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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-L5

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers

Greater cut resistance and excellent traction

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'HQ
23.1-26 TLS14ER7101023056001500568DW20A16.554
23.1-26 TLS12ER7101020051501500568DW20A16.554
23.1-26 TLS8ER7101014039901500568DW20A16.554

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Q:Why do cars make tires with rubber?
1. Rubber with wear characteristics, long life .2 rubber has a very good elasticity, as the tire can absorb a lot of vibration energy, conducive to smooth car driving .3 rubber products easy to shape.
Q:Do tires have to black?
Why are Tires Black? Left alone, tires dry out, discolor and eventually crack and split. “Dry rot” is a multi-million dollar problem for RVers, trailer boaters and owners of classic cars that are parked for extended periods. The major factor degrading tires and other synthetic and rubber products is ozone, an odorless gas which is part of the air we breath. When combined with ultraviolet light (the invisible part of sunlight) a reaction occurs that attacks the tire polymer. To protect against ozone and UV damage, a stabilizer molecule called a “competitive absorber” is blended with the tire polymer. Competitive absorbers work by capturing and absorbing UV radiation and converting it to heat which is dissipated harmlessly. All tire manufacturers use the same competitive absorber, carbon black. This is why all tires are black...why tires are not available in designer colors. These absorbers are sacrificial; they expend themselves in performing their function of changing UV to heat. As carbon black loses it’s ability to perform, it turns gray. This is one reason why black tires discolor as they age. To protect from further ozone damage, tire manufacturers add a wax compound to their formulas. Tires flex when they are in motion, causing the wax molecules to migrate to the surface. This forms a protective barrier between the air (ozone and oxygen) and the tire polymer. In the tire trade this is called “blooming”. When tires are parked for extended periods, blooming does not occur and ozone starts attacking the polymer. With UV light and ozone working in concert, the degradation is accelerated, resulting in drying, discoloration and cracking. The best product we know of to retard ozone and UV damage is 303 Aerospace Protectant. A quick spray of 303 Protectant leaves tires looking great and protects them with the equivalent of an SPF 40 sunscreen.
Q:What are world-class car tire manufacturers? Specifically introduced
Michelin was founded in 1888 in the French Clermont-Ferrand. In more than 100 years, Michelin has experienced continuous innovation and development. Now operates on five continents and R & D centers in Europe, North America and Asia, and product marketing in more than 170 countries worldwide. Michelin has a total of 113,529 employees, 69 manufacturing plants and 2 rubber plantations worldwide. With an annual output of 190 million tires, 17 million maps and guides.
Q:Soft vs hard compound tyres?
a lot depends on what your looking for soft tires less mileage but better grip wet or dry harder tire more miileage i prefer a hard tire
Q:tire pressure?
the best pressure for that size of tire is 30 lbs i put tires on all day it gives the best ride and wont where out low profile tires as quick
Q:tire sizes?
the guys who said the 225/60/R16 are better in order to keep a better mph reading because if you change the width of the tire, you have to change the height also. for instance the wider you go the shorter you have to go in order to keep a stock height so if the first number goes higher than the second has to go lower
Q:How to maintain the best tire tires?
Note tire life tire is to wear naturally, so the factory tire in the factory will be marked in the sidewall wear limit, to indicate the tire real-time wear conditions. In the daily use of the tire to regularly check the wear and tear, to prevent serious wear and tear affect the use of tires. Tires will be aging, in general, the normal use of tire life is 4-5 years, after 5 years even if the tread wear is also very small and the best replacement. There is also a situation, some owners driving the route is more bumpy, complex road conditions, the wear and tear of the tire is more serious, if there are tires, carried out three or four times the tire, but also consider the safety factor, the best of this tire Exchange to non-drive wheels or rear wheels to reduce the risk of puncture.
Q:You should rotate your vehicle's tires to?
For the same reason I change condoms - to equalize the wear and reduce the likelihood of eventual breakage.
Q:Car tires that brand the best comfort
Used a lot of brands, I think from the comfort in terms of Michelin good.
Q:What is a TUBELESS TIRE???
Tubeless tires are pneumatic tires that do not require a separate butyl rubber inner tube. Traditional designs of pneumatic tires required a separate inner tube which could fail for a number of reasons, such as: incorrect tire fitment, or friction between the tire wall and inner tube generating excess heat causing a blowout. Tubeless tire technology does away with the need for an inner tube thereby increasing safety. In a tubeless tire, the tire, which has an inner lining of impermeable halobutyl, and the rim of the wheel form an airtight seal, with the valve being directly mounted on the rim. If a tubeless tire gets punctured, air escapes only through the hole, leading to a gentle deflation of the tire. Conversely, an inner tube could potentially burst like a balloon, leading to a rapid deflation of the tire which could result in sudden loss of control of the vehicle. A liquid tire sealant can be added to tubeless tires to prevent deflation.

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