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excavator bucket

We can design and produce all kinds of excavator buckets according to customers requirements, such as Volvo rock bucket, Komatsu rock bucket, Caterpillar rock bucket, etc.

Buckets are designed differently, either in the type of material used or the profile of the bucket to suit different applications for the best possible productivity, fuel economy and durability. Though the used of premium material is a prerequisite of a good bucket, there is more to it. Our engineers have gathered numerous data over the years, and coupled with their experience and technical know-how, we are capable of designing buckets for various applications, considering the material density, size of material, abrasiveness of material, the working environment, high impact, low impact application and etc.

Whenever you need a bucket, regardless of rock bucket, heavy duty, general purpose, tilting bucket, ditching and cleaning out bucket, skeleton bucket, for any excavator models, not restricted to construction, utility, material handling, recycling, dredging, forestry, or demolition applications, you can count on us to deliver quality buckets. We keep wear resistant steel of at least 400 BHN in our inventory for quick turnaround.


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Signal lamp for plugged/stuffed air filter, if the lamp is lit while the engine is on, the air filter part must be replaced or cleaned.
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well that stuff is pretty impressive, but try cubic yds or meters etc, it might help simplify it.
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Q:The streets were wild and the ads said the excavator was carrying an oil hammer. What's the hammer?
A hammer, usually a diesel fuel, that is used to raise the impact mass of a gas that is ignited by a mixture of fuel, but other compression ignition engine fuels can be used. Oil hammer is a kind of construction machinery, and it is a common mechanical equipment in constructionAn oil hammer uses a fuel explosion to push the piston back and forth and hammer the pile.
Q:What are the loading skills of excavators? Just a few words!
This question can not be made clear in 32 words! It feels like you have to do some systematic training! I learned it at the school of engineering and machinery of Zhumadian City, Henan province! Feel this home is pretty good, 1, want to be loaded quickly, the first is to be loaded with. Not half shovel. If you think so, it's all a bucket, how much you dig and how much you dig. If you dig a little more than other people, you'll be less loaded with 1-2 shovels in a car, so you're not faster than others?.
Q:How much does it cost in gas to run an excavator for 10hrs a day?
oh you are going to be running around 5-18 galons an hour times around $3.00 a galon off road diesel not gas times 10hrs.= a good $300+ greese, a person to opperate it., hydrilic and motor oil., ect..
Q:Dragon excavator 150 price
320DL advantages: similar models of the largest mining, durability, stability of the whole car, although high prices, but cost-effective. Disadvantages: large fuel consumption, short arm, resulting in some work can not be a molding, waste of time.

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