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Product Description:

Along with the development of economy and deterioration of environment, the work of environmental protection has been attached with greater importance. Domesitc sewage shall be processed in urban sewage treatment plant. After being proven up to the standard, it will then be allowed to flow into rivers. But at present, for most cities, the oily sewage water in dining areas etc. are mostly discharged into municipal pipeline or into riversdirectly without treatment. It is a main cause to water pollution in rivers. The perennial direct discharge of oily sewage can cause municipal pipeline clogged. As oil dirt is uneasy to be cleared, it can easily cause thewater discharge pipeline in the city paralyzed. . Today, the enforcement of law on environmental protection ismainly placed on large-scale pollution sites (such as the sewage discharge in large-scale pharmaceutical factories, paper mills and chemical plants). For enterprises with high yield and profit, the reclaimed water processed from sewage water can be again used for operating activities. Although it is a great cost, it is still worthwhile over the long term, and a way for cost reduction. But for canteens and business places, as the premises are mostly rented, most investors are not willing to spend great capital on the purchase of environmental friendly water discharge equipment.

As required by Code for Design of Building Water Supply and Drainage, the oily sewage in staff canteens and business restaurants shall be processed by oil removing equipment before being discharged into sewage pipeline. Combining the problems encountered in the practical application of our discharge equipment for sewage in basement, for instance, conventional brick or pouring oil separation tank mostly placed in front of outdoor drainage well, our special discharge equipment of sewage in basement shall be installed in pit indoors. Most users expect to upgrade the oily sewage in canteens into the outdoor oil separation tank by use of our special discharge equipment of sewage in basement. Oil clots can be easily produced inside water storage tank, which can influence the normal operation of equipment.

To solve this problem, responding to the practical discharge flow of oily sewage in canteens or business restaurants, and the practical conditions of structural limitations (floorslab unable to be destroyed, little spacefor modification of discharge pipeline) etc., we adopt stainless steel material to satisfy the needs from different users and locations. In accordance with the design requirements on oil separation tank specified in Codefor Design of Building Water Supply and Drainage, we have developed a new generation of oil separation equipment, i.e. ALPY series oil separator/ oil separation powerful discharge tank. Given the advantages of small occupation space, original profile, low cost and outstanding oil separation and removal, the equipment has been greatly recognized by


Automatic operation of oil scrapper system to improve oil separating efficiency over 70%.
Air-float device is fitted inside oil separating section to make oil producing float tiny bubbles to ensure the effect of oil and water separation.
Provided with heating system to prevent grease from solidification under low temperature conditions, thus to perform better oil separating effect.
Meticulous work has made on the sealing of equipment to guarantee fully enclosed to avoid diffusion of foul smell.

Main Application:

ALPY series oil separator equipment is suitable for staff canteen, business restaurants and snack bars etc. where oily water may exist.
1. Oil separator equipment: suitable for kitchens where waste water can be smoothly discharged after oil separation. It is above- ground installed.
2. Oil separation powerful discharge equipment: suitable for kitchens located in underground constructions. Inaddition to oil separation function, the equipment is also provided with the function of sewage upgrading. It can be installed above-ground or in pit.
3. Automatic oil scraper and separator equipment: suitable for kitchens where waste water can be smoothly discharged after oil separation. The equipment is fitted with mechanical oil scrapper device to collect waste oil into drum for the ease of cleaning. It is above-ground installed.
4. Automatic oil scrapper and separator powerful discharge equipment: suitable for kitchens located in underground constructions. The equipment is provided with mechanical oil scrapper device to collect oil into drum forthe ease of cleaning. In addition to oil separation function, the equipment is also provided with the function of sewage upgrading. It is above-ground installed.

