KOBELCO 200 excavator bucket excavator parts

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excavator bucket

We can design and produce all kinds of excavator buckets according to customers requirements, such as Volvo rock bucket, Komatsu rock bucket, Caterpillar rock bucket, etc.

Buckets are designed differently, either in the type of material used or the profile of the bucket to suit different applications for the best possible productivity, fuel economy and durability. Though the used of premium material is a prerequisite of a good bucket, there is more to it. Our engineers have gathered numerous data over the years, and coupled with their experience and technical know-how, we are capable of designing buckets for various applications, considering the material density, size of material, abrasiveness of material, the working environment, high impact, low impact application and etc.

Whenever you need a bucket, regardless of rock bucket, heavy duty, general purpose, tilting bucket, ditching and cleaning out bucket, skeleton bucket, for any excavator models, not restricted to construction, utility, material handling, recycling, dredging, forestry, or demolition applications, you can count on us to deliver quality buckets. We keep wear resistant steel of at least 400 BHN in our inventory for quick turnaround.


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Q:Change the 3066 caterpillar ARRG. 717674 for different engine?
Are you sure it's not 3306?
Q:How much sand is needed for a sand mound mound septic?
No...Get a second or third opinion.
Q:How about automatic flameout of excavator?
The cause of excavator flameout:Clogged work parts cause the excavator to stall itselfTo turn off before the engine speed is decreased gradually, the exhaust pipe smoke. In this case, you should first check the excavator working parts are not blocked. If the blockage, will be blocked after liquidation, the engine can be restarted. In addition, the engine due to poor lubrication, showing the axle bush burning accident, also have this phenomenon. In this case, the engine needs an overhaul. The reason to stall the excavator2 engine fuel supply is poor, cause excavator flameoutIs the machine before the engine flameout speed instability or slow down, but no obvious exhaust black smoke phenomenon. In this case, should check the fuel tank is depleted, the oil pump oil supply is normal, there is no precipitation cup oil inlet debris blocking, diesel filter is too dirty. If the diesel filter is too dirty then, remove the diesel filter, cleaning and re installation, and remove the oil in the air. The reason to stall the excavator3 engine oil supply suddenly interrupted or load suddenly increased, resulting in excavator flameoutBefore the process of speed reduction of excavator flameout, a sudden flameout. In this case, you should first check the engine components are suddenly loose or fall off, the flameout solenoid valve control high-pressure pump oil rod engine, flameout solenoid valve should also check whether cut off the electricity. Reason to stall the excavator
Q:is there a wheel loader / excavator job vacaancy in guam?
This is not the right forum for your question.Google for it and you will find several sites.
Q:excavator tooth point is vulnerable to break,what can I do?
the teeth of the excavator are replaceable. They make stronger teeth for different applications. Get some good rock teeth, instead of the flat bottom ones you probably have on now.
Q:what is the arm reach on a kobelco sk70 excavator?
the only 1 i could find was the Kobelco sk70sr and it has a 6'9 arm and that seems to be the same for all of them hope that helps sorry i couldnt find sk70 but i dont think the sk70sr can be that much different
Q:Can an officer come on my property and harrass me?
The Patriot Act allows the police to execute you at will
Q:I need help/insights into digging my own pond?
all you have to do is dig it out(doesnt matter how) and just line it with a bunch if plastic tarp , your gonna need a lot and youll have to over lap it, and then just put a bunch of rocks on the lining and catch frogs and get fish and lily pads and things like that to go in it.
Q:excavator clay for leopard gecko?
Oof. Take that crap out, oh lord he might be crying inside from th e noise. Take out the plastic wrap and put paper towel in for substrate, much easier and better for the gecko in general. Or sand if your careful about compaction.
Q:UK; Which would be the better investment, an LGV C+E licence or a 10t + excavator licence?
A class1 hgv will gain you employment faster than a digger licence, ive driven artics for 18 years and am considerimg a move to constructiin for a new challenge, good luck on the road

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