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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-E3/L3

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers and motor graders

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePly RatingTread PatternPattern No.PressureLoading capacity (kg)PressureLoading capacity (kg)O.D of inflationSection widthStandard rimQTY/40'HQ
Speed: 10km/hSpeed: 50km/h(mm)(mm)
23.5-25 TTF24E-3/L-3ER300475125003508000161559519.50/2.550
23.5-25 TLS20E-3/L-3ER300375109003007300161559519.50/2.550
23.5-25 TTF20E-3/L-3ER300375109003007300161559519.50/2.550
23.5-25 TTF16E-3/L-3ER30030095002256150161559519.50/2.550
23.5-26 TLS16E-3/L-3ER30030095002256150161559519.50/2.550
20.5-25 TLS20E-3/L-3ER30045095003256000149052017.00/2.080
20.5-2F TTF20E-3/L-3ER30045095003256000149052017.00/2.080
20.5-25 TLS16E-3/L-3ER30035085202755450149052017.00/2.080
20.5-25 TTF16E-3/L-3ER30035082502755450149052017.00/2.080
18.00-25 TLS40E-3ER300950170007009750161549513.00/2.550
18.00-25 TLS32E-3ER300750150005758750161549513.00/2.550
18.00-25 TLS28E-3ER300650136005008000161549513.00/2.550
17.5-25 TLS20E-3/L-3ER30057582504005000135044514.00/1.5108
17.5-25 TTF16E-3/L-3ER30047573003004250135044514.00/1.5108
17.5-25 TLS16E-3/L-3ER30047573003004250135044514.00/1.5108
17.5-25 TTF12E-3/L-3ER30035061502253650135044514.00/1.5108
17.5-25 TLS12E-3/L-3ER30035061502253650135044514.00/1.5108
16.00-24 TTF24L-3ER300650106004756000149543011.25/2.0104
16.00-24 TTF16L-3ER30042582503254875149543011.25/2.0104
16/70-24 TLS14L-3ER30045056503503350117541013.00 115
16/70-24 TTF10L-3ER30032547502502800117541013.00 115
16/70-24 TLS10L-3ER30032547502502800117541013.00 115
16/70-20 TLS14L-3ER30045051503502900107541013.00 120
16/70-20 TLS10L-3ER30032542002502430107541013.00 120
16/70-20 TTF10L-3ER30032542002502430107541013.00 120
15.5-25 TTF16L-3ER30055070503003750127539512.00/1.3125
15.5-25 TLS12L-3ER30040056002503250127539512.00/1.3125
13.00-25 TTF28E-3ER39055073007405010130035010.00/1.5120
14.00-24 TTF28L-3ER300925100006505600137037510.00 125
14.00-24 TTF24L-3ER30085095005755150137037510.00 125

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Q:Tire Workouts?!?
Intesity perhaps intensity.? Intensity of the work out? Well, I bet you guys are very creative and will come up with some great ideas. Let's stand on one side of it and run side ways in and out of it, with it lying flat for4 minutes as fast as you can and add minutes with time. You can roll it to a destiny and back. That's one heavy tire. Suspend it and pitch a baseball through it (the other person catches it with a catcher's mitt. This can help with hand eye coordination. I'm done. Have a great week.
Q:Need opinion on tires?
4 wheel drive is all 4 wheels spinning. My two wheel drive can also be referred to as POSI TRACTION where both rear wheels are Dr. Dave? Curious minds wanna know. ( It's a 1984 Camaro V-8 )
Q:Who invented the radial tire?
Who Invented The Radial Tire
Q:Yokohama YK520 tires for 06 Mazda5? ?
we dont have a mazda5, but we do have 2 99 millenias, both with the yk520's(215/50 17) on them. the yk520 is made by yokohama for discount tire. previous tires were bf goodrich traction ta's, dunlops, goodyear, and i forget the rest. i had bought a set of 17 rims with yokohama yk420's, and even tho they were more than half worn, i was impressed at how much quieter they were, and they also had a much better ride than the traction ta's. when they wore out, i bought the first set of yk520's. they were as good or better than the 420's, and they have a longer warranty. so far, both cars have gone more than 2 years on the tires, and we are very pleased with them. i would get another set in a heartbeat. another plus is the excellent service from discount tire.
Q:mercedes tires?
car alarms are to offen heard so everyone ignores them get a device that screams help. or they offer an alarm that pages you when your car is being broken into also their is an arlam out their that calls your cell phone .
Q:tyre rotation and wheel alignment - difference?
A tire rotation is when the swap ur front tires to the back and the back to the front to maintain the tread wear on the tires even .A wheel alignment is when the alter the tires and suspension to make sure your tires are straight when the steerage wheel is straight to be certain the car doesnt pull to one side even as driving down the avenue .The biggest difference is fee a rotation is like 20 buck or somethimes free at some retail outlets and a wheel alignment stages from 80-150 relying on a shop.
Q:What is the tire company of the car company?
Repair tires for tires
Q:How to look at the size of car tires?
Take the amount of things chanting
Q:How does car tires save?
Treasury to avoid direct sunlight. When the tire is stored, make sure that the tires are away from heat and ozone sources, such as heat pipes and generators. As the tire is a rubber product, so in the driving, parking or storage of tires must be careful not to oil, acid, flammable and chemical corrosion contact, otherwise it will cause corrosion, deformation, softening and so on.
Q:Tire Size?!?
If your 240 originally was fitted with P195/60R15 86H tires then the ideal replacement size would be 205/45R17 XL 88W inflated to 34 psi front and rear. The only caveat would be that the recommened rim widths for this tire size are 6.5 to 7.5 inches. Your rears are a bit wide. If your 240 originally was fitted with P205/60R15 90H tires then the ideal tire size is 215/45R17 87W inflated to 30 psi front and rear. You could also use these as an alternative to the above tire on the rear as these can be safely mounted on wheels up to 8.0 inches - a good tire mounter can squeeze these on 8.5's. It will also give you a bit of that staggered look that is all the rage these days.

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