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Q:Can you replace a water pump gasket?
Yes. Just make sure that the pump it-self is not leaking out of a small hole (aka weep hole) or the shaft that drives the pump. and romove the old gasket completly. clean very well. both pump and motor.
Q:What could it be...? Water Pump or Thermostat?
thermostat for your heat problem but why your engine is shaking I don't know why, they will find out when they put the machine on it.
Q:bmw 2745i water pump?
Usually car manufacturers estimate that most car parts (like a water pump) would last the warranty period and this means 40k to 50k miles. Original water pumps from dealers which are installed during car repairs are usually warrantied for 2 years. Of course this can be voided by driver abuse such as overheating the car or low coolant level.
Q:Can a car turn off due to water pump?
I don't think so. Replacing the water pump on most modern cars is not the cheapest thing to do, though it's often near the timing belt which needs to be replaced every 60,000 miles too. I would walk away from this one. Doesn't sound right to me - or it better be a grand or two or three under blue book as you've got some repairs to do before you can drive it. The reason he hasn't replaced the water pump is because it aint' cheap to do so.
Q:Why my Water Pump is leaking again? It was replace 2 month ago brand new water pump?
I'm sure you used a brand new gasket correct?I'm also sure you scraped any old residual gasket material off the block before you installed the new gasket and water pump correct?You're also suppose to torque the bolts on this water pump in a certain sequence and to 40 ftlbs.If its leaking from between the pump mounting surface and block,its most likely improperly torqued or under torqued bolts,old gasket material wasn't cleaned off good enough,or the block surface has gouges in it which are too deep for just the gasket to seal.If its leaking from the underside of pump out of weep hole,the remanufactured water pump is no good and needs replacement.Make sure none of your hoses clamps are loose.Make sure its coolant leaking and not silicone fluid from the fan clutch.Fan clutch also needs to be stored upright when its not bolted to the water pump.If not,this can cause fluid to start leaking out of clutch.Click link below for vehicle water pump diagram and related info.
Q:Is it my water pump? Help?
You don't mention make, model, or year, but it could be the water pump or some other leak. Your boyfriend can see the car so I am leaning toward his explanation. Check the first source for your make, model, and year, and engine type if you know it. If the entry for your car (or for any of the engines for your car, if you don't know which one) has a # after it the timing belt drives the water pump. If that is so, don't drive it at all until you either determine it is not the water pump or it is repaired. If the pump seizes and it is driven by the timing belt the timing belt will fail. And if the engine is an interference design (has an * along with the #) that will probably cause serious engine damage. The safe thing to do in any case is to try to bum a ride from a friend in the meantime. The shifting problem is probably something else.
Q:Water pump 50HZ impeller and 60HZ what is different, why not the same?
60Hz pump and 50Hz pump itself is not much difference, just that the motor speed, the rated speed is 3600 rpm, 1200 rpm, 1800 rpm, the latter is generally 3000, 1500, 1000 etc.. If it is to use the same pump, the difference is that the 60Hz motor pump flow is 50Hz, motor water pump flow of 1.2 times, the lift is 1.2*1.2=1.44 times, power is 1.2*1.2*1.2=1.728 times. So in the actual manufacture, especially some relatively large flow lift pumps, pump motor using 60Hz to use 50Hz thicker than the spindle motor of the pump impeller, the difference between the two, in addition to empty size shaft is different, what basically no difference. As for the data of package angle, the water conservancy models of different factories are different, but I don't know whether there is any difference between them. Most of them make no difference. However, if you want to use the 60Hz pump to achieve the same flow rate as the 50Hz pump, the impeller of the former should be cut to 0.833 times the size of the latter.
Q:What are the steps to take out a water pump for a grand am 2004?
You did not say if you have a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder. The 6 is really easy so I will assume you have a 4.If equipped with an automatic transmission, remove the exhaust manifold. Refer to Exhaust Manifold Removal in Engine Mechanical - 2.2L (L61). Drain the cooling system. Refer to Cooling System Draining and Filling . Raise and suitably support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle in General Information. Remove the right front tire and wheel. Refer to Tire and Wheel Removal and Installation in Tires and Wheels. Remove the front fender liner. Refer to Front Fender Liner Replacement in Body Front End. Remove the access plate on the water pump sprocket from the timing cover. Install J 43651 to the water pump sprocket. Use the access plate bolts to secure J 43651 to the engine front cover. Remove the bolts that secure the sprocket to the water pump. Remove the bolt (1) that secures the engine block to the water pump. Remove the bolt (2) that secures the engine front cover to the water pump. Remove the feed pipe that joins the thermostat housing to the water pump. Remove the 2 bolts that secure the water pump to the engine block. Remove the water pump.
Q:92 blazer water leak -- NOT WATER PUMP?
look at the housing that the water pump bolts to ,it may be busted and there's some of the bolts that go all the way through in to the block if those wasn't coated with sealant it will still leak from the bolts that hold the water pump on,and that will make it appear to be leaking from the front cover,you got two freeze plugs in the front and three down each side,good luck with it,
Q:Does my 10 story building need water pump?
Perhaps the water tank/supply is higher than 10 stories high.

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