Machinemade Wool Carpet with Modern Design for Luxury Home and Hotel

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1000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1 Structure of  Wool Carpet and Rug Description 


Wool Carpet and Rug are made of 100% wool yarn , it's luxury design and good feelings are suitable for home, five star hotel and office room . Welcome customed design, size and shape .


2 Main Features of Wool Carpet and Rug 

Feature: Luxury, Soft, Comfortable, Decorative. 


3 Wool Carpet and Rug Images

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug

Wool Carpet and Rug Specification

Material: 100% wool yarn, made with available 8colors.
Pile Height: 10mm, etc

Pile Weight: 4500g/m2

Design: Persian design and modern design. Can make according to customer’s artwork.

Colors: blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown; 

FAQ of Wool Carpet and Rug 

1) How to control the products’ quality?

We have always placed great emphasis on quality control to ensure that excellent quality level is maintained. Moreover, the principle we always maintain is "to provide customers with better quality, better price and better service".

2) Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we work on OEM orders. Which means size, material, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requests; and your logo will be customized on our products.

 3) What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

1, Size of the products

2, Material and stuff(if have)

3, package

4, Quantities

5, Please send us some pictures and designs for checking if possible so we can do best as your request. Otherwise, we will recommend relevant products with details for your reference.

4)  How many days will sample be finished and how we control the sample charge?

Samples will be sent within 5 working days after we are in receipt of the payment. The sample charge is free, but the charges of shipping will be paid by the customer. You can pay the shipping charges by telex transfer(T/T),Payeasy.

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Q:How to get smell out of carpet?
Once you've cleaned as well as you can, spray the spot with Lysol..
Q:help on rug costs-- geometry?
Step 1: When you compare two items, you want to compare them on common grounds, so... convert all the measurements to inches. Step 2: Find the Area by multiplying length (l) times width (w) or as its probably is shown in your text book... lw. Step 3: Create two ratios. A ratio shows a relationship between things so you can make common comparisons. Like price per pound of hard candy ($ per pound or $/lb) to $/lb of chocolate candy. In this case you're comparing the price of small rugs to large rugs. $/size. Example: Large rug is 58 by 94. The area is lw=58*94=5,452 square inches. Therefore the $/size is $299/5,452 or 299 divided by 5,452 = $.055 per square inch. Do the same for the smaller rug and see if they are the same or similar which would answer the second question.
Q:how much would it cost to carpet 3 bedrooms?
Edit : ^^^ He posted first... Lowes is offering a special for carpeting your whole house for $139 Don't know the details but here is the link
Q:What carpet is good for sound absorption?
Sound absorption effect is good, if sound absorption is large, then you can choose a thick, porous structure, loose carpet.
Q:What kind of carpet floorings are at reasonable prices? Carpet Costs?
if you want 5-7 year carpet, it will install for $2.50-$3.50 sf 10-15 years $3.95-$5.00
Q:How to clean carpet better?
Better is probably relative. Answer # 1 gives a great detailed account of how to, so I'll just add some thoughts. I mean you no disrespect but regular vacuuming helps as does not having food where you have carpet. If the stains are dirt or pet issues, then they should be addressed as well. The major issue in using a machine to clean a carpet is residue from any detergent used and a pro will very likely use low foaming. Soap, or detergent residue actually attracts dirt, after the fact, and I am wondering about something # 1 said. RINSE?? The idea of carpet cleaning is to remove whatever is wrong with the least amount of liquid, hence a good, strong vac to begin. The problem with soaking is that the water leaches to the padding, which has very likely sponged up any stains, such as wine, coffee, soda, pet urine, etc. As the carpet looks beautiful again, the padding has to dry, as it drys along with the carpet, that moisture will be re-absorbed into the carpet fibers, and suddenly a stain might reappear. Steam cleaning in that sense is best, and many pro's use a Bonnet technique to remove obvious, surface stains in the fibers, with a minimum of any soaking DOC
Q:carpet cleaning services?
you can seldom go wrong with SERVPRO. they're on Miller Avenue in Jackson.
Q:How to install carpet over wood?
any carpet you install is going to damage the wood floor and you are going to pay to have it re-done average price 500 dollars a room the land lord will inflate the bill use double sided area rugs or get slippers
Q:Buy prayer rugs.....?
They have a lot of non-traditional styles: floral, trees, swirls, as well as some traditional styles. They are good quality, too and have a variety of prices
Q:I am currently in Afghanistan and need help picking out an oriental rug.?
Different region use different patterns. Smal knotts are good. the smaler the better. The pattern should be clearly visible in the back otherwise you have a machine knitted one

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