Most Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Remote Shutter

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Product Description:

Product Description

Most Mini bluetooth speaker with remote shutter

1.CE&RHOS certification

2.Super mini speaker

3.Remote shutter

4.OEM welcomed




1.Hands-free function

2.Remote shutter function

3. Bluetooth speaker:3. 0

    Working distance: 10M- 20M without obstacle

4.  3.5mm Audio jack 

5. USB cable for charging

6.Rechargeable Li battery

7.Working time:over 10 hours at 1/2 Volume,3.5 hours at Maximize Volume

8..long size with strong bass  and FM is chooseable

Your OEM and ODM orders are highly welcomed.

Most Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Remote ShutterMost Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Remote Shutter


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4. Normally, it will take around 3-7days from China to destination country. Please note that some remote places will need 1-3 days more

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Q:300zx center speaker?
does your car have door speakers and rear speakers aswel or just the centre front speaker and 2 rear speakers?
Q:X Mini speaker help please?
You have to charge the battery for awhile using a usb cord connected to a power source such as a computer or wall plug adapter.
Q:how much energy is wasted in computer Speakers?
well there are wastes and energy usages during production, but if you're considering when they are connected to your computer then it's different. All electronics are inefficient and produce some waste heat but it would be less than a larger stereo, which also has its own chip which uses power to process inputs and produce sound. while your speakers are not in use they also draw electricity if they are left on because while the power is on they still make a slight vibration, even if you don't have anything playing. so turn them off when not in use. Also the power adapter which converts ac to dc will always use some power while plugged in.
Q:whats consider a good speaker for pc?
Most people actually cannot discern the difference between high priced speakers and cheap ones. Don't believe it? Go the store with a friend, turn your back to the speakers and guess which one is being used. Buy the ones in your price range. It's not that important.
Q:What is the working principle of the loudspeaker?
2. Such speakers can be excellent performance, in the middle band can get a uniform frequency response.
Q:Power question for Amp and PA speaker?
if you were my neighbor then i suggest 2 watts, please.
Q:What speakers have a 3.5mm input?
Bookshelf speakers do not generally have a 3.5 mm input, they use binding posts. For non-powered speakers you will need an amplifier to drive them with, your computer speaker outputs are not powered, they are line level.
Q:Help with my speakers?
something may have set your computer not to play through them so go to your control panel and change the out put.
Q:How do I improve my speakers?
speakers are only as good as whats inside , theyll never be as good as your headphones , buy new speakers
Q:Crackle in my car speakers.?
I faced the same problem once. My old car speakers was blown out too. maybe because I cranked the volume too loud. then I bought a really cheap car speakers for RM80 with installation too. they were kenwood speakers. At first, when I tested, the sound came out wonderful. Really sounded brand new. I didn't cranked the volume too loud this time but after 1 week of used. they begin to crackle. I went to the shop and they said I cranked the volume too loud. Dissatified, I drove to my friend's house as he was good in this electronics and gadgetry things. We opened the speakers to have a good look. My friend told me that the kenwood speakers weren't manufactured by kenwood. it is a non branded china made speakers wit kenwood logo glued onto it. Good and pricy branded speakers don't crackle or distort easily. another simptom might be because of poor installation. hehe

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