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Kwikstage System Steel Scaffolding

Kwikstage System Steel Scaffolding

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Hebei China (Mainland)

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:barely packaged,a 40HQ container can load about 600sets of steel scaffolding systems.
Delivery Detail:15days after confirm the order


layher ring lock scaffolding,cup lock scaffolding,Kwikstage scaffolding,tube&clamps scaffolding,Frame scaffolding system

Specification of Scaffodling system:

Types of scaffolding

Ring lock scaffolding,cup lock scaffolding,Kwikstage scaffolding,Aluminium Scaffolding,Frame,Shroing Scaffolding,Mobile Scaffolding

Surface treatment

hot-dip galvanized,electro galvanized,dip-painting,powder coating




2.5mm,3.2mm,usual export standard

Quality Control

ISO9001 Certification,Quality Test


BS1139/EN74 or EN74B,AS1576


Europe, North America, South America, Middle East,Africa, Asia…


Factory steel pallet,safe and standard package

HS Code


Q:Can any one tell me about different types of scaffolding? Especially about tubular and frame scaffolding. If you can tell me about the components using in scaffolding also, that would be appreciate. Please give me some useful links too. Thanks in advance.Regards,Just A Guy
Sorry I don't have links.But I have had the tube type for over 20yrs.The components are :cross bar decks or planks leveling pads scaffold ends(thats what we called them) You should be able to call your local rentall place and find out where you can purchase some or you might be able to purchase theirs at a good price.One more piece you may want to consider depending on how high you go is called a wall tie.always make sure your scaffold is level both ways!it makes a difference when you start to stack or tie together in a string.goodluck
Q:I am considering getting an ear scaffolding, and was wondering, is it girly???
i know tons of girls that have them!! i had one but it was pierced too close to the side and it was uncomfortable so i ended up taking it out. but i left the top hole and found some cute jewelry to go there!! it you want it.. go for it :D i love piercings!!
Q:Attached to the lifting scaffolding installation site how to write
All threaded connections nuts have been tightened.It should be removed from the live construction load have been evacuated after.
Q:What is the significance of the scaffold in the novel 'The Scarlet Letter' (Hawthorne)?
It has dramatic importance because key events happen there. Further, at the scaffold is where much hypocrisy gets played out. From Shmoop
Q:is both 1 m farm from the scaffold. if the boeard is 20 kg in mass, how close to the end can the painter stand w/out tipping the board over?
1.692m, but you should have included a diagram, I am still not sure if you are talking about a cantilever force couple or a simple lever pivot..
Q:Ok so 3 days ago (4 tomorrow), i got a scaffold piercing, AKA an industrial, and it was fine up until today when i noticed a small build up of clumpy, very dark, blood around the second hole of it. I cleaned it off and it stayed ok for a few hours and now i think it's coming back! it itches a bit, but when i asked my older brother (who has several piercings) he said it was starting to heal and that it's common. also, the woman who pierced my ear (who also has several facial piercings and 2 scaffolds) said it would definetly bleed during the 6-8 weeks it takes to heal.i was just wondering why the blood is so dark and thick, and why it itches when the blood is there.this is the first piercing i've had since my earlobes as a child, so i don't really know much about them :/ help please!!!!!
whats happing 2 ur piercing is totally normal i got my industrial pierced about 2 or 3 weeks ago it bleed alot the person that pierced it said that was normal....u just need 2 clean it at least 2 or 3 times a day...when u take out the jewelry for the first time it's gonna bleed.
Q:What is the previous version of the scaffold fastener (JGJ166-2008) for construction? That is, the implementation of the current version of JGJ166-2008 will soon be replaced by 2009.7.1 version.
In addition, I did not hear that JGJ166-2008 has a new version of ah
Q:Would like to build a scaffold to use to paint interior of house using common materials (wood, PVC pipe, tubular steel etc) which I can buy at Home Depot and quot;boltquot; together. Top level only needs to be 6ft high to do what I need.......Any ideas or plans....rather than renting or buying a ready made one? Thanks
If you only need the top to be 6' high, why not rent one? Go to a rental yard and rent a baker. It's 6' tall, and has holes in the frame every 6 or so. This allows you to build it on stairs. It's a safe alternative to building your own. Hope this helps.
Q:I heard that because of the bicentennial in 2012, a lot of buildings are under renovation. I am worried that when we get there, all the buildings will be under scaffolding and we won't see anything or be able to appreciate the true ambiance of the city. Does anyone know what the city looks like right now?
Hello. You can see most of everything. Not too many buildings in Restoration. The City looks well now . But Buenos Aires and generally Argentina are a mix of things. You visit Argentina and Buenos Aires for Monuments, Food, Culture, Dance and People. So....Enjoy Argentina and have fun
Q:Now there are many kinds of scaffolding market, like what wheel buckle scaffolding, scaffolding, scaffolding, what. I would like to buy a large number of scaffolding, and then lease out, which type of scaffolding to buy what is better?
Especially you want to rent it, the more appropriate scaffolding. Because the service life of Pankou scaffold in 20 ~ 30 years and during the basic need of maintenance

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