Product list of China Lovol Engine type (lovol)40

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5000 set/month

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This Generator powered lovol 



Prime Power


Standby  Power


Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-L2220 22 1003G1A26/29
FKS-L2725 27 1003G28/31
FKS-L3532 35 1003TG1A38/42
FKS-L4238 42 1003TG44/48
FKS-L3532 35 1004G40/44
FKS-L5045 50 1004TG1A52/57
FKS-L5550 55 1004TG65.7/72
FKS-L8275 82 1006TG1A84.3/93
FKS-L8578 85 1006TG3A86/95
FKS-L9080 90 1006TG2A92.3/102
FKS-L10090 100 1006TAG1A108/119
FKS-L120110 120 1006TAG121/133

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Q:Is it possible to see the difference between an electric train and a diesel train?
In some cases if nothing is actually running(engines)It is almost impossible to tell just by looking, an example of this would be the HS125 running out of Kings Cross/St Pancras which with the pantograph lowered looks exactly the same as the standard diesel powered unit. I would point out that in the UK that not all diesels are diesel electric, some were diesel mechanical ie. fed through a gearbox to the driving wheels and diesel hydraulic fed through a hydraulic pump to hydraulic motors on the driving axles.
Q:How many watt generator do I need to power a 8KVA UPS?
If the unit is rated 8000 VA, and the output is 6400 W. that hints that the through-put efficiency is about 80%. You need a generator that will supply at least 125% of the load you apply to the UPS.
Q:I want to buy 5000kva diesel generators from the manufactuerer?
google them and then find out there requirements - very simple .
Q:Is diesel fuel ever clear?
They may have put gas in it. Drain it all out and put in diesel. Get the off road stuff with the red dye and then you will be able to tell better next time. Also get a locking cap so that only you can get into the tank.
Q:On a large generator powered by a 6cyl. john dear diesel What would make the exciter rotor banding come loose?
Sorry man, your idea has been taken already they are called uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). They can seamlessly keep your computer and other similar electronics online with a battery backup until power is restored. For longer outages, most folks use an outdoor AC generator to power critical components (fridge, freezer, heating, maybe computer/modem). Also, your DC power outlets idea would not work logistically. Your modem and computer do indeed have power supply cords that convert 120 VAC into some DC voltage. So, in order to use your special DC outlets during an emergency, you would have to unplug the devices from the normal outlets, attach a special DC-DC cord, and then plug the device into the emergency DC outlets. So, this would be quite the headache and would also mean downtime while you switch over; by comparison a UPS would have no downtime. Also you have to figure in the additional complexity of installing emergency DC outlets in a home (more confusion for electricians and homeowners). Finally, a gas-powered generator in the basement isn't the best idea since internal combustion engines give off carbon monoxide. People have died from using products such as gas-powered pressure washers in enclosed areas. In fact, a fairly common way to commit suicide is to leave your car engine idle in an enclosed garage. So I propose sticking with the status quo here. AC outlets for all, and UPS devices for those that need emergency backup power for their computers (in your case to keep your phone service as well). edit: Oops, you did mention that you know that battery backups exist already. Still, the points that I and others have made still stand.
Q:What is the maximum power of a diesel generator
The diesel is ignited and the mixture is heated and the volume is rapidly expanding.
Q:Automatic diesel generating set how much money?
configuration and power as the unit is equipped with a fully automated system.
Q:can caterpillar diesel generator generate power for 1 month without any shutdowns?
It will depends upon the maintencence / operation / safty precautions taken by tghe user. i think the diesel gen is batter than the gas genreratoe.
Q:how to calculate the required torque in a electrical generator? for ex: Portable generator?
i've got confidence it particularly is fullyyt based on the generator. It relies upon on the exchange in cutting-edge going throughout the time of the generator, the ability of the magnetic field, and the size of the coils. i think of yet another common thank you to do it would be to idealize the engine. Its skill output is x watts, so assuming consistent torque (huge assumption) it would be something like torque * rotational velocity of the engine x (skill). it particularly is why electric powered autos have huge quantities of torque at low speeds.
Q:How to connect fuel line for a marine diesel genset for 2 ENG, 1 TNK?
If your tank has another port on it for a fuel line that is where you hook up. If not go to the supply line at the tank and put in a T fitting and then a shut off valve for each engine. Run the supply line to the generator from that T. You will also need a return line from the generator that you can T into at the return line from the engine at the tank. Many people that convert from gas to diesels run into these same problems. Often a fitting is made up that is put in the fuel fill line to allow for the return line. The generator supply and return lines will be smaller then the engine fuel lines. Running the engines will not cause the generator to start.

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