ring rigidity, strong anti - pressure ability, good shock resistance and high safety.Self tracking - magnetic metal detectors can be used for tracking, without embedding or tracking or protecting markers, so as to avoid Excavation Damage and provide convenience for rush repair and maintenance.
Q:How can a transistor be made into a composite tube?
Transistors still have many technical points to be used, and it is better to refer to them for reference.

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