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Q:How to fix electric central heater?
I would first check the fuses, Had this problem once and found fuse blown, replaced and had not trouble for 2 years. Fuses in the panel were fast acting type, replaced with slo-blow fuses. You can buy you a multimeter for about $8.00 at many discount and hardware stores. Turn off the power to the unit, Place the multimeter to AC volts 500V scale and check to make sure you have no voltage on either side of fuses. Remove fuses one at time and check on ohms X 1 scale. You should have around 0 to 50 Ohms on meter, If you have infinity replace fuse or fuses and try. Would make sure to use slo-blo fuses, Much more expensive but will save money in long run. If fuse blows again probably bad element
Q:Looking for a true electronic components store near Lakewood or Long Beach, CA?
Shelter/rescue. Long Beach is a big place and has both. Look in your phone book, or contact your vet.
Q:2006 Ford Fusion Battery Drain Fuse 19 Problem?
This Site Might Help You. RE: 2006 Ford Fusion Battery Drain Fuse 19 Problem? I have an 2006 Ford Fusion SE. The vehicle is experiencing a parasitic draw of about 110mA. I've found that the draw is coming from fuse 19 in the underhood fuse panel. This circuit is one of the 12V Always Hot circuits that powers components controlled by the BCM, or as Ford
Q:How do I know if my ECU is bad? It blows ECU fuse the second I turn on ignition.?
Be careful bec some schematic pgs will only indicate a splice number and not show you that the wire you're trying to trace splices into other wires feeding other devices etc and any other device connected to that same feed either before or after the ECM could cause the fuse to blow.A real good way to usually that either too much load is on a fuse or it is the wrong amp fuse or there is a short is when the fuse blows black.From what you're saying I'am gathering that in fact the fuses are blowing black.Remember that a relay that is over loading or shorting out internally would also cause the fuse that feeds it to blow. Like in any circuit if a certain pin of a module is a input or output voltage the internal circuit would read a certain resistance if you used a ohms meter to the pin and ground and if you got a ohms meter reading that showed a fully closed circuit this would suggest that the ECM has a fault in that circuit.Tests like these are hard to perform bec you have to have the factory specs on such circuits and most don't offer such info in most manuals. Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way trace any wires going to any related relays and going to the ECM bec on an old vehicle like that the wire might be cracked/dry and have bare spots or melted spots especially the harness runs close to any hot spots like the engine etc.Remember that even the voltage regulator can be shorting out. Note if I was trouble shooting that problem I'd use a reset the same amperage as the original factory fuse and I'd use alligator clips/ mini jumper cables to temporary attache the reset to the fuse socket, plus you might use a male plug in flat connector so it can fit into the fuse socket connectors, plus you could solder the wires with the connectors to the reset.Try moving/slightly tugging lightly the different harness's one by one and then then try starting it, if the rest goes it will rest once it cools down a bit.
Q:TV repair question?
Because theres something else down the line that made the fuse blow, something shorted. Dont worry most people who replace the fuse happens to them to. Recycle it. or Get it repaired.
Q:ford galaxy issues, fuses, relay if there are any, electrical.?
I was still a virgin in 1973 - my bad girl image didn't exist yet. I do think I lost my virginity in a 1973 Ford pick-up though if you happen to find it in the Galaxy can you return it?
Q:what is the fuse in the back of a head unit for?
A fuse's purpose is to protect the electrical source of the head unit. If too much current goes through a fuse, it blows but saves other electrical components from damage.
Q:My Car Keeps Blowing a fuse!!!!!!!! Whats causing this?
is this an OEM radio or an after market? do you have an Amp on the same circuit? Look at the power requirements for the raido if this is an after market, it may take more juice than what the fuse can deliver. *************************** DO NOT replace the fuse with a larger amp fuse. your car can catch fire because you just over loaded the circuit **************************
Q:NEED Help with this one lads and ladies please, jump leads connected wrong on my car! 10 points given to best!?
Most of the time Diesels have a box on the top of the battery which has 3 - 5 fuses in. These are the fuses that Deal with the charging voltage and protect the electrical part of the engine. Look at these and check they are ok. Then try to start the car with a new (Borrow same size battery, or buy one) and look to see if the battery light stays on if not, then that alternator should be ok.
Q:vw passt 97?
sounds as it those components run of the same fuse check fuses and i bet you will find a bad fuse if so replace the fuse with the same size it it blows again then you have a confirmed there is a short somewheres at which point i recommend taking it to a repair shop to get checked out as for the radio call a VW dealer they probably will be more than willing to tell you how to go about this.

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