Stainless steel elbow DN20-150

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Good name: Stainless steel elbow( 45/90 deg elbow, bend)

Type: Long and short

Polished or Descaled, Grit320 or 240



1. Size: DN20-150, 1/2"-6"

2. Presurre grade: PN2.5-3.2Mpa,

3. Steel grade: 304, 304L, 316, 316L

4. Standard: SMS, DIN, 3A, ISO,IDF

5. Appy for the food beverage, dairy, beer,  and ec industries.

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Q:What does the pipe connector type "10-R1/4" mean?
The through and inside connections also refer to the nylon tube inserted as the 10mm tube.
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need to make square cuts on your pipe use a ratchething pvc cutter available at any hardware store make sure to use primer on all glued fittings I prefer to use christy's red hot glue with a good purple primer on the threaded fitting use a good pipe dope like blue magic or rectoseal under teflon tape. apply the pipe dope evenly over threads then hold fitting in left hand and starting from back of thread tape away from you to tip of the thread hand tighten then with pipe wrench just give it two turns hope htis helps
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According to the number and direction of the connection, there are straight through, right angle, three pass and other types. The connection with the body has threaded connection, flange connection and so on. In addition, there are some special purpose pipe couplings.
Q:What are the types of tubing and pipe couplings applicable to each occasion?
Pipe joint is detachable between the tubing and tubing, tubing and hydraulic components of the connection, it should satisfy the convenient assembly and disassembly, reliable connection, reliable sealing, small size, large capacity oil, small pressure loss, good processing etc..
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I believe so where the hoses connect to the torch. I am not 100% but I thought I remember seeing Teflon tape on the fittings. Call up a local welding shop and they would let you know. or visit the website of the torch and maybe they have assembly instructions.
Q:there is a fire hydrant in my front lawn and thepaint on it looks very bad it alsmost makes my lawn look?
Greetings from the northern plains, with not the least bit of amusement over your suffering what we've always dealt with. First, to get it out of the way, do not call this guy back again, as he is ripping you off. I believe it's called profiteering, like the bastards that would spike the price of plywood to $100 a sheet before, or after, a tornado or hurricane. (I would perhaps make this a hobby to go after the guy, his reputation, and his business, as he is one low-life dude, and I can be nasty.) Nuff. Drain cleaning chemicals are intended to dissolve, or at least loosen, clogs such as grease, hair, soap, etc., but not ice. Yes, ice can form in drain lines, especially if not nicely sloped (where there's a sag in a straight run), or at a fitting. Once started, it can accumulate - that's how icicles are formed, a little a time. If the drain pipe leaving the kitchen (likely 1 1/2 pipe) is enclosed above the garage, I'd open up the garage ceiling (if finished), or perhaps the chase it's boxed in with, and warm the pipe with hot air, to get things going. Once done with that, get some insulation under the pipe (in effect getting the pipe into the envelope of the house, not below it). I agree that the yellowish leak may well be the drain cleaner, but the leak also betrays - a leak. Any and all fittings should be inspected. Worst case is actually a cracked drain pipe from the ice, and steel drain pipe (very not likely). PVC or ABS plastic drain pipe is quick and economical to cut out and repair, so buck up. (Personally, I would also exit with an access panel for the next time, not just sealing up with a drywall repair.) In the coldest climates, some might use pipe heating tape as a preventative measure, but I suspect you aren't in one, just caught in this nasty weather. The tape, however is not a good solution to an already-frozen line - it's too slow.
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all backflo preventer s have female threads, so when you go to the store buy yourself a small 4-5 pipe with threads on both ends. then you will need to buy a union,The union is used so that you can repair or replace the backflo if needed without having to dig up the whole plumbing manifold. So lets recap here On the inlet side of the backflo insert a small 3- 4 threaded nipple into the body of the backflo, then thread on the union, and then after that buy a long enough nipple to make sure that your back flo is at least 6-12 above the highest point of the soil grades. This is needed so that your backflo will function properly. if you don't want to buy nipples, you can always buy galvanized or pvc pipe and add a male adapter to each end. Good luck
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ImpulseChange in Momentum F . t mV F (1) 4 x (25/1000) 1000 100 F 100 N
We specialize in the production of sanitary level stainless liquid equipments (such as water treatment equipments, pre-treat equipments for beverage, sterilization equipments, whole set equipment for drink water in bulk and in bottle), valves and pipeline connection products, which can be manufactured according to different glossiness, materials and industrial standards, including ISO, DIN, IDF, and SMS standards.

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