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Giant OTR Tires E-4

Off the road bias tyre for dump trucks and motor graders  

Large product mix from 18.00-25 to 56/80-63

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'
59/80-63 TLS76ER370506001000004069149944.00/5.0863

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Q:Car tire front wheel wear fast or rear wheel wear fast?
Normal situation (here refers to the normal situation, refers to no special driving habits - ejection, drift, bruising, etc.), regardless of the front or rear drive are the front wheel wear will be more serious than the rear, the main reason is : 1, now most of the household models engine compartment in the front of the car, the vehicle's main weight is relatively concentrated, the front wheel with a greater load relative to the rear wheel; 2, the brake process, the front wheel to withstand the braking force is stronger than the rear , This design is to make the vehicle as short as possible to shorten the braking distance .3, the front wheel is the steering wheel, in the car driving process, turn, the front wheel will produce lateral sliding on the road (without this friction, we can not It is recommended that every 1Wkm on the location of the tire for a swap, 1, if the spare tire is not the same size, with the specifications (1), if the tire is not the same size, 2, if the spare tire is the same size, with the specifications, if it is the same as the original car tires, then it will not be able to do the same time, Fortunately, with the spare tire on the left, pick the less wear of the rear tire on the right front, compared to the remaining three tires, choose two wear similar to the back, wear the most serious into the trunk when the equipment Tire, note that I am here to say that the spare tire is exactly the same as the original tires.
Q:What is the meaning of car tires?
Eating tires usually refers to the tread has abnormal wear (for example: tire side of the shoulder wear faster than the rest of the tread; intermediate wear faster than the tire on both sides of wear)
Q:Make up a car tires how much money
Tire business license about 20 million it, how long is the evidence that rely on the relationship
Q:Audi q5 start moment there is a common earthquake is what the problem
Engine feet aging can also cause jitter car jitter sometimes with the engine foot aging, the engine foot is the engine shock absorber system, the engine is responsible for absorbing the engine running in the subtle jitter, if the engine feet problems, these shock will Spread to the steering wheel, the cab, causing jitter when idle.
Q:Car tire size 185 / 65R15 what does it mean ah
Indicating that the tire is a diameter tire, wide and 185mm with 15-inch wheel bone
Q:PS how to car tires do car dynamic, there are filters?
The car tires made dynamic, available filter: radial fuzzy.
Q:Tire question?
"All-season" tires are intended for use in a broad range of climates in rain, dry and "light snow" conditions and from temperatures of around freezing up to 100-deg F. All-season tires are not designed to work in deep snow, ice conditions or very cold temperatures. The only "all-weather" tire on the market is the Nokian WR and the newer WR G2 which is a rare and expensive piece of kit but well worth it. These tires meet U.S. and Canadian standards for severe winter use and thus have the mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall. All-season tires don't have that. The WR's while not quite as good in the worst winter conditions as the best dedicated winter-only tires like the Bridgestone Blizzak are infinately better in winter conditions than even the best all-season tires. And unlike dedicated winter-only tires such as the Blizzak the WR's can be left on the vehicle all-year round and provide warm-weather performance comparable to a high-quality all-season tire. This saves the cost and trouble of owning two sets of tires and having to switch them twice a year. I have used these tires myself on one of my vehicles for the last 3 years and can attest to their performance. If you care about winter traction the best option is to have 2 sets of wheels, one shod with a quality performance tire optimized for best performance in warm weather and another with dedicated high-quality winter-only tires. Barring that, a tire like the WR gives superior winter performance to regular all-season tires and while expensive, are still cheaper than 2 sets of tires.
Q:Tire Pressure?
It's on the door post in the driver's door along with the tire size. It's also in the owner's manual. When you check pressure, You are suppose to check it in the morning or after the car sets for 30 minutes. The pressure is for cool tires, not hot. However, Sometimes this isn't practical after driving, so expect the pressure to be a few pounds higher if the tire is warm. Don't over inflate. This will cause possible lose of traction and tire wear.
Q:Car tires in front of the plastic baffle
Fender is also called the wheel lining, X treasure a lot.
Q:Car tires installed 215/60/16 and installed 215/55/16 What is the difference
60 and 55 refer to the percentage of tire thickness and tire width. So their generosity is not the same size, the bigger the tires are flattened.

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