Scalffolding Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom

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Anhui China (Mainland)

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Hot dip galvanized, Powder coated, Painted, Electro plated
ISO9001:2008, SGS

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Packaging Detail:Factory steel pallet, safe and standard package
Delivery Detail:As Per Quantity


Ladder Access Transom
Material: Q235
Surface: HDG, Powder coated,etc
Color:Silver,etc Certification: ISO,SGS
Best price

Ladder Access Transom




Q235 Material is as per customer's demand with high tensile and yield stress


Silver, as customer's requirement

Surface Treatment

Hot dip galvanized, Powder coated, Painted, Electro plated


Top quality, Competitive price, Timely delivery, Good Service, Standard package,  Easy installation, Professional manufacturer



Main Market

America, South Asia, West Europe, Brazil,etc

Minimum order

one container

Supply ability

15tons/day, 25 containers/month






L/C, T/T, 30% in advance


Factory steel pallet, safe and standard package


OEM service

Customer’s size is also available

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Q:what is the inspection work for scaffold ?
The place where its being erected the type of scaffold the type of clamps the material it is made of and the actual design of the constructed scaffold. and is the set up according to regulations.
Q:Bruising Due To Scaffold Piercing ?
Completely normal. Cartilige is tougher than loose skin, so trauma is very common in these piercings.
Q:Scaffold requirements? Anyone have any knowledge on scaffolding?
Check the OSHA requirements, and then use common sense. Attach to the house every section with tiebacks. Make sure the first section is level with adjustable legs on a firm surface.
Q:Should the WWE hire New Jack & have him work a program with Cena, culminating in a scaffold match?
Lol.. Yeah, you try to put New Jack in a PG enviroment, and make him do it WWE's way.. Not happening.
Q:How much does a scaffold (horizontal industrial) piercing hurt?
Mine didn't hurt too bad. Not nearly as much as I thought it would. The first hole didn't hurt very much, but after my adrenaline was used up, I felt more with the second hole. It was a lot of pressure and then the shove through for both. It's well worth it though for a couple of minutes of pain. The worst part was learning not to sleep on it and trying to keep the keloids away! :)
Q:Does anyone have an Industrial/Scaffold Piercing...Please answer?
My bestfriend got his industrial piercing and while getting it done, he was holding my hand... He squeezed it so hard that it fell asleep and my eyes started tearing. So I'm assuming it hurt really bad. A lot of my other friends that got it said it hurt a lot. But with piercings, the pain is only temporary... you'll get over it. I have a bunch of piercings. I think the pain is worth it. By the way, industrials tend to heal pretty nicely. Take care of it... you might bump it a lot with your hair and whatnot. Just be careful. Clean it every day with bactine, which you can buy from a drug store, or a soap (non scented not an antibacterial one) and water mix. The piercer should give you instructions or a piece of paper telling you how to take care of your new piercing. As far as the bar and 2 rings go, I've NEVER seen anyone with two rings in their industrial. I say just go ahead and get the bar. There's no way it won't be aligned if you do decide to go with getting the 2 rings instead. Eventually, you'll trade those in for a bar and it will connect the two holes no matter what the angle. Just ask your piercer what he suggests. He'll/She'll know what's best.
Q:Is scaffolding related to teaching your toddler to share?
Scaffolding typically relates more to cognitive development, while learning to share is a social-emotional development issue. Scaffolding is kinda like when a child is almost ready to do a skill, and they are able to learn how to do it and complete it by observing other children do it. Most toddlers really aren't emotionally ready to share. They need to be able to grasp the concept of ownership first. And since they have a poor concept of time, taking turns at something is also beyond them - they can't comprehend that they will get a turn later.
Q:Why wood scaffolding and not metal , in Budapest ?
The wood scaffold you talk about is not a working platform. It is put in place to protect people below from falling stonework on old buildings which are waiting for repair. I am sure that when the work can be done it will be replaced by a metal scaffold. As it may be a while before the work can be afforded the wood structure is cheaper to leave in place to keep the public safe.
Q:A question about Industrialscaffold piercings...?
question about Industrialscaffold piercings read about it here open the 1 3 green link for more info /'
Q:What ever happened to scaffold matches?
They dont want more people to die :P

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