Steel kwikstage Scaffolding System

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)

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kwikstage Scaffolding
scaffolding system
silver,yellow,black or as your request
EN74, BS1139
kwikstage Scaffolding:
kwikstage Scaffolding system standard

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:in bulk or pallet according to customer's requirement kwikstage Scaffolding system standard
Delivery Detail:no more than 15days


Best price kwikstage scafffolding
Good bearing capacity .
Used time long .
Very good stability .
Covenient to transport

Kwikstage system

1.have our own factory
2.Good bearing capacity
3.Stable& durable
4.Easy to assemble or dismantle

Our capability

Produce Equipment: 4 forged production lines,2assembly line,2 bolish line ,1sets 400 punch   press,3sets 300t punch press

Produce Technology: stamping/pressing/forging;

Produce Capacity: 500 tons/month

Output: 3000 pcs/day couplers,3000pcs steel plank



Thickness(mm):48.3*2.75 / 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.75 / 4.0



  Thickness(mm): 48.3*2.75 / 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.75 / 4.0



 50mm*50mm*5mm thickness steel angle  



  size:48.3*2.5mm thickness steel tube   Length(mm): 1830/2750/3530/3660

5.Bace Jack:

   Solid Base Jack:38mm(diameter)*650mm     (length)or as your request

   Hollow Base Jack: 38mm(diameter)*4/4.5/5/6mm(thickness) or as your request

size for reference

Kwikstage ItemsLength(mm)Steel GradeTheoretical Weight(kg)

Standard w/o spigot3000Q23517.5
Standard w/o spigot2500Q23514.5
Standard w/o spigot2000Q23511.5
Standard w/o spigot1500Q2358.5
Standard w/o spigot1000Q2356
Standard w/o spigot500Q2352
Ledger 3.2mm2400Q2359.26
Ledger 3.2mm1800Q2357
Ledger 3.2mm1200Q2355
Ledger 3.2mm760Q2354.3
Transom 5.0mm2400Q23522
Transom 5.0mm1800Q23513.5
Transom 5.0mm1200Q2359.6
Transom 5.0mm1000Q2358
Transom 5.0mm760Q2356
Ladder Access Tran2400Q23511.6
Ladder Access Tran1800Q23515.3
Ladder Access Tran1200Q23524
3 Board Stage Bracket3000Q2359
2 Board Stage Bracket2000Q2356
1 Board Stage Bracket1000Q2352.5
Tie Bar2400Q2357
Tie Bar1800Q2355
Tie Bar1200Q2353
Tie Bar760Q2352.1
Double Coupler Q2351.25
Swivel Coupler Q2351.25
51mm Double Coupler Q2351.3
51mm Swivel Coupler Q2351.3
Putlog/Single Coupler Q2351
Girder Gravelock Coupler Q2351.5

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Q:my next door neighbour has just put up scaffolding, and its completely blocking my sky dish. what can i do?
Ooohh that sucks! I would call your satellite provider and see if they have any suggestions.
Q:Sleeping on an industrial/scaffold piercing?
I just got an indistrial piercing a week and a half ago. If you end up rolling over onto the peircing in your sleep you'll know right away because it hurts. A lot. It seems like I was waking up every hour for the first couple of days. It would probably be better to get it on the opposite ear than the side you sleep on.
Q:How Much originally is it for Industrial and Scaffold Piercings?
Depends where you're getting it done. Some places it could be like $30 - $60 and at other places it could be $60 - $100. Call some shops and ask them. Where I live, at one piercing shop they do piercings for $50 and at another one they do them for like $80
Q:Do you capitalize Scaffold Helpler?
Yeah, I would capitalize it because it's a title.
Q:Scaffold requirements? Anyone have any knowledge on scaffolding?
No - do not remove the siding as you will not find any studs there. Siding is generally attached to wood frame houses - slap boards - but not studs and that wouldn't be secure enough anyway. Hopefully the house has a roof overhang - with rafters. You can use 2x4s x 8 feet bolted to your scaffolding and tied into rafters with a 6 inch bolt. Be gentle on the chimney - do not brute force it. My guess is that its very weak (mortar wise) and that the worse is going to be the sand and weak mortar joints. Be sure to use tarps around the foliage - to avoid damage to the ground. Start at the very top and work your way down.
Q:contractors scaffolding?
do u mean a cherry picker or a scissor lift, diffrence being a cherry picker you can take it on the roof and move about the roof, scissor lift will take u up 2 the roof then you just walk off scissor lift on 2 roof. i done my courses 4 these 2 the sciossor lift is easier 2 learn but the cherry picker get u all over the roof 2 an extent. hope ive helped pal.
Q:scaffold has a mass of 21.6 kg and is 2.5 m long,and is held on both ends by a vertical rope. what is tension?
The smartaleck answer: Google 'define:tension' The real answer: 21.6 kg*G (gravity constant)=something N (Newtons). By Newton's 3rd law, forces act in equal but opposite pairs, so the weight of the scaffold is offset by the two vertical ropes, so each rope takes half of the force, which means (something N)/2 is the force in each rope. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think the length matters, because you're not calculating torque here. Note: I said something so you would not just copy down the answer! :)
Q:Where can I find safety standards for Scaffolding?
ANSI A10.8-2001 Safety Requirements for Scaffolding Scope: Establishes safety requirements for the construction, operation, maintenance, and use of scaffolds used in the construc- tion, demolition and maintenance of build- ings and structures.
Q:my scaffolding/industrial piercing- so much blood?
Wow that didn't happen to me when I got it. But we are all different so....
Q:What ever happened to scaffold matches?
WTF is a scaffold match

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