kwikstage system scaffolding diagonal brace

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Shandong China (Mainland)

Model Number:
Surface Treatment:
Galvanised or Painted
Standard Material:
Kwik stage System Scaffolding
Unit Weight:
14.60 kg
OEM service available

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Steel Tray
Delivery Detail:20 containers/30days


Diagonal Brace for Kwikstage System Scaffolding 3.6M:
We are a professional manufacturer of system scaffoldings, coupler,etc.

Diagonal Brace for Kwikstage System Scaffolding:

1) Material: Q235

2) Surface: painted or galvanised

3) Unit weight, 14.60kg

4) Standard: BS1139, EN74B, AS1577

5) Package: straps and steel pallets

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Q:Your opinion on Industrial/Scaffold Piercings?
Totally overdone. Too many people have that piercing now .... it is no longer unique
Q:Scaffolding on a budget?
Look into pump jacks.
Q:does a scaffold piercing hurt?
I just got my scaffold done about 4 hrs ago. Im 14 have a really low tolerance for pain so I thought I was really in for it. However, the initial piercing didnt really hurt. It was just 4 quick pinches [2 for the needle 2 for the bar]. It felt really hot and hurt for about 1 hr after it was done. Now it doesnt hurt at all its just uncomfortable. Initial Piercing - 5 out of 10 An Hour After - 7 out of 10 4 Hours After - 3 out of 10 Hope this helps!
Q:Bleeding scaffolding/industrial piercing?
Same probelms! q: The bumps are hypo-something scarring. Cant exactly remember the name. The bleeding and extra skin is normal but not healthy. Chica, sounds like you have infection, but not bad. Do three salt water soaks a day, and clean in with antibacterail soap in the shower, and everything should be back to normal within the week! q: salt water soaks: mix a cup of hot water and 1/4 teaspoon of pure sea salt take cotton swabs and drench the solution on your ear for ten min. five per hole.
Q:A question about Industrialscaffold piercings...?
question about Industrialscaffold piercings read about it here open the 1 3 green link for more info /'
Q:What is the picture called when the builders are having a lunch break on the scaffolding.?
It's called Lunch atop a Skycraper and can be found doing a search in Google Images.
Q:What are some ways of stoping a scaffold piercing from hurting?
Take advil it helps the with the swelling and the pain. I found that doing warm sea salt water soaks helped a bit. To me the warm water soothed it.
Q:my scaffolding/industrial piercing- so much blood?
I wouldn't worry too much. I have a friend whose did this as well. Turns out that she just happened to be someone who bled a lot with that kind of piercing. Mine didn't do that, everyone's is kinda different. If you're really worried, there's no harm in seeing a doctor just to make sure, but they may just reassure you that you just happen to be someone whose ears get a lot of circulation. Eventually, my friend just took hers out because, as you probably know, it takes around a year for it to heal well enough, and hers would continue to bleed when it tugged as she slept or hit it or anything so I'm not sure if it ever would have eased up.
Q:Easy to assemble Scaffolding?
personally i think you would get more use out of a scissor lift...
Q:scaffold method of division in base six?
It I hope that it helps you in something, bye-bye! =).

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