Product list of China Lovol Engine type (lovol)109

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5000 set/month

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This Generator powered lovol 



Prime Power


Standby  Power


Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-L2220 22 1003G1A26/29
FKS-L2725 27 1003G28/31
FKS-L3532 35 1003TG1A38/42
FKS-L4238 42 1003TG44/48
FKS-L3532 35 1004G40/44
FKS-L5045 50 1004TG1A52/57
FKS-L5550 55 1004TG65.7/72
FKS-L8275 82 1006TG1A84.3/93
FKS-L8578 85 1006TG3A86/95
FKS-L9080 90 1006TG2A92.3/102
FKS-L10090 100 1006TAG1A108/119
FKS-L120110 120 1006TAG121/133

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Q:I would like to power a light ,tv and vcr in my motorhome I?
what you basically need is a motor home generator for that one,i own an older one that did not come with a generator,and we addd one to it,plus we also added a 24 volt power system to power it with and an inverter,you can run the the lights for about 6-8 hours on the inverter system but when using the generator to keep the 24 volt batttreies charged you can literally run it all night long ,we put this one though a test to see how long it would run for and it never died out,first you have to increase the battery box size to hold two more batteries then you run all this through a switch that changes it from generator power to battery power,i got mine as a kit throug rv,s of america,they sell a complete kit for doing this,it took days to get this on and get it working right,but now i have a switch up front by the driver area that you throw that switches it to generator and then you use the invertor that came with the kit to run the tv vcr microwave,and just about all the lights are now on 12 volt dc,i got 3 batteries one for the main part of the rv and the other two power the invertor,its not hard to do they send complete insructions with the kit,its calle an update kit and works on all older model rv, cost around 900 bucks though but it remidies the problesm of not having power,when i first looked at all the stuff it came with i freaked out,i thought there was no way i would get it to work,but we did,you dont get the generator with the kit though,that you have to buy seprately,you get the hook ups for it though,and you get a choice of getting gas or a diesel generator now,when i bought mine all i could get was a gas one,check their web site out on this ,go to the accessory part when you click on it it goes to power,you can sullpy your own generator though and it still works right,they just like to sell you a generator if they can,good luck with it.
Q:for lighting 4000 watt lamps how much power input requires?
You want to connect a 4 kw load to a 6 kw generator. As long as the 6 kw (6,000 watts) rating of the generator is accurate it should power the lamps fine. You're only using 66% of the generator capacity. There aren't any significant losses to worry about and no point in doing any calculations. They were done for you in the kw rating of the generator. Just don't use any extension cords that are too small for the lights.
Q:tfdw-12 generator, how do you tell F+ from F- when adding 12V to failed exciter?
Oh my gosh, it is hilarious. I wasn't considering what the first became wondering, yet i observed after a at a similar time as that . yeah. XD super comic tale; i would desire to inform this to someone! xD
Q:How do I prevent a flashback from blowing up my HHO generator?
If you use the term 'HHO', you sound like an idiot. There's no such chemical. There's H2, there's O2, and there's H2O. Electrolysis of H2O (aka water) produces H2 (hydrogen) and O2 (oxygen) gas. Burning H2 (reacting it with O2) produces H2O. Nowhere in this process is anything called 'HHO' produced. But the bigger isue is why you'd even want to put hydrogen gas into your car engine. It is designed to burn gasoline (or diesel), not hydrogen. Putting hydrogen into a gasoline engine is like a human eating a rock. Sure, it's possible, but it doesn't give you any benefits, and it could cause serious problems.
Q:What are all the effects of diesel emissions?
Deisel emissions are evil
Q:Essay helpppppppppp!?
Q:So do they use fossil fuels in the manned stations for the Arctic and Antarctica ?
Depends. In MOST cases they do, for heat at least. At least 1 is STILL using a Jacobs wind generator installed almost 80 years ago for electricity!
Q:What is the difference between a diesel generator and a super silent generator?
Super silent diesel generator is also called: low noise diesel generator,
Q:I'm envisioning more efficient, tall, narrow tires on our vehicles.?
I haven't been in a physics class for 20 years, so don't know what those guys are talking about. I do know race cars need more traction than normal vehicles because of the maneuvering they do at high speeds, plus an engine many times more powerful than anything we would likely need. I think of road bike and mountain bike tires; the first is so much easier to propel than the latter, but isn't very good in the mud. Most vehicles don't need wide tires, but they are a macho factor.
Q:Hey where are the lyrics to Corey Feldmans song?
kc - Here is what I found: Green is the Colour We made history at Universal CityWalk (Universal Studios Hollywood). For the first time ever, a CityWalk concert was Off the Grid! A bio-diesel generator was graciously supplied by @POWER to provide us with alternative energy to power the lights and the sound required. Thank you to Universal CityWalk, @POWER, Green Team, Team Feldman and all of the fans who made it a very special event. Truth Movement dedicated the show to the 'King of Pop' Mr. Michael Jackson.

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