Rotary Progressive Cavity Monoblock Single Screw Pumps

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Product Series of Rotary Progressive Cavity Monoblock Single Screw Pumps

  ◆ XG 1/2 standard series  Used for various structures
  ◆ XL 1/2long lead series  Used for low pressure and large flow rate conveying
  ◆ XT 2/3standard lead series  Suitable for high-efficiency conveying of medium and large pump
  ◆ XC 2/3long lead series  Suitable for low pressure, large flow rate and high-efficiency conveying of medium and large pump
  ◆ XP Spraying pump series  Used for slurry spraying in front of the coal water slurry boiler







Features of Positive Cavity Screw Pumps for Sewage Sludge and Polymer

  •  Wide application, it can be used for conveying of flowing materials, even non-flowing materials

  • Continuous conveying, small pulsating quantity

  • The media is not stirred in the pump and is free from squeezing and cutting

  • The flow is in direct proportion to the rotating speed, variable output, measurement feeding

  • Elastic stator, certain abrasion resistance


Conveying Medium of Positive Cavity Screw Pumps for Sewage Sludge and Polymer

  • Various viscous media (the highest viscosity reaches 106 mm2/s)

  • Fluids with various concentrations and dewatered and dried materials

  • The media containing solid particles, fibers and suspended solids


Horizontal Direct Linking of Positive Cavity Screw Pumps for Sewage Sludge and Polymer

  • Features: It is directly driven by gear motor, compact structure, short length of the pump

  • Parameters: 600m³/h; maximum pressure: 2.4MPa or higher




  • Are your pumps protected against dry running?

    No, unprotected centrifugal pumps are not generally designed for dry running. It is important to give us or your dealer as much information as possible about the system in which the pump is used. Inlet pressure, the type of liquid to be pumped, together with relative density, viscosity and temperature, for example, are required in order to allow CNBM to recommend the right pump with the right gaskets for a long operating lifetime.

  • How can I get trained on CNBM products?

    Yes, we provide training courses in our factory (products, general and specific pump technology, hydraulics, and practical applications). Please consult your sales manager or get in touch with our headquarters for more information.

  • Are your pumps cheaper than those of your competitors?

    CNBM aims to give its customers the highest standards of quality and service and delivery times, all at a reasonable price.


 Rotary Progressive Cavity Monoblock Single Screw Pumps

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why would you like to replace the water pump? seems to me the factory warranty of 3 years 36,000 miles might apply unless you're over on mileage. if you can email me, i will get you the procedure.
Q:How to determine the pump installation elevation, why should we determine the pump installation elevation?
This depends on the water pump cavitation, in theory, suction is equal to the atmospheric pressure minus the margin, the installation is too high to suck the water ah. What kind of pumps do you want?.
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Q:took car to mechanic put in timing belt engine coolant and water pump now green fluid leaking what is it?
WHATcountry are you FROM?? BAD use of english. They used WRONG type coolant and CHEAP parts and CHEAP gaskets! most cars do NOT USE GREEN COOLANTS any more. WHAT KIND OF CAR IS THIS! you MUST use ONLY the water pump and coolant from your DEALERSHIP! all other ones are a RIP OFF and your engine will FAIL earlier! DRIVE over ANY OIL CHANGE pit where they can SEE where your leak is COMING FROM! you MIGHT have to get this WHOLE JOB done again! and you MIGHT even have ENGINE DAMAGE in there by now! SORRY!!!
Q:Is a 3000 watt generator sufficient to power a 3/4 horsepower water pump?
1 hp is 746 watts; however start up and power factors need to be considered. A 0.75 hp motor at steady state draws 560 watts at steady state; to overcome start up assume you will need about 1,100 watts (1.1 KW). Your generator is 3 KW so it should do well.
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Just like peeing, just getting ready to pee, it feels like holding a chicken.
Q:Possible leak from water pump?
It;s the water pump.

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