Sewage Water Treatment Pump SP003

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Place of Origin:
Zhejiang China (Mainland)
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Centrifugal Pump
Single-stage Pump
Standard or Nonstandard:
Low Pressure
Motor wire:
100% cooper
Mechanical seal:
cable length:
10 meters
cast iron

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Carton Package Demensions:590mm*350mm*250mm 480pcs/one 20" container GW:27kg
Delivery Detail:Within 25 days after receiving deposit


Submersible water pump
2.OEM Service
3.Good quality and factory price
4.100% copper wire



Applied to pumping such liquid which is not clean, with solid matter or frictional matter, low viscous, lcorrosive, crystallizable, chemically neutral and close to water. Such as:

1.  domestic wastewater treatment system

2.  School,hospital,community wastewater treatment system

3.  Irrigation

◊ Features

1. 100% copper wire

2. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with high-speed punching, improve the efficiency and precision

3. Double sides mechanical seal graphite&ceramic

4. Demagnetization of stainless steel nuts

5. Anti-rust treatment castings and electrophoresis

6. New testing equipment


1.Maximum depth below water: 5m

2.Maximum trans medium temperature up to: 40

3.PH of trans medium is scope from 4-10


description   material
motor housingstainless steel
pump bodycast iron
impellercast iron
statorDR510 steel
sealmechanical seal

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Q:Pump house should be equipped with those equipment and valves
The room should be full of equipment!
Q:2 pumps parallel, lift the same, pump head is not stacked?
2 pumps parallel, lift the same, pump head is not stacked?;Answer: the head can not be superimposed, that is, a lift and a pump, but the pumping speed (flow) is two times a taiwan.2 pumps in series, the same flow, pump head is not stacked?.Answer: the head can be superimposed, that is, the pump head is two times as much as a pump, but the pump speed is the same as that of a pump.
you need to prime it suck on the output tube
Q:What could it be...? Water Pump or Thermostat?
thermostat for your heat problem but why your engine is shaking I don't know why, they will find out when they put the machine on it.
Q:How many kilometres should a water pump be changed on a toyota hiace 5l engine?
Toyota Hiace Water Pump
Q:Fully automatic self-priming pump
Yes, design according to your different working conditions. For example, water pressure pump is pressure control, water pressure is low will automatically start, the pressure automatically shut down.
Q:Water won't pump?
The pressure says it is at 50 which means there is water at that point or you have a faulty gage(happens all the time with those gages). Replace the gage and then you can determine if the pump is pumping and if there is a clog after that point in your line, which is actually quite common when one works on these systems., if it isn't pumping, could be a bad foot valve, pump, well ran dry, needs to be primed, ect...
There are pressure switches that have a low water cut out on them.If the pressure drops too low the switch will turn the pump off.This however my not be a 100% cure.If you used just enough water to turn the pump on and then shut the flow of water off and the pump was not pumping water for the reasons you stated it would continue to run and not build up enough pressure to turn it off.If you wanted to do some sort of timer you could contact an electrician and ask about a timer that could be acctivated when the pump comes on. I am not aware of any thing on the market made for this but a good electrician would know where to get the right components to do this.
Q:i hear water in my dash board, i know its the water pump pushing water through the heater core, how do i fix?
The issue is not just that the water pump is pumping air through the system, it is that there is an issue with air being in there in the first place. It gets there one of two ways. First, your cooling system is losing water somewhere and air is getting drawn in through the coolant overflow bottle or through a leak in the hoses, the radiator, or the radiator cap. Second it is getting in through a compression leak. Compression leaks are caused by blown head gaskets or cracked or corroded cylinder heads or engine blocks. You need to determine which it is, because you need to address the issues differently. Fill the cooling system with coolant, purge the air out of it, and connect a pressure gauge to the radiator where the cap normally goes. Start the engine. If the gauge fluctuates up and down, you have a compression leak caused by a blown head gasket or crack in the block or head. If the gauge doesn't fluctuate, you have a leak in the cooling system that could be in any one of many places, such as hoses, caps, freeze plugs, the radiator itself, the heater core, or one of many gaskets. If it turns out to be a compression leak, you need to pull off the heads and replace the gaskets, and if there is any corrosion or cracks, you need to either replace or repair the heads. Broken head bolts can also allow compression leaks, so if you do remove the heads, you need to replace the bolts and torque them to the correct specs. If your engine oil looks frothy, like latte, this is another sign that you have a blown head gasket. It means coolant is getting into the engine oil. If it is a leak in the cooling system that is not related to the head gasket, you need to find it and seal it. There is no other way to find out exactly what is allowing air into your cooling system other than these two methods. The sound you hear when water is flowing through your heater core is actually the air gurgling through. No air, no sound.
Q:How do i start up a water pump at my camp?
There's a few different kinds of water pumps. If you're referring to a hand-pumped well water pump that doesn't work, then it's generally lost it's prime. Some well pumps are constructed so you pour a quart or so of water into the pump and stroke the handle up and down until the water rises in the well. Other kinds of well pumps you have to take the hand pump off and pour a bucket of water into the well hole. It just depends on what kind of water pump you have.

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