Kwikstage System Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345 CNBM

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20 m.t.
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3000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Kwikstage System Scaffolding with  Steel Q235 Q345 


Cup-lock System Scaffolding with Painted Steel Q235 Q345 

Place of Origin


Brand name


Main Material

Q345 ,Q235

Surface Treatment

High Protected Painted, Powder Coating, Electric   Gavenized, Hot Dip Gavenized.


Silver, Orange




Automatic Welding


OEM Service available




T/T or L/C in sight

Delivery Time

About 20-30 days after confirmation


in bulk or steel pallet or as your request

production capability

100 tons per day

Kwikstage System Scaffolding with  Steel Q235 Q345  CNBM

Kwikstage System Scaffolding with  Steel Q235 Q345  CNBM

Kwikstage System Scaffold Standard / Verticals
KS.S.2970Kwikstage Standard 2970mm(9'9")17.3738.29
KS.S.2475Kwikstage Standard 2475mm(8'2")14.5932.17
KS.S.1980Kwikstage Standard 1980mm(6'6")11.8726.18
KS.S.1485Kwikstage Standard 1485mm(4'10")9.0820.02
KS.S.990Kwikstage Standard 990mm(3'3")6.2913.87
KS.S.495Kwikstage Standard 495mm(1'8")3.507.71

Kwikstage System Scaffold Ledger / Horizontal
KS.L.3048Kwikstage Ledger 3048mm(10')11.9026.23
KS.L.2438Kwikstage Ledger 2438mm(8')9.7921.58
KS.L.1829Kwikstage Ledger 1829mm(6')7.6016.75
KS.L.1524Kwikstage Ledger 1524mm(5')6.5114.35
KS.L.1268Kwikstage Ledger 1268mm(4'2")5.5912.32
KS.L.1219Kwikstage Ledger 1219mm(4')5.4111.92
KS.L.914Kwikstage Ledger 914mm(3')4.329.52
KS.L.762Kwikstage Ledger 762mm(2'6")3.778.31

Kwikstage System Scaffold Transom
KS.T.8Kwikstgae Transom 2438mm (8')19.5143.02
KS.T.6Kwikstgae Transom 1829mm (6')14.8532.74
KS.T.5Kwikstgae Transom 1524mm (5')12.4627.47
KS.T.42Kwikstgae Transom 1268mm (4'2")10.5623.28
KS.T.4Kwikstgae Transom 1524mm (4')10.2022.49
KS.T.3Kwikstgae Transom 914mm (3')7.8117.22
KS.T.26Kwikstgae Transom 762mm (2'6")6.6914.75
KS.T.19Kwikstgae Transom 530mm (1'9")4.9610.94

Kwikstage System Scaffold Return Transom
KS.RT.2438Kwikstage Return Transom 2438mm (8')29.6665.40
KS.RT.1829Kwikstage Return Transom 1829mm (6')22.1748.88
KS.RT.1524Kwikstage Return Transom 1524mm (5')18.5640.92
KS.RT.1268Kwikstage Return Transom 1268mm (4'2")15.5234.22
KS.RT.1219Kwikstage Return Transom 1219mm (4')14.9432.94
KS.RT.914Kwikstage Return Transom  914mm (3')11.3224.96
KS.RT.762Kwikstage Return Transom  762mm (2'6")9.5220.99

Kwikstage System Scaffold Ladder Access Transom
KS.ALT.2438Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom 2438mm (8')16.8837.22
KS.ALT.1829Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom 1829mm (6')14.6932.39
KS.ALT.1268Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom 1268mm (4'2")12.6827.96

