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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-E3/L3

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers and motor graders

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePly RatingTread PatternPattern No.PressureLoading capacity (kg)PressureLoading capacity (kg)O.D of inflationSection widthStandard rimQTY/40'HQ
Speed: 10km/hSpeed: 50km/h(mm)(mm)
23.5-25 TTF24E-3/L-3ER300475125003508000161559519.50/2.550
23.5-25 TLS20E-3/L-3ER300375109003007300161559519.50/2.550
23.5-25 TTF20E-3/L-3ER300375109003007300161559519.50/2.550
23.5-25 TTF16E-3/L-3ER30030095002256150161559519.50/2.550
23.5-26 TLS16E-3/L-3ER30030095002256150161559519.50/2.550
20.5-25 TLS20E-3/L-3ER30045095003256000149052017.00/2.080
20.5-2F TTF20E-3/L-3ER30045095003256000149052017.00/2.080
20.5-25 TLS16E-3/L-3ER30035085202755450149052017.00/2.080
20.5-25 TTF16E-3/L-3ER30035082502755450149052017.00/2.080
18.00-25 TLS40E-3ER300950170007009750161549513.00/2.550
18.00-25 TLS32E-3ER300750150005758750161549513.00/2.550
18.00-25 TLS28E-3ER300650136005008000161549513.00/2.550
17.5-25 TLS20E-3/L-3ER30057582504005000135044514.00/1.5108
17.5-25 TTF16E-3/L-3ER30047573003004250135044514.00/1.5108
17.5-25 TLS16E-3/L-3ER30047573003004250135044514.00/1.5108
17.5-25 TTF12E-3/L-3ER30035061502253650135044514.00/1.5108
17.5-25 TLS12E-3/L-3ER30035061502253650135044514.00/1.5108
16.00-24 TTF24L-3ER300650106004756000149543011.25/2.0104
16.00-24 TTF16L-3ER30042582503254875149543011.25/2.0104
16/70-24 TLS14L-3ER30045056503503350117541013.00 115
16/70-24 TTF10L-3ER30032547502502800117541013.00 115
16/70-24 TLS10L-3ER30032547502502800117541013.00 115
16/70-20 TLS14L-3ER30045051503502900107541013.00 120
16/70-20 TLS10L-3ER30032542002502430107541013.00 120
16/70-20 TTF10L-3ER30032542002502430107541013.00 120
15.5-25 TTF16L-3ER30055070503003750127539512.00/1.3125
15.5-25 TLS12L-3ER30040056002503250127539512.00/1.3125
13.00-25 TTF28E-3ER39055073007405010130035010.00/1.5120
14.00-24 TTF28L-3ER300925100006505600137037510.00 125
14.00-24 TTF24L-3ER30085095005755150137037510.00 125

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Q:My training buddy and I have added tire workouts to our regimen and after brainstorming and searching we've exhausted new ideas for workouts, anyone have any good suggestions for workouts using a 220 lb tire?
If you can do anything with a 220 pound tire you don't need advise from anyone else.
Q:meatymud tires
The top rated 33X12.5R15 mud tire at the tire rack is the Firestone Destination M/T. In that size it goes for $176 a tire, which is $704 plus shipping. If that's out of your price range, try the Kumhos. Their Road Venture MT KL71 in that size is $668 for four plus shipping. I've had good experience with Kumhos, so don't dismiss them because they are Korean. The Dunlop Radial Mud Rovers are only $140 each ($560 for four) but they are only rated good on ice, if that's important to you. My experience with the Tire Rack is that they are knowledgeable, quick, and fair priced until you have to pay for shipping and installation. My local independent tire shop always beats or meets their price, shipped and installed. Part of that is because most tire stores will charge you extra to install and balance a tire you buy elsewhere. Part of it is because my shop knows me and knows I will recommend them to all my clients and friends.
Q:Are continental tires any good? They sell them at wal-Mart.for my truck they have goodyear and continental.
Purchased a set to replace the factory tires at 44,000 miles on 2013 F150. Have put a little over 2000 miles on them. Same exact size as factory, LX20 with eco-plus. There was an immediate 10-12 per cent drop in fuel mileage and has increased to 15+ per cent drop. Other than that they are fine, but I will not buy any more. For my truck that is roughly 70-80 miles less per tank. So for every approx. 3000 miles I will have 1 extra fill-up at about $100 dollars where I live. At about 40,000 miles per year that is an extra 1300.00. Bout what a set of Premium tires costs.
Q:What is the meaning of H on car tires?
H represents the highest speed that the tire can withstand
Q:Modified car tires to change what is good
The so-called "tire" is the car "wheel" which part of the rubber, which itself is software, so the tires inside the tire supporting the drum-shaped, the center is mounted on the shaft parts called the hub, due to different language habits, many People have different names for the wheels, such as "wheels".
Q:i think white tires would look cool. i need to know where i can find them, a website name would be nice. if there are no white tires i would also like to know about other color tires. just not black lol.
i dont think they make them in color. im pretty sure ull need to paint them, and re-paint them and re-paint them and re-paint them. ahhaha
Q:can i put 35‘‘ x 12.5 tires on 17x 7.5 wheels
insufficient information to answer. You have provided tire outer diameter and width, but not the diameter of the rims they are supposed to fit on (ie 15,16,17, 18, etc) 7.5 inch wide wheels are a bit narrow for 12.5 tires, I would go with 9 wide rims.
Q:Car Tire A / T What does it mean?
Now there are three types: A / T, M / T, H / TA / T is all-terrain, referring to the four-wheel drive tires that can be used on most of the road; M / T stands for Mud-terrain, Refers to mud tiles used in muddy environments; H / T stands for highway-terrain, which refers to tires designed for vehicles traveling on highways
Q:What is meant by balancing a tire?
take it to a tire shop. the easiest way to explain it is. go look at a tire on the nearest car. you see that little metal piece on the edge of the rim? that is a counterweight. it should be about 1-2 inches long, and they have various weights. when a tire gets going fast, if it is not properly balanced (weight evenly distubuted) it will start to wobble. to correct this, they identify the heavy spots, and add weight to the light spots to keep the forces on opposite sides of the tire equal. hope that explains it.
Q:Okay. I just got a G35 and I need winter tires or All- Seasons. First of all, do you think just snow tires are better than all season? Second, what brands/tires do you recommend? Third, do you think studded or unstudied will be best for me. My car is RWD in case you didn't know.
All season tires are crappy in all seasons. they are bad in rain, snow, ice, mud, gravel.... They are a cheap option for people who do not care about their own safety, or the safety of others. If you live, or frequently go where it snows, then winter tires are the way to go. Studded tires, check local laws about that. Tire shops should be able to answer this. Any winter tires made by well known brands (goodyear, bridgestoone, firestone, perelli....) all make great winter tires.

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