Single cold series - Cold water face basin faucet-D01

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1.Cold water face basin faucet
2.Professional faucet manufacturer
3.1 year warranty
4.Small oder is acceptale

SeriesCold water face basin faucet / basin faucet manufacturer

MaterialZinc body, Zinc handle, Brass cartridge, ABS mouth, Brass thread
Main marketAsia, Middle East, South America, Africa areas etc
AdvantagePure new material
Factory price
Various styles
OEM service/Small order are acceptable
Preasure testAir test, 8kgs no leakage
Carton measure43*35*26
packageCustomized/OEM designs are welcome
Wash basin basin facuet: EPE Foam bag+colorful box+stander export carton;
Customer's own colorful package is available.
Supply ability8,000pcs/day
Delivery time7-30days after received 30% deposit(according to your order)


Hot sale wash basin cheap single cold water basin

Cold water face basin faucet / basin faucet manufacturer

Quickly delivery

Q:Customize the basin of marble countertops to pay attention to what
Whether you are customized which a material, the material with or without cracks or small flaws, is not smooth and so on, if the adhesive, see is not strong.
Q:What is the height of the conventional bathroom table counter cabinet?
There are some users because of the height of the reasons, the conventional basin height is not suitable for their use, you need to make appropriate adjustments to the height of the basin, in this case the bathroom basin height is how much? Just pay attention to a principle: toilet basin height maintained at the user I am about half the height of the height of the more appropriate, such a high degree of user use is also very comfortable.
Q:I am just wondering if it will clog anything.. I don't really care that the necklace is lost because it wasn't very expensive but I just don't want the necklace to mess up anything. I REALLY don't want to open all the pipes and stuff either, messy job. Notice that this is the whole necklace, it was just a silver chain with a cross..So is there any harm in leaving the necklace in the drain?
Fish it out with a coat hanger or wire down to the trap under the sink. That U shaped pipe is where it is and where it will stay. It will collect hair and stuff and clog the pipe.
Q:In my bathroom, I have a ball-joint sink valve. Which means it's a single rotating handle. Pushing it up turns it on. To the left, hot water. To the right, cold water. My dilemma is, if I push it all the way to the left, no water comes out. If I rest it in a certain position to the left, it sputters, and eventually cuts off altogether. In other words, it's a pain in the butt to get hot water out. I'm assuming it needs to be repaired, but could it also be that it is an energy saving faucet? As I'm not sure.Anyways, if you are knowledgeable in the area of plumbing, I would greatly appreciate your diagnostic if you have one. Even if it isn't right at all, I'd still be grateful for input.
There is a brass disc inside the tap which moves when you wish to choose hot water or cold water, and blanks off the water you don't need. This disk needs to be taken out and re set.
Q:our bathroom sink smells of sunk so will this solution work?1. pour backing soda down the drain2.pour vinegar down to and let it bubble up3. let sit and then take hot bowling water a pour it down the drain?Now its says for kitchen sink but im wondering if it work for bathroom sink to?
it could be lol...but you can do it and after tell me please it can be helpful or not?thanks....
Q:Ceramic one Taiwan basin is good or a good platform
Table pots of water is easy to water out, cleaning trouble, one pot convenient, the use of space. Beautiful and almost, you used to know, I used to use the basin pot, and finally for the one
Q:Please help you heroes. Bathroom wall basin is to do waterproof
According to the normal circumstances do not have to do
Q:I took off the cap that covers the whole in the sink because sometimes soap starts overflowing in the sink when i wash my hands. And since i took the cap off it doesnt happen anymore. But if i leave the top off can any bugs crawl through the pipe and into my bathroom?
Don't worry about bugs coming up through the drain. There is a pee trap under the sink that seals the drain by staying fiull of drain water to prevent sewer gas (and any bugs) from escaping.
Q:Toilet pots are white with what color silicone is good
White, the same can not see, the effect is good
Q:how to umplug bathroom sink?
there are two options I suggest. First (and easiest,) give drano a try. That stuff has always worked for me. If that doesn't work, you should be able to take the s-trap ( the part of the drain pipe under the sink that dips before it goes through the wall.) Odds are that is where the clog is. Flush that piece out, or buy a new one. Then, check the pipe that leads from the sink to the s-trap for debris. Put it all back together. If the clog is further down the pipe, you may need a plumber.

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