Shredding Submersible Sewage Pump AWQS Series

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AWQS Series shredding submersible sewage pump is developed on the basis of fully studying domestic and foreign technologies and market demand of submersible sewage pump. It can shred sewage and fibers and discharge them automatically, which is provided with functions of super anti-jamming, anti-twisting and self cleaning, especially applicable for the working condition of long fibers. Based on the professional and reliable submersible motor and integrating the advanced shredding and blowdown technologies, AWQS series shredding submersible sewage pump has many advantages:
Saving investment and running costs:
Saving investment: Our shredding submersible sewage pump is featured by its original design, compact structure and small appearance. The motor’s allowable starting frequency within the unit hour has been increased substantially, which can reduce the sump’s designed capacity; therefore, more construction investment can be saved.
Efficient and energy-saving: Its hydraulic design for shredding and blow down, selected materials and high-quality casting and processing can meet the needs for shredding, blow down and efficiency at the same time.
Easy for maintenance:

The advanced self-coupling device makes underwater operation unnecessary when the pump lifts and drops, thus easy for maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving; it adopts the stainless steel bolts which can stay stainless for long easy for disassembly and assembly; the wearing plate’s axial dimensions can be adjustable to suit to the abrasion and reduce the frequency of maintenance; its dedicated electrical control cabinet can achieve such functions as automatic alarm, stop an keeping fault signals, which can improve the maintenance efficiency a lot.
Fewer and smaller spare parts: Fewer and smaller spare parts are needed due to those parts with the modular design like submersible motor and oil chamber plus the protection of self-cleaning wearing plate over the pump body, thus the pump operation is more economical.
Stable and reliable operation of pump
Brand-name bearing and heavy-duty design: The special hydraulic design and the precise balance working procedure can reduce the axial and radial forces substantially; the compact seal configuration makes the shaft extension shorter; plus, the oversize bearing ensures the pump’s long-term and stable operation.
Reliable operation of shaft: The gudgeon and bellows mechanical seals ensure that the pump shaft doesn’t contact the medium directly and avoid the abrasion and corrosion, so the system can operate for long.
Anti-jamming and anti-twisting: The impeller and the wearing plate with superhard materials form a pair of cutters to shred sewage and fibers and discharge them automatically, thus ensuring that the pump’s operation is anti-jamming and anti-twisting.
Safe and reliable submersible motor Advanced core technology: The casing’s protection class is IP68; the stator winding is resistant to a temperature as high as 145℃and the insulation class is F. Multiple detection with multiple protections: Its leak probe, floating switch and overheating protection element in its motor are all available for real-time detection as well as functions like alarm, stop and keeping fault signals, ensuring that no water enters into the motor.
Double seal with double protection: The mechanical seal adopts the rubber bellows structure to prevent sand and scale; the unique dynamic anti-sand design can extend the mechanical seal’s life longer; the mechanical seal adopts a world-famous brand with quality assurance; the serial configuration of double mechanical seals (relative to double end faces )
Can achieve the double protection really, ensuring the motor’s safety.

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Q:how do u tell if the water pump went out in a 04 dodgae intrupid?
In the olden days when the fan was attached to the front of the water pump,you could hold the fan by either side and see if it moves at all.If theres movement of the shaft then that usually means the bearings are worn.The more it moves the worse it is.Not much help if you got thermo fans though.
Q:Fire hydrant and fire pump adapter difference
Fire hydrant is out of water, the water pump is water supply to the pipe network
Q:i have a 9.9hp evinrude not pumping water properly?
No question about it. Replace the impeller. It's easy - the hard part is getting the fasteners off without breaking a stud. Be patient and use liquid wrench and give it an hour or more to work. Tap the nuts and then try them. A final resort would be careful (very careful) use of a propane torch to free the nuts. If not replaced, eventually blades will break off the impeller and foul the cooling system.... which can be a very expensive and difficult repair.....overheating is also very bad for the engine.... so fix the water pump.
Q:What's the submersible pump?
Centrifugal pump, a general motor and pump body is one, you can pump the whole pump into the water
Q:Physics behind this PVC Water Pump?
It isn't practical to give a detailed description here. This is a positive displacement pump. The pump chamber is sealed so that as the piston is moved up the volume within the chamber increases. Water is pushed into this chamber by the outside air pressure. If the pump is located too far above the water source then the air pressure is not sufficient and you will produce a vacuum inside but the water still will not flow. When the pump is pushed down the water flows out. Now the one way valves are critical. We don't want the water to flow back the way it came and we don't want the water that we have already pumped to flow back into the pump. So a one way valve on the inlet will permit water to flow into the pump but not out of it. And a one way valve on the outlet will permit water to flow OUT of the pump but not into it. So with each stroke you a) reduce the pressure in the pump. b) water is forced from the inlet, past its one way valve and then into the pump. c) the pump is pushed down increasing the pressure in the pump. d) water flows out of the pump through the other one way valve and on to the output.
Q:Can someone explain how hydraulic ram water pumps work for me?
Q:BMW E92 Possible water pump issues...?
E92 has should be an electric water pump if it's a 6 cylinder. The oil level will read inactive until the engine is up to operating temp. As for the grinding noise- they need to remove the belt and start the car. If the noise is gone- spin the idler pulley and listen for bearing noise. I've had a couple of alternators go bad on these cars so I can't fully fault the shop- but they SHOULD have verified the source of the noise as well as the repair. Other potential issues would be the P/S pump or the A/C compressor. (only items on the belt).
Q:How do you check water pump on 98 deville haveing overhea?
Not quite sure what you mean, but: Is the water pump malfunctioning? The car is overheating? Well, if it is the water pump, you would need to remove it to check how well it is functioning.
Q:Car water pump question!!!!!! HELP!!!!?
I don't think you wouldn't necessarily know if the pump is leaking. It would just make the car overheat because the coolant wouldn't get circulated. The reason it costs so much to have a water-pump replaced is because it is buried deep in the engine bay near the timing belt and it takes several hours to replace it. The actual cost of the water pump is probably under $100.
Q:1994 plymoth grand voyager leaking anti freeze is it the water pump?
poss there is a pipe that runs under the intake! with seals on the end!

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