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Maharashtra India

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Made from 48.3OD x 4mm thick Steel Tubes with housings at four directions at right angles. Standards have spigot welded to them.


 Consist of Standards with wedge housing welded to them at 500mm centers in four directions at right angles.  Ledgers and Transoms  with banana end brackets connect to the verticals with positive locking wedges fit in the wedge housings of standards.  The Diagonals have a swiveling bracket with positive wedge locking to the standards. Standards are erected on adjustable Base Jack to cope with variation in Ground level.

  • Made from 48.3 OD x 4 mm thick Steel Tubes with housings at four directions at right angles. Standards have spigot welded to them to connect one above the other. Standard sizes are 9ft.9in, 6ft. 6in & 3ft3in.

  • Conforms to BS Standards.

  • Dip painted to give protection inside the tubes

The elements constituting the system:

§      Vertical element

§      Horizontal element

§      Lower universal jack and jack nut

§      Upper universal jack and jack nut

§      Connection tool for vertical elements

§      Beam supporting element

§      Console

§      Base jack

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Q:Scaffolding engineer?
Calculations, specifications, plans, sections, and details for scaffolds and shoring must be prepared and certified by a licensed civil or structural engineer.
Q:my next door neighbour has just put up scaffolding, and its completely blocking my sky dish. what can i do?
wait until he has completed the work.
Q:How Much originally is it for Industrial and Scaffold Piercings?
Depends where you're getting it done. Some places it could be like $30 - $60 and at other places it could be $60 - $100. Call some shops and ask them. Where I live, at one piercing shop they do piercings for $50 and at another one they do them for like $80
Q:I got sent home from school for Having a Scaffold Piercing Done. [Please Help]?
Bad news, my friend. Ear cages and Industrial piercings can take between 6-12 months to fully heal. It's only been a couple of days! If you take it out, chances are, it's going to close up. My advice would be to get some plastic retainers to put in the individual piercings until you can wear the scaffold all the time. Talk with your piercer if you have questions! Good luck and I hope that helps!
Q:How do I get more contractors to buy my scaffolding, i have lowered prices & freight, but sales keep dropping?
Talk to your customers. Find out why they are buying from you. Chances are there are things besides price. Ask them what they would like to see from a scaffold company. Listen. What sets you apart from the competition? What could you do--that your customer would see as valuable--and pay more for?--or give you the order over a competitor for? Yeah, the economy sucks, but someone is getting the business you're not. Sitting around thinking about how bad the market is does nothing for you but give you an excuse to fail. Find good answers to the questions that I've asked you, talk to your customers, and even see what you can learn from the inquiries you don't close. If you're not going to get the order, you can ask why not. If they say your price is too high, they are probably not telling the truth if you are really far below the competition already. If you can't find good answers to the questions I have asked, you have two choices. Expand your lead generation activities so that you get more prospects and keep closing at the same ratio or invest in some sales training to polish your sales skills and raise your closing ratio.
Q:What is the picture called when the builders are having a lunch break on the scaffolding.?
It's called Lunch atop a Skycraper and can be found doing a search in Google Images.
Q:Dose brand scaffold keep a week of pay?
Does, not dose. And I have no idea what the rest of your question means.
Q:Bleeding scaffolding/industrial piercing?
Same probelms! q: The bumps are hypo-something scarring. Cant exactly remember the name. The bleeding and extra skin is normal but not healthy. Chica, sounds like you have infection, but not bad. Do three salt water soaks a day, and clean in with antibacterail soap in the shower, and everything should be back to normal within the week! q: salt water soaks: mix a cup of hot water and 1/4 teaspoon of pure sea salt take cotton swabs and drench the solution on your ear for ten min. five per hole.
Q:Is my scaffolding / industrial rejecting?
If its not moving its not rejecting, but puss coming out isnt a good sign. Are you sure its not infected? If the puss smells and its itchy you could be on your way to an infection, the redness and swelling could come soon. Start cleaning it daily again (assuming youve stopped) and hope for the best! Good luck:)
Q:Has anyone ever heard of a scaffold piercing, but instead of a bar there's a thin chain instead?
Ive Seen Those Many Timesz. Try Looking On Wikipedia. U Can Find Everything On There

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