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Giant Off the Road Bias tire-E3/L3

Off the road bias tyre for loaders and dozers and motor graders

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePly RatingTread PatternPattern No.PressureLoading capacity (kg)PressureLoading capacity (kg)O.D of inflationSection widthStandard rimQTY/40'HQ
Speed: 10km/hSpeed: 50km/h(mm)(mm)
26.5-25 TLS28E-3/L-3ER3104751550035010000175067522.00/3.035
26.5-25 TLS24E-3/L-3ER310400140003009250175067522.00/3.035
26.5-25 TLS20E-3/L-3ER310350132002508250175067522.00/3.035
16.00-25 TLS28E-3/L-3ER310750115005756700149543011.25/3.080

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Q:what brand has the cheapest mud tires?
Khumo tires seem to be cheap I have them on a truck I just bought and they seem to be decent
Q:tyre pressure for 195/45 r15 78v?
The maximum tire pressure should be moulded into the sidewall on every tire. But, that is only the maximum pressure for that specific tire. You should always go by the vehicle manufacturer's tire inflation specifications for best fuel economy, and ride comfort. Most manufacturer's put a sticker in the door jamb, or glove box, sometimes it's even behind the fuel door. When in doubt, about 35 psi should get you down the road without abnormal tire wear, and decent fuel economy.
Q:Where can i buy online some blue wall bmx tyres?
I think u can see here for best blue wall bmx tyres.
Q:tire size for new wheels?
the tire size that should work the best is on a tag on the drivers door . I know that Ford has done some testing etc and they put the tires on to keep up the fuel ratings etc. in most cases this works ok. but if you increase or decrease the recommended size of the tires then your mileage or performance may suffer. of course just putting on wider tires wont change any ratios . there is a lot of variables involved Hope this helps
Q:What is the optimum tire pressure for a 2005 mustang?
Look on the side of the tire the maximum pressure wil be there, fill to within 5 pounds of the max. do not go by the sticker inside the door jamb thats the car manufactures suggestion, but they didnt make the tire and all tires have different max pressures, so you go by what the tire says.
Q:How long is the car tires? How long does it change?
Hello! Please refer to the instruction manual for tire transposition in the user manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer. If you do not have a vehicle manual, it is recommended that you adjust the position once every 8000 to 10,000 km.
Q:How much does a tire cost?
That's a good size tire, but as always- shop around. Do you just need one tire? Many places have sales where if you buy 3 they will give you the 4th for free. Tire brand will also make a difference in the price. Also tire type. I am assuming from the size that this is going on a truck. Can you do a P (passenger car tire) as opposed to a LT (light truck tire)? The P tire will ride a bit smoother, but isn't rated as high for weight as the LT tire. The P tire should also be a bit cheaper. Shop, shop, shop. :)
Q:what do I inflate my tire to?
Hi:Most Tires Have 32-35 Pounds Of Air In Them,Unless Otherwise Marked.Hope This Helps.Later.
Q:PSI on truck or on tires?
For the best answers, search on this site A good rule of thumb is to go 5 to 10 psi below the Max PSI. That would put you back to around 35 psi. You should be ok at 40 psi, but watch how the tires wear. If you notice them wearing more in the middle of the tread, reduce the pressure.
Q:Can the material used for aircraft tires be used for regular car tires?
The materials are in fact pretty much the same, but it is the design that is different. As others have explained, airplane tires would not work well on autos and they would be much more expensive than what you can buy now. I fly a plane with tires approximately the same size as a standard car tire and they cost over $600 apiece. There are other problems. For one, aircraft tires are made to go at high speed for very short distances. You would not get very high mileage out of a car tire if it were designed like an airplane tire. For another thing, aircraft tires are not designed for the loads imposed when going around curves at high speed like auto tires are. Auto tires are engineered and constructed very well and the quality has improved dramatically over the years. In the 1970's, top-of-the-line Michelin tires were good for 40,000 miles with a top speed rating of 100mph and they cost about $100 each. Today, the best passenger tires can go 80,000 miles at speeds up to 130mph.and they cost about $150 each. Adjusting for inflation, they are cheaper today than 30 years ago, and they are far better tires.

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