JET-100 1HP Self-priming JET Water Pump Italian Calpeda Model

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Product Description:


1.JET-100 Self-priming Jet Water Pump 
2.High head water pump 
3.Stainless steel shaft 
4.100% copper wire 


Product Description

JET-100 1HP Italian Calpeda model Self-priming Jet Water Pump   

1.       Product Overview

  These electric water pumps are suitable for pumping clean water and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components. They are extremely reliable.,economical and simple to use, being particularly suitable for domestic applications such as the automatic distribution of water from small and medium-sized surge tanks, watering gardens,etc.These pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against the is always advisable to install a foot valve or non-return valve on the suction opening.

2.  Performance Range

    1. Flow rate up to 35L/min.(3.6m³/h)

    2. Head up to 50m

3.  Operating limits

   1. Suction lift up to 9m

   2. Fluid temperature up to 60°C

   3. Maximum ambient temperature 40°C

4.  Technical data

    Model: JET-100

    Power: 750W


    Max. Capacity: 35L/min






Input &Outlet(Inch)




























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Q:Submersible pump reverse impact on the pump
The pressure is too small, the current is too large, the operation time is too long will burn out the pump!
Q:furnace water pump spraying water?
Blue pump, usually found on the floor near the furnace (sometimes mounted where plenum meets the furnace frame) is a condensate pump. One of the products of combustion is water. This water is drained from the ventor motor (a motor which runs and sets a artificial draft inside the combustion chamber) to a drain nearby or a electric pump which then pumps the water over a longer distance to a remote drain. If the pump's discharge outlet gets plugged from dirt the result is usually the mess you see. Remove the cover plate of the pump housing, clean it out and run a wire with a small rag attached as a snake through the tube to drain. There is usually some type of float switch inside the pump housing so make sure it is free to move. Check for operation by pouring some tap water in it and move the float switch to on (up) One final note and this is very important. If the pump or tube to drain is filled up with a crud that resembles paste, call your local trusted HVAC tech for furnace service. This condition can be an early sign of heat exchanger failure and is a major safety concern for your family
Q:2001 Ford Windstar Van Water Pump?
Disconnect lower radiator hose (8286) from the water pump lower tube. Remove the engine mount nuts. Remove the cowl extension panel. Disconnect the water bypass hose and the heater hose from the water pump outlet tube. Remove the water pump outlet tube bolt and position the tube assembly out of the way. Install the lifting eye to the exhaust manifold (9430). Attach engine lifting equipment and raise the engine 127 mm (5 inches). Remove the bolt and the accessory belt idler pulley. Remove the bolts and the generator support bracket. Remove the four bolts and the water pump pulley (8509). Remove the water pump. Remove the five nuts. Remove the five studs. Remove the four bolts. Remove the water pump, lower tube and gasket as an assembly.
Q:What is a 1 inch water pump?
The caliber of the water inlet and outlet pipe is 1 inches of water pump,
Q:Pump adapter belongs to the system of fire pool equipment?
Not belong to. According to the specification, fire hydrant system and automatic sprinkler system fire water supply pipe should be installed on the pump adapter, therefore, it belongs to the fire water supply facilities.
Q:my toilets are flushing dirty water and pump sounds not normal?
Oh, groan ...up at 5:30 in the morning with water problems! Well. I guess it makes life 'interesting! Your well is running dry. - It is what I suspect. - Had the same problem, long ago. First of all don't have septic tank(s). - You have only (1) septic tank. You can't let your water pump run-on like that. - It will overheat and burn out. My water pump was $700.00 dollars! I'm suspecting your water recovery rate in your well is very slow. - Time of year 'possibly'. - Or your well was just not dug deep enough in the first place, to have much reserve water capacity. What looks like dirty water, is probably really actually only sand and silt, that your water pump is sucking up, when your well runs close to dry. There's a free remedy. Squeeze a clamp onto the rubber washing machine water hose. - To restrict the rapid flow of water into your washing machine. If you're watering your garden ...don't water for too long. - Or the well will run dry. I put a water timer on my garden hose, so it only watered my garden for 5 minutes, every half hour. Leaving it that way 'all night' and you'll wake up to a well watered garden in the morning! I'm sure this is your problem, - low water recovery rate in your well - because that would account for the water turning silty. Be ingenuitive ...and it won't cost a penny, or inconvenience. Trini ps. The water that is pumped into your toilet, is well water. The septic tank is where the well water flushes the poo poo to. pps. You're right in turning the water pump off while you wait for the well water to recover!
Q:The reason why the pump is overloaded
The description of the problem is very clear. Most of this kind of circumstance is overload, is also the outlet pressure is very low, the flow is greater than the rated value caused by the resistance can be adjusted by increasing exports or close the outlet valve, reducing the flow resistance increased by less than or equal to the rated flow. Lift is not an influencing factor.
Q:Regarding water pumping capacity of 15 stage 1 H.P. Borewell pumps?
1hp Submersible Pump
Q:How can I replace the water pump and steering pump on my 1996 Volvo 960?
that's a TOYOTA and not a GM vehicle!! in case you're fortunate you will in no way ought to replace the two pump ata ll!!! B U T <<< you need to do preventative maintenance here. AT this mileage, have all your fluids replaced, yet basically at a TOYOTA dealership! this could preclude the water pump and ability guidance pump to pass undesirable for you ALL fluids ruin with time and age on the line. Even the BRAKE fluid gets extremely poisonous and reason CALIPER and grasp cylinder mess ups. in case you FLUSH AND FILL with clean fluid it truly is going to shop a majority of those issues for you! THE NOISE popping out of your pump might merely be telling you that some fool at a QUICKY LUBE HAS used the incorrect fluid int here!! in case you pass directly to TOYOTA< they are going to use precisely the superb FLUIDS< filters and ALL components. and supply you a real guarantee you are able to pass decrease back to on!!! have confidence ME in this! A TRANS fluid employing a NON TOYOTA fluid will smash the trans. same for directing pump and WATER PUMP! basically genuine TOYOTA coolant could be used in that engine or HEAD injury will effect. sturdy success!
Q:Cost to replace water pump?
on cars with water pumps that run off the timing belt it can be pricey to replace. If its a vehicle that has a water pump running off the accessory belt it shouldn't be to much unless its a BMW or foreign. state what kind of car its for it could help us answer. also do the water pump before the trip, if its really bad then getting stranded will cost you alot more.

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