kwikstage scaffolding of multi-direction scaffold

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Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Shandong China (Mainland)

Surface finish:
Hop-dipped-galvanized /painted
silver,white ,red,silver, red ,blue

1 piece
unit price:
USD 1.0
construction or building
SGS, EN12810

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:kwikstage scaffolding packing in bulk or pallet according to customer's requirement
Delivery Detail:within three weeks or according to your request


1.)kwikstage scaffolding
2.) Surface: HDG,electro,painted
3.) Material: Q235, Q345
4.)OEM is ok
5.Certificate: SGS, EN12810

Product Description

kwikstage scaffolding

1. Material: Q235, Q255, Q345

2. Surface treament: Zinc-plate , painting or hot-dip galvanized

3.Sample is available

4. High strength bearing capacity

5. OEM service is available

Q:Please tell me which book is on the way. Then in the specific description of the horizontal spacing, vertical spacing and step how to distinguish between a little confused
The pitch is called 'step', 1.2~1.35, 1.8m, no minimum spacing, maximum 1.8m. Vertical rod spacing 1.05, 1.3, 1.55m, no minimum spacing, maximum 1.55m. See JGJ130-2011 "technical code for safety of steel tubular scaffold with couplers in construction".
Q:A window washer is standing on a scaffold supported by a vertical rope at each end. The scaffold weighs 190 N and is 3.30 m long. What is the tension in each rope when the 710 N worker stands 2.30 m from one end?smaller tensionN?larger tensionN?
think of statics (in terms of forces and torques): because of fact the gadget is in equilibrium, the sum of the forces = 0 and the sum of the torques = 0 on the grounds that sum of forces = 0, then: ft(left) + ft(suitable) - Fg(scaffold) - Fg(employee) = 0 on the grounds that sum of torques = 0, then: -Set some element as your axis of rotation. for my area, I set between the ft as my axis. to that end, my torque equation will become ft(suitable)(2.ninety m) – Fg(scaffold)(a million.40 5 m) – Fg(employee)(a million.ninety m) = 0 you already know Fg(scaffold), Fg(employee), so resolve for ft(suitable). Plug this value into the tension equation and resolve for ft(left).
Q:i had an industrial piercing 2 days ago and was just wondering roughly how long untill i can change the bar? ive seen a few i like and want to change the boring one asap,..also, do u think my ears look crowded??? i dont have any pictures but on my left ear i have earlobe, tragus and rook, and my right ear i have ear lobe, anti-tragus and industrial..just wondering what u think.. thankss x
U shouldn't exchange it. i've got had undesirable journey with that. If the bar that it replaced into pierced with dosent worsen ur tongue then use the comparable bar and purely exchange the ball. Ur working a hazard changing the bar bc u do not kno if the hot bar will infect or irratate ur tongue. If u do pick to alter it wait apprx 6wks except ur putting yet another a million in as quickly as u take the 1st a million out. U can exchange the ball suitable after u get it pierced bc the ball dosent remember as long as u save the bar in.
Q:I'm 16 and I already have 3 piercings in each lobe, one on one ear stretched to 12mm. I didn't really think they hurt that much. I also have my nose pierced and had that done with a needle (thus hurting more than a gun) and I mean that hurt but I didn't cry or anything or start freaking out. If I do get my scaffold piercing I'll be going to a very good and trusted piercing and tattoo shop, where the person piercing me will probably be someone I know, so I completely trust them. I am pretty good with pain I supposeI just want some idea of how much it will hurtThankyou (:
Yes. It like someone pinching you for a short period of time
Q:Wheel buckle scaffolding rental price
3, according to the vertical pole lease (cross bar is not included), each pole 0.1~0.15 yuan / root / day. 4, according to the lease, 7~8 yuan / square. Time (time). The above is the reference price, the specific market prevail.
Q:Scaffolding plug (90, outside the 400), this is what ah? How to use ah?
Bowl buckle scaffold, called bowl buckle frameThe bowl buckle frame is composed of a steel pipe vertical rod, a cross bar and a bowl buckle jointStructure of bowl frame basic construction and erection requirements and fastener type steel tube scaffold is similar, the main difference lies in the bowl. Bowl buckle connector is a connector on the bowl, bowl buckle, bar joint and the upper bowl limiting pin etc. welding buckle under the bowl and the bowl buckle pin in the vertical rod, the bowl set into the pole in the
