Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Home A103 Bluetooth Remote Control

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500 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:


  • Automatic clean on home hard floor,Capet,tile

  • NI-CD,10.8V,1300mAh Rechargeable Power battery worked

  • 60-90 minutes runtime

  • Dust Bin: 0.3L

  • Clean efficiency 99% ,ideal for ashes, larger debris even screws

  • Automatic find the dust;even the dust under furniture of height 76mm

  • Detect the wall and furniture in advanced

  • Four Navigation Program: Spiral line and Random ,Wall detect, automatically avoiding obstacle

  • working time schedule

  • Two corner brush to clear the dust

  • Smart to show its power capacity from LED display

  • Noise level: 55dB

  • Stair sensor

  • flight sensor to avoild the machine stuck under the furinture or bed

Technical Specification:


Main Material:




Input Voltage of charger:

AC 100-240V

OutputVoltage of charger:

DC 24V

Input Voltage of battery:

DC 24V

Output Voltage of battery

DC 7.2V

Working Low Speed:


Working High Speed:


Wheel run speed:

Temperature Range:

-10°C- 40°C

Humidity Range:

≤ 85RH

Noise Level:

<55db< span="">

Battery Type:          

 1300mAh NI-mh Battery

Battery Life:

500 cycles

Charging Time:


Working Time:


Dust Bin Capacity:


Outside Diameter:




Net Weight:


Gross Weight:




One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Robot Cleaner

One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on the Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Home A103 Bluetooth Remote Control


1. What are methods for battery maintenance?

Answer: When you are not using machine for a long time, let battery fully charged then take it off from machine, and place in a cool place. Recommend regular (approximately 15 days) added a power, let battery is in fully charged state. For next time better use .
When you long-term use of machine, we recommend 2-3 months with Direct charge three times, then use dock charge it. This is way of maintenance for battery, remember it!!



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Q:MAth question!!! 8th grade (:?
500 = 1/8x x = 500 * 8 = $4000 more for $500 after taxes
Q:Are rotating brushes bad for hardwood floors?
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners make so much noise!?
Q:Does anyone know when Dyson vacuum cleaners will go on sale?
I bought mine at Lowe's it was not advertised as being on sale, I saved over 100.00. When I went to the front it range up on sale (they are very good, I love mine )
Q:Can other cleaners be used in rug doctor cleaning vacuum?
yes. i used to use oxy clean in mine but then i started using the walmart's version of Bissell cleaner and it works great!
Q:why are cars made as little boys toys but boys AND girls grow up and drive?
I actually agree with the first poster. When I taught daycare all the boys played with trucks and legos and maybe the kitchens, and the girls played with dolls, dress up and did lots of pretending. Now my daughter is a typical girl who loves dolls but I got her a truck for the outside that she puts her doll in so she can have somewhere to sit....might as well of gotten a lawn chair. Most trucks however aren't genderized they are true life. Like my daughters dump truck looks like an actual dump truck. It's yellow like a real one. Would you really want a pink truck? That's not realistic either.
Q:Why is my dog afraid of the vacuum and how do I stop it?
Vacumm produce low annoying frequence that vaccum produce, only dogs could hear thats why it drives the dogs nuts.
Q:Can I get my vacuum cleaner cleaned?
Follow the instructions for cleaning your bagless vacuum cleaner, including cleaning and washing the filters. Take the canister out, put it in a garbage bag and shake the dust out, directly into the bag. Wash the canister in warm, soapy water. You shouldn't get any dust in your lungs from doing that. The paper filter needs to be cleaned and washed more often than 'from time to time', and if you do that, your vacuum cleaner shouldn't get really dirty at all. There shouldn't be dust and what not in the vacuum hoses unless you don't clean it on a regular basis. If you have carpets, you need to change them for another type of flooring and that will help keep your vacuum clean.
Q:what is the best bagged vacuum cleaner? I'm tired of the bagless cleaners and looking for one with a bag.?
I have a purple Hoover wind tunnel bagged cleaner. I highly recommend it. I like the fact that the bags are made of a hepa type fabric, so it's like a new hepa filter everytime change the bag. Microfiltration I beleive they call it. The filter bags are a little expensive at about $8 for two. Type Y filter bags I beleive. The filter bags have to be changed when they are about half full, but sometimes I find tha the suction so effective that the bags are pretty well plugged when I realize that they need to be changed. Once I loaned my neighbour my Hoover because she had a vacum cleaner that was not working the facum of my cleaner was strong enough to pack the filter bag completely! Sometimes there is a smell when I use it, but again it means that the bag needs to be changed again. From my research, I would only get a really good bagged cleanter or a dyson. Those cheaper bagless vacum clenaers with 'hepa' filter are hopeless. As a bonus, my purple vacum clenaer can probably be had for less than $80 these days. Get a hoover with a type y filter bag and you'll be good.
Q:I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner - is the Dyson really as good they say?
I like my Dyson but you should be aware of several things before you buy it. It is terrific on carpets but lousy on bare floors. The attachments fall off easily and its a real pain to use them with that retractable wand. Also, be sure and look for any small object that might get sucked into the brushes because the belt that runs them is very skinny and easy to break and impossible for you to repair without taking to a repair shop. I know because I've had mine in twice already - once when it caught the edge of an afghan and another time when a small cinder from my fireplace got into the brushes. Still, it cleans a carpet like nothing else I've ever used.

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