Kwikstage System Scaffold Diagonal Brace / Bay Brace
KS.DB.30*25Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 3926mm (10'x8'2")11.7125.82
KS.DB.30*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 3635mm (10'x6'6")10.9624.17
KS.DB.24*25Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 3474mm (8'x8'2")10.5423.24
KS.DB.24*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 3141mm (8'x6'6")9.6821.34
KS.DB.18*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2695mm (6'x6'6")8.5218.79
KS.DB.18*15Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2356mm (6'x4'10")7.6416.85
KS.DB.18*10Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2079mm (6'x3'3")6.9315.28
KS.DB.15*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2498mm (5'x6'6")8.0117.66
KS.DB.15*15Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2128mm (5'x4'10")7.0515.55
KS.DB.15*10Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1817mm (5'x3'3")6.2513.78
KS.DB.12*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2351mm (4'2"x6'6")7.6316.82
KS.DB.12*15Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1953mm (4'2"x4'10")6.6014.55
KS.DB.12*10Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1609mm (4'2"x3'3")5.7112.59
KS.DB.07*15Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1669mm (2'6"x4'10")5.8612.92
KS.DB.07*10Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1249mm (2'6"x3'3")4.7710.52

Kwikstage System Scaffold Mesh Panel / Brick Guard
KS.MP.2438Kwikstage Mesh Panel 2438mm(8')21.3747.11
KS.MP.1829Kwikstage Mesh Panel 1829mm(6')15.3833.91
KS.MP.1268Kwikstage Mesh Panel 1268mm(4'2")11.9326.31
KS.MP.762Kwikstage Mesh Panel 762mm(2'6")8.8219.45


1. What is considerations of Scaffolding installation?

There must be a fire protection measures and specialist care, safety personnel patrol inspection when electricity, gas welding work on the scaffold,

(1) scaffold frontage hurtful to prevent falling objects protection is required.

(2) During take down the scaffolding, fencing and warning signs should be set up on the ground, prohibit others person besides the operator

2.What are the certifications of your products?

Certified by SGS, BS1139, EN74, Local Test Report.

3. How long is the warranty period for your product?

Our products warranty is 2 years.

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Q:Wheel buckle scaffolding and scaffolding, do.
A new type scaffold, mainly refers to the scaffolding, scaffolding model compared with traditional Albert Xingmin scaffold construction more quickly and more safe to buy mainly pay attention to the following points
Q:What is the correct way to have your scaffold or industrial piercing pierced?
They definitely should have used a needle!
I think your ear would look good with a industrial piercing. My three cousins have them. Two have HUGE ears, and one has ears the size of quarters. They all look perfect and you will too. BTW, i am using my friends account, so don't think this creepy guy is talking with you. This is truly a girl.
Q:what does the scaffold symbolize in the scarlet letter?
Scaffold Scarlet Letter
Q:Calculation method of bearing capacity of bridge bowl buckle scaffold
First calculate the area of the largest section SAccording to the cross section can be found in the largest force range, such as the web is always the heaviest, the wing plate and the bottom plate is relatively light
Q:Scaffold piercing question?
They can't use one of the holes you already have. Things won't line up properly and it won't heal. They will make the new hole either higher or lower, depending on how high your cartilage piercing is at the moment. I would assume they would try and make it higher, but it is about what will be best for the piercing.
Q:to avoid scaffolding etc is there a roof sealant/filler to fill leaking roof?
You cannot repair any roof from the inside. Whoever did that internal patch was a hack.
Q:What does working in the scaffolds mean?
Scaffolding is the framework of metal tubes and wooden planks which is built up around a building, so the workers can stand safely.
Q:Scarlet letter Scaffold scenes?
There are obviously different printings of the Scarlet Letter, but I do remember this: 1st: Chp 2 2nd: Chp 12 3rd: Chp 23
Q:How do I sleep with an Industrial/Scaffolding piercing?
Unless you take it out, there isn't much you can do. To help me fall asleep (I'm a side sleeper btw) I lie on my back, close my eyes and stay super still. I don't think about anything, just picture all black. I breathe in and out slowly, holding my breath each way. I usually fall asleep no problem that way. You will probably turn in your sleep, you will just need to see how it is tomorrow I guess :)

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