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We can design and produce excavator buckets for all brands, scientifically solve stress problem as different construction conditions and customer requirements, and have ability to ensure structural strength, use performance and product quality by selection of high-quality material, advanced computer-aided design and complete control over process welding quality. The specification ranges from 0.1m3 to 12m3.

By bucket type and material, there are common bucket, imitated original bucket, reinforced bucket and rock bucket, which are made from domestic high-tensile structural steel 16Mn (Q345B), in addition, the tooth plate and side edge board of reinforced bucket and rock bucket can be made from domestic high-quality wear-resistant steel NM360 and Sweden ultrahigh-strength wear-resistant steel HARDOX according to customer demands.

By function, there are ditching bucket, grid bucket, cleaning bucket, and tipping bucket, etc. The ditching bucket is suitable for ditching in different forms, and is featured by once forming, no finish and high work efficiency. The grid bucket is used to separate, excavate or salvage bulk materials excellently at a time, and is widely applicable to municipal administration, agriculture, forestry, water conservation and earthwork, and cleaning bucket and tipping bucket are suitable for finishing of slop and other planes and huge desilting and cleaning of riverway and ditches, and the tipping bucket can change the dip angle of cleaning bucket by the hydro-cylinder, which greatly improves work efficiency.


By Material and Type



Configuration and Performance

Application environment

common bucket


Standard General-purpose Type, Standard Board Thickness, Single-layer Reinforcing Plate at Bottom, Homemade High-quality Bucket Tooth Seat;

Light working environment like excavation of clay and loose soil, and loading of sand, soil and gravel;

imitated original bucket


Imitated Original Type, Standard Board Thickness, Single-layer Reinforcing Plate at Bottom, Homemade High-quality Bucket Tooth Seat;

Light working environment like excavation of clay and loose soil, and loading of sand, soil and gravel;

reinforced bucket

Q345B or

Thickened board, double-layer reinforcing plate at bottom, welded reinforcing plates at two sides, preventer plate installed on the side edge board, reinforced bucket tooth seat;

Common heavy-load working environment like excavation of pan soil mixed with broken stones or loading of broken stone or gravel;

rock bucket

Q345B or

Thickened board, double-layer reinforcing plate at bottom, welded reinforcing plates and creeper treads at two sides, preventer plate installed on the side edge board, special bucket tooth seat for rock bucket; strong wear resistance and bending resistance.

Heavy-load working environment like loading of broken stone, gravel, secondary hard rock, weathered granite and exploded ore;


   Comparison of Chemical Composition and Mechanical Performance of Material



Main Chemical Composition

Brinell Hardness

Elongation δ

Tensile Strength σ

Yield Strength σ






Manganese Board











Homemade Wear-resistant Board











High-strength Wear-resistant Board











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Q:What type of contrator do I use to fill in a concrete pool?
I would get the largest concrete bit and drill 200 holes in the bottom of the pool.. Also, maybe wack out a few holes with a sledge hammer.. Then put advert on CL saying fill wanted.. People may even pay you a little if you take lousy rubble grade fill...
Q:How to move dirt efficiently?
When I landscaped my yard I had to dig up lots of dirt. But not with a shovel. I do not know if your dirt is hard packed or what but mine was hard clay. So i took a long metal rod about 3 to 4 feet long with a diameter of 1/2 inch and ground the bottom end to a bevel or a point. I would shove the rod about 5 to 6 inch's into the dirt, and then pull the top of the rod down. this would loosen up the hard packed clay/soil. after that was done i used a metal rake or a hoe to pull it off the section i was working on. it made it so much more easier to clear the area. then you can use a shovel and wheelbarrow to move the dirt. I know it seems like a lot to do but i found this easier than a shovel alone.
Q:is there any excavators in the Sydney area (Australia) that still dig by hand and how do i locate them?
Weird question.An excavator that dids by hand.You know even grave diggers use axcavators.Sorry I don't really understand your point
Q:Are earth excavators permitted to carrying or lifting materials like pipes or drums in construction indystry?
Typically no. It's a matter of safety. The object being carried can spill out of the bucket and injure someone. For heavy loads you use a forklift and the objects should be securely held on a pallet. For odd shaped objects a sling may be used but it must be inspected for nicks and tears prior to every use.
Q:Heavy equipment trucking?
There are lots of things hauled on the road that are more than 80,000 pounds. A 40 ton excavator for example. Then when you get into industrial equipment, power station transformers, oil refinery components etc. That's when you see the pilot vehicles and oversize trailers to spread the load over multiple axles. To move that sort of load needs multiple drive axles, so they often use more than one truck, and even push / pull arrangements.
Q:What type of diesel oil is the best for excavator? Can 0# diesel be used? Thank you
Cold with -0 number, the day is not cold, use 0Ha-ha
Q:how does a mini excavator 'drive'?
You don't need an hour lesson but ask them to point out what every lever does and just go to town. You'll get the hang of it in no time, just like playing in the sandbox when you were a kid.
Q:Are there any benefits to owning construction equipment other then for personal use?
The benefit is that you can write off a lot of expenses. You are still out the money. But, save a lot on taxes. The best benefit is that you are friends with the boss. HA!
Q:Which university in the united states is best for Anthropology?
For a Bachelors degree, the flagship university in your state. Excel there, then start looking at rankings for your Masters and doctoral studies.
Q:Do landfill companies actually excavate ponds for landowners for free in exchange for the soil?
Well, where I live, it's not a landfill or landscaping company--it's the excavator. My husband is a general contractor, and was able to arrange for about 3000 yards of dirt to be removed from our property at no cost to us. The trick is having a relationship with an excavator, having the time to allow him to do it on his schedule, and the excavator having a job nearby for which he needs your dirt. No one is going to do it so they have to haul the dirt and store it somewhere. If so, they'll charge you. If they happen to come across a job nearby, they may be willing to do it to lessen the trucking charges (if your place is nearer than a gravel pit).

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