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5000 set/month

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Germany

  • Brand Name: MTU

  • Model Number: Mxxx

  • Output Type: AC Three Phase

  • Speed: 1500RPM

  • Frequency: 50HZ

  • Rated Power: 520KW to 2300KW

  • Rated Voltage: 380/220V

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Export standard package
Delivery Detail:35 Day


Power MTU Diesel Generator Set 
1) MTU engine 
2) Stamford alternator 
3) Fast delivery time 

Power MTU Diesel Generator Set



This series generator set adopts German MTU engine, with advantage of strong power, energy efficient, low noise, low emission, global service network etc.


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Q:How can I make a homemade electric generator to power my house?
Back to the idea of saving money, a gas powered generator is going to cost more than the utility power, a windmill made from scrap parts might a return on investment quicker than the 10 years solar cells might take. If you have different day and night energy rates, you could store cheap off hour power if your batteries to run things during expensive peak hours, though the electronics involved would take a significant time to pay off. Utilities have experimented with storing off hour energy in flywheels and compressed air underground tanks.
Q:How many kilowatts KW of electricity does the average house use in the USA?
you might consider going of the grit including geothermal cooling maybe heating (we have heating) since it gets warm there sometimes (so i hear) - this will bring your electric use up again, we doubled ours to ~1400 kwh/month or better depending on the weather, cooling uses less energy with geothermal. regarding solar, keep an eye on solar pv and new developments in the near future
Q:are diesel generators allowed on commercial truck ?
if your talking about a power source for accessories, yes. but keep in mind the additional weight factor!
Q:Diesel Generating Set?
You are after capacity of the generator not load. You add up all the power required: 240 HP + 300 HP + 675 HP 1215 HP 1 HP 746 W Power required 906.39 kW You take this figure in consideration to choose your set allowing for efficiency and power factor.
Q:What rating is my generator really? (Industrial)?
Treat all of the figures as maximum rated outputs. The maximum power it can delivery is 520kW, that is why it says 520kW. 640kVA and power factor 0.8 should not be be exceeded either but if your load is pf1 then the 520kW will take precedence. No offence but anyone who can't interpret these numbers shouldn't really be testing equipment of this power.
Q:How to calculate capacity / rating of Alternator based on load?
If its a pure resistive load consider the efficiency of the alternator, de-rating factors to ambient conditions etc. etc. After considering all of the above you need a 1650KVA (with 10% safety factor
Q:How to Calculate a Diesel Locomotive's Power?
With practical measurements of voltage and current to the drive motor(s) under stall conditions if possible, or under full acceleration under maximum load, and an assumed motor efficiency. Best bet.
Q:Convert kVA to kg/h?
You cannot convert KVA to kg/hr. KVA is a unit for power (rated capacity) and kg/hr is the unit for mass flow rate. There is no direct relation between them.
Q:What type of fuel do trains run on?
Both actually, diesel fuel mostly but not entirely, here's why: All modern trains are actually electric and the diesel engine just runs a great big generator to power the electric motors. However some trains are electric and have no diesel engine at all, they get their electricity from overhead power lines. So, seeing as how more than half of all electricity in the U.S. is generated by coal, one would have to say that coal does indeed still power some of our trains and will for years to come, it is done indirectly.
Q:OTEC usage around the world?

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