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Giant OTR Tires E-4

Off the road bias tyre for dump trucks and motor graders  

Greater cut resistance and heat resistance

Different tread compounds for consumers' requirements

Exceptional stability and long tire life

High quality and competitive prices

SizePlyPatternMax speedPressureLoading capacityO.D of inflationSection WidthStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'
24.00-35 TLS48ER420/ER4605065018500217565517.00/3.55722
24.00-35 TLS42ER420/ER4605055016500217565517.00/3.55722
29.5-25 TLS34ER4605040013000192075025.00/3.54825

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Q:how to tell my car tires need to be changed? what tires are best for corolla?
SA,, as suggested to see what is highly rated and what would be best for your driving needs. Your Corolla S either has the tire size of 195/65-15 or 195/55-16. There are great tires available to you in either size. Some really good budget prices tires in definitely available. Allow me to suggest a few: Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring Best tire currently available in your size. Expensive at more than 100 a tire, but worth it. If you have the $$ get them. Hankook Optimo H727 Excellent budget priced tire. Perfect for your Toyota if you simply need a comfortable, long lasting tires of good quality. Can handle snow too, if needed. Probably your best choice. Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Outstanding touring all season tire. Neck and neck with the Hankook H727.
Q:Studded or Unstudded Winter Tires?
In Colorado for commuting, ice is generally more of a problem than snow. I have used studded tires for years with good results. One year I tried blizzaks and they were as good as the studded tires the first year. By the third year they were like an all season tire. The studs will stay good for at least three years if you are care full on dry pavement, not to spin or break hard. During the time that I had the blizzaks I had to commute 60 miles one way on 75 mph highway. I was so glad I didn't have the studs. Much smoother ride and quieter.
Q:Where to get cheaper tires?
look in the yellow pages under tires, look for a tire dealer near you, give them a call and tell them you want a set of tires like you need, get their price, and then call about three other places, make sure the price includes mounting and balancing the tires. some dealers will give you a low price on the tires then add 10=15 dollars per tire for doing them. good luck.
Q:What is the meaning of car tires 102h?
102 is the load index, and H represents the speed level indicating the maximum speed at which the tire carries the specified load under specified conditions. H corresponds to H 210 km / h. To P195 / 65R15 91H in order to say the specific meaning of "P" refers to the car tires. (LT light truck, ULT mini truck, C business car) General North American market or reference TRA standard only then, goodyear, Hercules more. "195" refers to the width level of the tire cross section, which is the width level (mm) between the two sidewalls, not the width of the tire actually grounded. "65" is the flat ratio of the tire, the width of the tire width and the height of the tire, where the tire height of 65% of the width of the tire, the smaller the value, the more flat, such as 45 ~ ~ 25 series of high-performance tires, but the price expensive. "R" refers to the structure of the tire, indicating that the tire for the meridian structure, that is, its ply is arranged in the radial meridian in the carcass. "B" or "-" indicates that the tire is a skewed structure. "15" indicates the rim diameter (in inches), the tire must match the 15-inch rim, otherwise it can not be installed. (The United States occurred 16-inch tires installed on 16.5inch, the tire wounding, and compensation a lot) "91" that load index: the tire maximum load of 615 kg (1355 pounds). Different load indices represent different maximum loads (usually in pounds or kilograms).
Q:Tire Fitting Question?
Yes those tires will be fine. 70 vs. 75 is very little difference.
Q:How long is the life of the car tires?
Tire mileage will be affected by many external factors, such as road conditions, driving style, vehicle conditions, tire pressure and so on. So the actual mileage of each tire is a certain difference. It is recommended that you conduct regular tire inspection at a professional tire shop, check the air pressure once a month, and make a four-wheel positioning and transposition every 8000 ~ 10000 km. This will ensure the safety of the tire to extend the service life.
Q:Can car tires add nitrogen? what is the benefit?
Can go nitrogen gas of course good, but the daily car, not so care about.
Q:How wide are low profile tires?
A low profile tire is generally considered anything in a 50 series or less. So, how wide is a low profile tire? Well, an 8 inch wide low profile tire will be 8 inches wide. A 9 inch wide low profile tire will be 9 inches wide. A 10 inch low profile tire... well, you can probably already see a pattern developing there. In short, the tire's profile may be measured in relation to the width, but they are not really connected. How much rubber is on a low profile tire? This will depend on the specific tire, and what you mean by "how much." If you are referring to tread depth, most street tires will be around 8-12/32" with competition radials coming in around 6-8/32" for dry running. If you mean total area, then π times the tire's diameter times the width will give you the surface area; multiply that by the tread depth if you want the total volume of rubber used in the tread... etc. How wide should a good handling supercar's tires be? Again, this depends on the specifics. The car's weight distribution, drive train properties, suspension geomtry and setup, the specifics tires, and what the goals of the design engineers are (ie, is on track performance more important than drivability on the street and to what degree, are there government mandates in terms of milage that much be met, etc etc). But, as a generalization, more contact area means better performance, so wider is better. But there are limits... one of the biggest will that the wider your front tires get, the slip angle at which they will work becomes less and less. And in terms of balance, while you can generally run at least somewhat wider in the rear, this will eventually contriubte to unbalancing the car if this difference becomes too great.
Q:What are the common problems with car tires?
Know the tire wear mark "△" pattern depth generally can not be less than 1.6mm At present, many owners do not know the extent of the tire tread to replace the tire, but do not know the importance of pattern on traffic safety. Research shows that the tread pattern is too shallow, in addition to poor drainage, the crown of the heat can not be discharged in a timely manner, so that the tire temperature rise, emergency braking, it is easy to scratch the crown rubber and lead to puncture; shallow. Especially easy to be hard to pierce the tread, causing the accident. So, what kind of pattern should be grinding to the extent of it? Under normal circumstances, every tire on every 60 degrees in its sidewall has a small "△" symbol, a total of six small "△" (Michelin tires are small snow standard), in the small "△" symbol In front of the crown part, the pattern is engraved with the residual depth limit of the pattern. When the pattern wears to this residual depth limit, the tire should be replaced and should not be used. Experiments show that the tire tread depth of the general can not be less than 1.6mm, otherwise, both the tire driving force or braking performance should be greatly reduced, and encountered waterway, there will be "water taxiing" phenomenon.
Q:Can the car tire burst?
Can open ah for the tire, and then open to repair the old! If not spare tire, first hit some gas, make do with open to the car repair place, should be too much problem

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