Q:A few days ago, I posted a question asking if getting a scaffold piercing was a good idea. After the comments i got back in, i decided i was going to get one. I asked my parents and my dad said it was okay with him. My mom however needs a little more convincing. She had a few questions that caught my attention..~Can you put regular hoop earrings in the scaffold piercing? --Like after it is healed, can you take the barbell our and put in normal earrings. (Not that I would want to) I know that the piercing goes through the 'rim' of your ear, but still..??--~Will long hair interfere with the healing process?--I have a little longer then shoulder length hair and I straighten it, I usually wear it down. Will i have to wear it up while it is healing? or just be careful and not get it caught in the barbell?--~-~Any Extra Information, or After Care Tips Would Be Appreciated! Thanks A Ton!!~-~
1) well yes you can, but it is best not to, as it could change the shape of the hole of the piercing, and the scaffold might not fit properly afterwards, i mean if you wore hoops for a short amount of time then sure, but if you kept them that way for a few weeks/months i think it could change the shape 2)well i have short hair, and omg it is a pain in the ***! so long hair would too, all hair would, but its totally worth getting the piercing, after a week the hair stops getting in the way :) it is best to wear your hair up though through the healing process, i clipped mine back and it was so much better I would just like to say the first few weeks are a pain! you cant sleep on the side you get it pierced for weeks, and if you knock it it kills so much, but it is totally worth it, my favourite piercing so far, and ive had 17! :D
Q:I want to talk my mum into it.She might let me because it fits my school's regulations (two piercings/earrings per ear) but she might not because the holes are permanentI was wondering if the holes you get are a certain size, they might close up if you don't wear the earring for a while?And also, I'd like to know some health risks associated to getting one.Thanks.
There are i think two different sizes you can get, and if you take it out, they will close up. Just do alot of reasearch on it, and show her your ready for it. Wooow, two ear piercings per ear, that suckkss. I have three in each lobe and a cartilage and tragus piercing. Soon industrial and anti tragus or rook. Sorry, and good luck!
Q:I got my scaffold pierced last thursday (it is now monday) and it hurts soooo much! i cant even lean it properly, its not infected its just because when i knock one part of it the whole thing hurts, and my hair keeps getting knotted around it etc, can someone tell me who has had experience with this piercing when it will heal?
once I have been given my ears pierced professionally, they only injury for a pair days, consistent with probability a week if I messed with them too lots. Later, i for my section double pierced my earlobes with a sterile needle at residing house, that is been over a month and it nonetheless each and every now and then hurts once I sleep on it strange. that's my journey, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it relies upon in the event that they use a gun or a needle, the place precisely you have it pierced, and different components nonetheless can exchange (infections) the quantity of healing time. yet an excellent ballpark determine is a few million-2 weeks, yet i understand people who's discomfort can final a month. good success, and verify you hit upon an excellent expert piercer, and not the interior sight mall loose piercing preteen shops :).
Q:I've been watching Japanese anime shows and some of them use a historical background. I would like to have a general idea of what is accepted history and what is alternate. For example; Tokyo was once called Edo. I don't know anything about Japanese history. I'd like to fill in this yawning chasm in my education.
Although I'm a prof of European History, I also had a field in East Asian studies, which I teach each semester. I've found W.G. Beasley's, The Japanese Experience A Short History, to be a solid introduction to Japanese history. BTW, my son also is a big anime fan who spends most of his cash on DVDs from Amazon. (No ad intended!)

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